5 the sexiest items in women's underwear

Of course, there is nothing more seductive and sexy than prestigious women’s lingerie. Although we can say that almost all models make the representatives of the stronger sex tremble, but there are also leaders of sexuality. We decided to pick for you the top 5 sexy and elegant women’s lingerie items.

Bra "Angelica"


This special sexy outfit leaves the upper chest open and raised and can be worn strapless, allowing you to wear open-top dresses, cut-out blouses, or open tops for a seductive and enchanting look. It is important to note that such a bra's essential details are a rigid bodice, the presence of underwires, and hard cups that support the breast. Therefore, even owners of very large breasts will feel comfortable enough in it. Moreover, this sexy outfit is recommended for owners of large breasts, as it emphasizes the shape of the breasts and creates a feminine silhouette. This model's perfect bras are represented by the world brands Chantelle, Passionata, Lejaby, DKNY, Maidenform, Marie-Joe, PrimaDonna.


This is a particularly sexy outfit of women's underwear that will not leave indifferent members of the opposite sex. How did this weapon of seduction come about? The story begins in the 17th century, when Italian women covered their shoulders with a special cape, doing makeup and hair before going out. When fashion came to France, this cape became known as the negligee.

During the French Revolution, the negligee became home clothing, not intended for prying eyes. In the 30s, thanks to the flourishing of the "Dream Factory," the negligee became the most popular item of women's dress and all Hollywood stars.

Today, such women’s lingerie, by far, is the most effective means of seduction. One of the most famous lingerie brands producing incredibly beautiful and sexy negligees is the French company Marjolaine.

Stockings and garters


As statistics show, if a woman goes to a party or a date, stockings are an integral part of her outfit.

Thanks to their sexuality, stockings are an indispensable seduction tool for any woman. Only from the middle of the 19th century, women won the right to this piquant wardrobe detail. Today, many stockings can drive any man crazy: transparent, nylon, openwork, and many others.

Another equally seductive thing helps to make the stockings even more erotic - a garter. This is not only an indispensable item for the bride but also another "trump card" in your wardrobe. The color of the garter should be in harmony with the stockings and shoes. The sexiest and highest quality stockings, leggings, and tights are produced by the Italian companies Filodoro and Philippe Mantingon.


A corset is a versatile piece that can be worn with skirts, pants, or jeans, creating a romantic, glamorous, or elegant casual style.

Thanks to modern corsets, women can afford not to endure suffering. Girls can wear evening dresses with an open back, highlighting the thin waist and high breasts. The world leader in the creation of corsets is the American company Carnival.

Brazilian panties


Brazilian panties are incredibly sexy in both lace and sporty options. They open the buttock to the middle, creating an erotic mystery. It is recommended to wear seamless underwear under a dress or tight pants. The panties processed by a laser have no seams and are not stitched with threads; therefore, they completely merge with the body and are invisible under clothes.

By the way, the right underwear will add passion to a relationship. Trying on at least one thing from our top, you will become a real goddess.


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