To feel elegant and attractive, many women buy erotic lingerie, garters, a belt, and, of course, sexy stockings. The last detail of a woman's wardrobe not only gives you slim legs, but can also be used as a completely practical thing for every day, and at any time of the year. Many women hesitate to wear stockings, fearing to step over the fine line between sexuality and vulgarity. Meanwhile, this wardrobe detail has long been used by fashionistas in everyday life. If you choose the right model, stockings can be really sexy, but also comfortable and even practical. Many people ask how to wear stockings. What are the best stockings for certain events? Let's consider everything in order. 

Now on the shelves of stores, you can find many varieties of stockings, so sometimes it is not easy for women to make a choice. Although now there is no need to focus on garters and suspenders since these accessories are no longer needed because a special layer of silicone is used for the production of modern stockings, which allows the stockings not only to tightly fit the leg but also to hold on to it without special devices. At the same time, a belt is required for certain types of stockings for women.

Why choose stockings?

It has been known for a long time that without the appropriate accessories, the styling will not stand out. If we want to impress with the appearance, it is worth choosing stockings. They make our legs thinner, and add sex appeal and sensual character to the whole styling. But how to choose stockings so that they fulfill their task?

  • First of all, stockings perfectly slenderize the legs, making them look beautiful in every dress and skirt. Their basic task, however, is not the optical improvement of the leg’s appearance, but their protection against the cold, which must work very well when they are properly selected.
  • Stockings can make the styling sexier and are considered by many women to be a more comfortable solution than standard tights if it’s hard to choose the size because of the figure, so they can roll around the hips. They are often too tight and put too much pressure on these parts of the body, other times too large sizes make it necessary to constantly lift them. 
  • Stockings are a great solution not only for a date and an evening meeting with friends. Due to the variety of cuts and styles, we can also wear them every day. All we have to do is choose a product that fits our legs.
  • Comfort is the most important thing in everyday use. So the stockings must not fall off. Due to the fact that they do not cover the entire leg, it is better not to wear them on cold days.

The important points of choosing stockings

choosing stockings

Stockings will be a better choice for many styles. There are a few things, which are vital when choosing new sexy stockings.

Stockings - how to wear?

We usually put a belt over panties for classic stockings. However, many women who wear stockings on a daily basis indicate that this is not a practical solution. Because every time we have to go to the restroom, it is necessary to unfasten and then fasten our stockings. If we want to avoid this, it is better to put on a garter belt first and then the underwear.

Classic stockings will not be a good choice if you wear a tight dress. Then the belt may stand out under the outfit, which will not look aesthetically pleasing.

Stockings - what size?

The most important consideration when choosing the right nylon stockings, whether they are self-supporting or waist-based, is their size. It should be adjusted primarily to the thigh, and also to your height. If we do not fully know whether a given size will be appropriate, it is worth following the rules below:

  • tall and slim women - they can choose stockings smaller than the tights they normally buy,
  • short and full-bodied ladies - should choose stockings larger than the size of the tights they wear on a daily basis.

How to fix stockings?


Classic stockings should be attached to a special belt, which is an additional expense. For this reason, this solution is currently less popular than comfortable and easy to fasten self-supporting sexy stockings.

For the belt model to be comfortable, it should be equipped with 4 garters for stockings. This allows you to keep them better. It is also worth paying attention to the fasteners. It is best if they will be metal frogs that will make the stockings more stable, helping you to feel more confident.

Many women wonder how to fasten stockings to the waist. There is nothing difficult about it. Special frogs are used for this, which are simply attached to stockings or inserted into specially prepared hooks.

In summary, there are two main types of stockings made of nylon in our store - self-supporting and belt-fastening. Each of these solutions comes in a wide range of playful colors and is characterized by a wealth of patterns, thanks to which we can easily match the model that suits the occasion or our preferences. This provocative wardrobe detail requires just as much sensitive purchase as choosing new shoes or the right lipstick tone. Seduce correctly!

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