8 velvet kitten items every lingerie diva should have

Paying great attention to modern trends in the fashion industry, we should mention the fashion trends of women's underwear for the upcoming 2021-2022 season.  The question of choosing erotic lingerie for women is always scrupulous and requires a special approach, lengthy fittings, and thinking about what kind of underwear to buy this time. This sexy lingerie put emphasis upon divas’ waist, hips, and breast. It allows you to lure with deep cuts, charm, tease, and infatuate your man! 

The most enjoyable wardrobe expense is pampering yourself with beautiful new velvet kitten lingerie. Even invisible under clothes, it gives you confidence and sexuality. Moreover, velvet lingerie is in trend this year.

After all, women are changeable, and much is determined by mood and impulsive desires, which often incline women to choose a certain set of fashionable underwear.

And thinking over each of their new looks, true divas never forget about the importance of velvet lingerie, for hot nights which match all aspects of the upcoming fashionable look.

8 Velvet Kitten Essentials

  • Bra Set - is an excellent choice to spice up your intimate collection and try something new. 
  • School Girl Set. This set comes with two pieces, a plaid skirt, and a white tie-front top. 
  • Plus Seductive Velvet Corset. This corset will leave you feeling sexy and also extremely comfortable thanks to the lace-up front making it easy to adjust.
  • Velvet Vision Bodysuit is comfy, practical, and gorgeous. It’s perfect for any occasion!
  • Tres Sexy Bodystocking makes you feel your sexiest and it won’t disappoint you! 
  • Love For Jacquard Bodysuit has a beautiful jacquard fabric featuring lace, ribbons, and a touch of spandex. This amazing bodysuit has all the details for a darling moment.
  • Fancy Floral Bustier set is designed to be the perfect fit. Velvet kitten allows you to feel sexy and secure in this set. 
  • City of Angels Teddy - looks like a sexy dress without the skirt! This teddy features long sleeves and a V-neck cut that will flatter all body types. 

How to choose lingerie? 


Every diva is familiar with the complexity of choosing sexy women's lingerie. Therefore, it is important to know your size. After all, it often happens that the stature may not correspond to the standard parameters, and it can be difficult to predict which lingerie will be right in your case. So, guided by the following parameters you can correctly choose your favorite velvet lingerie.


The first thing to do is determine your breast size. With the help of a measuring tape, it is necessary to size only two parameters: the volume under the breast and the volume of the breast along the most prominent part of the breast (along the nipple line). Place the tape on the body strictly horizontally to receive the most correct results. 

The second parameter is the numerical part of the bra size (it is often indicated as 34 C, 32 D, 30 F, 30 DD,  32 E, 32 DD, 30 DDD). It is also easy to determine the size of women's underwear. To do this, you need to calculate the difference between the volume of the breast and the volume under the breast. Also, you can use a special table to determine the size of the cup. This information is also useful for corsets tops


The straps should be tight enough to support the cups and not fall off the shoulders, but if they are too short, the shoulders will hurt. The fuller the chest, the wider the straps should be at the bra. This is one of the rules for those who are thinking about how to choose lingerie.


The panties should not be tight, so as not to squeeze the body. This is both unaesthetic and harmful to the skin. Also, avoid low-quality synthetics. All other materials that allow the skin to "breathe" are suitable, from modern high-quality synthetics and blended fabrics to natural fabrics, such as velvet lingerie.



A wide strip of fabric under the cups holds the bodice close to the body. If your breast is large, the bra should be really wide. While the harness should fit fairly tightly, you shouldn't choose a bra that is too tight. If red marks remain on the body, this underwear is not suitable for you. 

Vintage Style

If you want to plunge into the era of the last century, you can choose beautiful vintage underwear for yourself. Notes of modesty and chic are inherent in this type of lingerie, which is not particularly open, but, on the contrary, offers high panties, corsets tops, as well as seductive elements in the form of a garter, belt, and stockings.

Modern vintage lingerie is undoubtedly different from the lingerie of those times but still looks more restrained in comparison with the creative and daring modern sets.

Retro Style

Designers draw inspiration from retro looks and create sensual sets, drawing on the images of the heroines of Helmut Newton, as well as Madonna and Betty Page. The retro style is primarily high-waisted briefs and lace bodysuits. All kinds of corsets, stockings with belts also belong to those times when, even in everyday life, a woman was the standard of beauty. All these details add extra charm to the image and make you look like a goddess.

Bra Model: Bralette

The most useful for the breast, according to experts, are models of bras - without underwire and with a soft cup. They do not carry any harm, maximally emphasizing the natural beauty of the female body. A transparent bra without cups, without push-up inserts, and underwire, especially suitable for girls with small and medium breasts.

Sport style

Fashion for a sporty lifestyle also received support in the lingerie trends of the season. More and more often, you can see original and bright sets in a sporty style in the collections, taking into account all the subtleties of movements during active physical activity. Such lingerie can be safely bought without compromising between beauty and comfort.

When choosing fashionable underwear, be sure to pay attention to the sets that allow you to look perfect, enticing, and provocative. Also, it is important to purchase not just beautiful and sexy lingerie, that takes men's breath away,  which would be the best addition to your looks for all occasions.

Hope that we convinced you that Velvet Kitten is the way to go!

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