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Choosing good underwear is essential for various reasons, like comfort, sexiness, and fashion. However, selecting women’s lingerie is not that easy, because as you can see, three sides will affect choosing something suitable for you.

Women's underwear is an inseparable element of a woman's wardrobe. We put it under all our outfits for many reasons. We want to cover up the shortcomings and slim the body or, vice versa, expose and emphasize its qualities or simply ensure comfort.

In many cases, sensual lingerie gives us the courage and makes us feel very feminine. There are many ways to make your intimate life more attractive. One of them is erotic lingerie, the proper selection of which will let their imagination run wild, and the actual game will start before the lights go out. Properly selected erotic lingerie will work wonders in the bedroom.

It is crucial to choose the right underwear. However, you will easily select the most suitable model for yourself to know the fundamental issues. For example, do you want to gain self-confidence and emphasize feminine shapes? Or to exude a delicate sex appeal? Or maybe you just want to feel comfortable? From now on, shopping will be even more accessible and more enjoyable.

How to adjust the lingerie to your figure?

Start by setting the priorities and determining your body type. Correctly selected women's lingerie will allow you to obtain the top result. It is also worth remembering that several universal rules should be followed when choosing a specific cut. Let's face it, most of us do not have perfect body proportions and try to change them with the help of clothes or underwear. To make corrections with the lingerie used, consider a few details, like determining what parts of the body you would like to mask or expose.

  • If you have small breasts, you can invest in padded push-up bras.
  • However, if you do not want to optically enlarge the breasts, balconies, or delicate lace bras in the shape of a triangle will be the perfect solution.
  • Women with large breasts should opt for padded bras with underwires and wide straps for a comfortable wearing experience. The ideal models are balconettes and full-cup bras covering almost the entire breast and allowing you to arrange them to not protrude at the sides. Of course, the most incredible attention is paid to the comfort of large breasts, but this does not mean that such lingerie models cannot be sexy
  • If you have wide hips and your figure resembles a pear, avoid tightly closed panties. Choose those more cut and lace ones that will gently lay on your body and make your figure look slimmer. 
  • Has Nature given you a fuller shape? Adjust the bra according to the directions for large breasts, and choose high-waisted panties to lift the buttocks and slim the belly area.

Underwear for various occasions

Underwear for various occasions

Even if it is invisible to others, underwear has this tremendous power to give us self-confidence. Therefore, it is worth paying some attention to it when choosing brand lingerie.

  • You should wear a plain bra with a straight cut for elegant dresses, so you do not stand out from under the clothes. Let's choose between black and beige. The black will be great under a little black dress, while the beige will work well in combination with lighter colors. When wearing a white shirt, put on a beige bra to be much less visible than the white one.
  • Let's reserve fancy and tempting underwear primarily for dates and special occasions. In this situation, we have a whole field to show off. We can choose between models made of lace, see-through, or with a lot of cutouts. Let's experiment not only with cuts but also with colors. For example, we can choose a red set that men like so much but become too visible daily. Bodysuits that are incredibly sexy are also an exciting proposition.
  • It is worth focusing on comfort if it comes to a daily basis. Remember that “comfortable” does not mean not feminine. If the size of your breasts allows it, try to choose bras without hard underwires and with soft ribbons. It will be a perfect solution for women who value comfort. However, let's not give up decorative lace. They will be a great complement to sweaters or shirts that reveal your shoulders or back.
  • We should also choose a sports bra bearing in mind its intended use - a stable structure is essential for running or dynamic sports. If you decide to go for gentle yoga or stretching - the bra should be comfortable and close to the body.
  • If you are annoyed by a protruding belly or visible sides, choose panties reinforced in sensitive areas and more built-up. Equally well, in intimate situations, a sleek body will work, hiding imperfections and emphasizing our figure’s best assets. If, however, you want to hide the folds in the breast area, let's opt for an elegant and sexy corset.

Women's underwear is like your second skin and does not have to be boring, and thanks to its proper fit, it will make you feel like a confident and sexy woman, aware of your greatest strengths.

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