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Every girl has heard about push-up open cup bras. But few people know that it is used not only by women who dream of big tits but also by busty beauties to provide the bust with a higher fit and create a beautiful shape. And push-up is different in the first case. It adds volume, but in the second, it does not.

Design features and benefits of open bras. The greatest feminine trick, cheating bra, instant breast augmentation surgery, small padded bras have many titles. It received such honor for an impressive list of benefits:

  • Centers the breasts and forms a sexy cleavage.
  • Visually enlarges the forms.
  • Makes the top outline look nice and filled.
  • Responsible for the majestic fit.
  • It gives the bust an attractive, rounded shape.

But the story of the first push-up open cup bra could have ended in a completely different way. The fact is that a beautifully rounded chest has always been considered the standard of femininity. It may not be big, but it should have a nice shape and a medium fit. Therefore, Cleopatra pulled her bust up with leather belts, medieval beauties did it with a corset, and girls in the 1930s wore an inflatable bodice that had to be blown through a tube.

The early 1960s was a real breakthrough for women who dreamed of breast enlargement. 

What is a push-up in a bra?

What is a push-up in a bra

Some women think that push up is just a foam cup. Others say that this is a cup clogged with something, and this can be done with any sconce by putting inserts, napkins, or even socks there. In fact, behind this effect is a complex design that considers the female anatomy, does not harm health, and keeps the bust in a beautiful position even during activities, unlike the situation with socks or napkins. The features of push-up are found in inserts, of which there are more than ten types:

  • Built-in and removable. The sewn ones are absolutely smooth, have no seams on the inside, and will never fall out or move. The removable ones allow you to control the volume. You can go to work in a basic bra in the morning, and insert the pads and come on a date with a stunning cleavage in the evening.
  • Foam, gel, and silicone. Foam rubber is softer and capable of greater volume. The gel is heated by the body and adjusts to the natural contours of the breast. Silicone does not get wet, and therefore it is often used in bodices for swimwear.
  • Side or bottom. The side pads perfectly center the bust, while the bottom pads give it a proper fit.
  • Lightweight and super effect. The first one is hardly felt on the body and is suitable for daily use. Super push-up sculpts a dizzying neckline with voluminous cushions on both sides and the bottom.
  • Smooth and grooved. And the grooved one, the entire left side of the photo, is tailored considering the female anatomical features and supports the bust only where necessary.

It is essential to understand that even if the pads are removable, they cannot be inserted into any bust because they can’t be mixed between any bras. Therefore, the model should be originally designed as a push-up and have pockets for inserts.

Based on which liner is sewn into the product, there are different types of push-up open bras:

  • Foam cups. It is the most common option. These are not just foam cups; they have a volume seal on the back. It can be thin and flowing and is suitable for every day. Or voluminous, to be located both below and on the side and create a super effect.
  • Removable cups. Inside the cup, there are pillow pockets with a slit on the side. They can be removed and reinserted and suit two different bras. They have the same size, and therefore if they fall out or are lost, you can easily pick up new ones. In addition, this option is suitable for a cupless underwire bras.
  • Super push-up. It is ideal for a small bust. The inserts almost fill it. True, this is not the most comfortable option; it doesn’t work every day. But, at a minimum, if your A cup suddenly grows two sizes to C, then you will feel strange. It seems as if there is a pillow.

The push-up cup usually has wires, is open, and foam or semi-foam, this is when the lower part is cut from the finest foam rubber, and the upper part is made of fabric. It is impossible to integrate volume correctors into a translucent or lace cup. It is rarely found in soft cups; only removable pads can be put in there.

Push up open cup bra with light corrector pads can be used every day, but no more than 12 hours. It does not deform the mammary gland but only outwardly gives it a more magnificent outline and pushes it up.

Another thing when it comes to the super effect is volumetric cups. This model is used for important events because it forms such a magnificent neckline that it is impossible to take your eyes off, and your hands just reach out to touch the forbidden. The chest is in an unnatural position, and it is not worth wearing it for more than 4 hours. If you spend a long time in such a bra, then there is a risk that it will start to hurt when you take it off. It feels like letting go of a beautiful hairstyle, and the hair roots begin to ache.

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