How to choose women lingerie

What do you imagine when you think about underwear? Certainly not simple cotton sets that are comfortable to wear under a T-shirt and sweater. The choice of lingerie is invariably associated with the sacrament and excites a little, and the windows of intimate lingerie shops always whip up the imagination. Apart from the usual everyday panties and bras, the world of lingerie is full of lace, translucent, intricately decorated sets. Usually, they are classified as women's lingerie: hardly a thong with rhinestones or a lace bodysuit is comfortable for every day - well, they are not intended for this.

Of course, the aesthetic requirement is an important factor when choosing your regular linen sets. They can be stunning and seductive - but convenience and practicality will still be the top priority. It is important for you that the fabric is breathable and that the bra straps match the color of the garment.

Intimate lingerie is bought with one goal: to look fantastic and seductive. The main thing is that you like the kit and you feel confident in it.

How to choose women's underwear for a figure

How to choose women's underwear for a figure

The underwear is practically invisible under the clothes, for that it is also underwear to hide from prying eyes. This does not mean that the bra and panties do not affect the overall perception of female figures. On the contrary, they can both make the girl more slender and emphasize her flaws. How to choose women's underwear according to the figure, every woman should know.

For a perfect figure without extra pounds in the stomach, waist, or hips, almost any underwear is suitable. The owners of this are very lucky because there are no restrictions for them and you can buy it even without trying it on. If wide hips are your main concern, low-rise, narrow panties are an excellent option.

The thighs' bumps can be hidden with the help of not very high panties-shorts, but it is better to refuse thongs. They will only emphasize what you would not want to show. In the presence of a tummy and full hips, rather wide shorts or panties with a high waist are relevant, and they will make the figure more slender, which is necessary. It would help if you did not neglect the correct women's underwear and those who have modest forms - both in the breasts and in the hips. For such cases, manufacturers offer lace sets with frills, which will add the missing volume to the figure.

Those who do not like to give up a piece of cake or a delicious sandwich for the night, and all this is displayed on the figure, should forget about tanga panties, thongs, and thin lace bras. Curvy shapes require strong support with underwired and foam bras and high-waisted panties.

Typ: If you wish, you can turn an everyday set into something spectacular and erotic. Of course, we are talking about lace, not plain cotton underwear. If there is no time or opportunity to change into special underwear for a special evening, prepare catchy details. Stockings, garters, elastic bands, and collars can even turn an ordinary set into an erotic-style.

How to choose erotic costumes

How to choose women's underwear for a figure

The choice of sexy lingerie is a delicate topic, but you shouldn't give it up just because of the difficulty of choosing the right model. Here are some simple tips to help you find your perfect kit and feel confident wearing it.

Lingerie selection rules:

  1. Intimate underwear, like ordinary underwear, with the right selection, will remarkably hide all the flaws in the figure and emphasize the advantages. Erotic sets are full of options with high-waisted panties, which look very impressive when properly served.
  2. Regardless of breast size, keep underwired bras for everyday wear. Let your special set highlight the natural shape of your breasts - it looks much more seductive.
  3. Try to choose underwear that allows you to adjust the parameters. The figure's features are different for each woman, and the ability to tighten the straps ensures the perfect fit of the clothes. And the underwear on the figure looks much more impressive.
  4. If you are embarrassed to put on "naked" underwear - pick up a matching negligee. It will hide figure flaws and add mystery to the image, making you feel more confident.
  5. Harnesses and panties made of elastic bands look unusual and impressive. They can be worn both over linen and on a naked body. The main thing is to wear such things with confidence.
  6. Try on new underwear at home. Walk around in it, spin in front of the mirror. Once you get used to it and feel relaxed, it will be much easier to appear in a new image in front of your partner.
  7. Choose well-tailored sets from quality fabrics - cheap fabrics are visible to the naked eye. Have only one or two special options for underwear - they must be pleasant to the body and fit perfectly.

Many people don’t like to take off all the items of underwear during sex. Slit panties are a godsend for this occasion.

Main selection criteria costumes erotic

Look through the photos in the catalogs of women's lingerie. You will notice that all the sets have two main accents: fabric and color.

Usually, intimate underwear is transparent or lace, but smooth models also look impressive. In terms of colors, both black and white classics and eternally passionate red, aggressive animal prints or unusual colors - pink, cherry, green - favor.

There are spectacular models with drawings, but often all the same erotic sets are monochromatic or with small decorations in the form of rhinestones or patterns. The main accent of such an erotic costume is different - to emphasize sexuality and present the figure in a favorable light. An unusual style will help in this. Let's see what erotic lingerie can be.

Tip: Do not buy intimate underwear based only on a photo: it is not that it will look the same on you as on the model. Here, as with any other clothing: many factors affect - from the characteristics of the figure to the color of the eyes and hair. Try on several options - and you will surely find what is right for you.

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