How to choose women's swimwear to look sexy?

Swimwear is essential to women's summer fashion. You need to choose fashionable and sexy swimwear for the summer season of 2021. A swimsuit is necessary for relaxing on the beach and for summer pool parties. A well-chosen swimsuit will allow you to demonstrate the merits of your figure and hide flaws.

Most women begin to think over a beach look and prepare their figure long before summer. Therefore, let's take a look at the most fashionable and sexy trends for women's swimwear and figure out how to choose the perfect swimsuit.

Determine your body type

Women's swimwear can highlight your sexuality and, at the same time, hide flaws in your figure. Emphasize your merits.

  • Athletic physique. Almost any style is suitable for a sports figure. Try to emphasize the press and visually enlarge the chest and buttocks. Swimwear with large prints will show your body's best side.
  • Apple body shape. If a girl has slender legs but a little extra weight on her stomach, then retro and piece swimwear are perfect for her. Moreover, sports swimwear will look great too.
  • Pear shape. It is a fairly common body type. A pear-shaped body is narrow shoulders and wide hips. It is worth choosing swimwear to visually enlarge the chest and reduce the buttocks for this body type. Choose swimwear with a light top and dark bottom, but in matching colors.
  • Hourglass. It is the figure that every woman aspires to. Most styles of women's sexy swimwear are suitable for such a body. For this type of figure, separate swimsuits and swimsuits with cutouts are perfect.

Choose the right swimsuit top

Choose the right swimsuit top

Many factors can affect your swimsuit look. Every detail of a swimsuit, be it color, cut, neckline, fabric, can hide or emphasize your shape. What will tricks help you look sexy in women's swimwear?

  • If you have small breasts, you can visually enlarge it by choosing a bra in white or light shades. Besides, ruffled swimwear visually adds volume. Strapless top and push-up swimwear will also help visually enlarge your breasts.
  • Choose swimwear in dark shades if you have large breasts and you want to reduce them visually. Avoid large prints and striped colors. You need a bra that will support your breasts well. For large breasts, swimwear with wide straps and sufficient coverage is needed.
  • Choose a triangle bra for a sexy look. It is a classic type of swimsuit that will look great on almost any chest.

Choose the right bottom of your swimsuit

Choose the right bottom of your swimsuit

Bikini bottoms play an essential role in creating a sexy beach look with swimwear. The style of the bottom of the swimsuit determines how profound your legs and buttocks will look.

If you want to emphasize your legs or reduce attention on them, you need t :

  • Pay attention to bottoms in white and light colors if your goal is to enlarge the buttocks visually. Be aware that swimming bottoms do an excellent job to emphasize the buttocks.
  • Choose bikinis with dark bottoms if you want to reduce the size of the buttocks. Moreover, bottoms with drawstring on the sides, minimalist prints and retro style bikini bottoms with a high waist work well for this.
  • If your goal is to emphasize the buttocks’ beauty, then thongs are exactly what you need. Every year designers make sexy swimwear and thongs an indispensable attribute of every collection.
  • For a harmonious look, you need to shorten the lengths of the legs visually and wearing shorts is excellent for this. Swim style shorts make the hips appear wider and legs slightly shorter.
  • Panties with a round neck or high waist are perfect if you want to lengthen your legs visually.

Fashionable styles of women's swimwear

Fashionable styles of women's swimwear

The concept of "less is more" applies immensely to the fashion of this age as minimalism is the main feature of fashionable swimsuits in 2021. A swimsuit should be laconic, which is reflected in the outlined silhouette and sophistication of its decorative constituents.

You can find many conservative swimwear variations if you don't like overly sexy and flashy styles.

Both women's sexy swimwear and high-waisted designs in retro style are equally popular.

Bold cutouts

The primary trend of beachwear for the summer season is the spectacular cutouts in the waist area. One-piece swimsuits accentuate your curves and display a flash of skin. It is always a safe bet for all types of summer vacations giving you a cute, daring and fun look.

Tie Bikini

Flaunt your hips and waist perfectly in tie bikini swimwear this summer season. Ties around the belly look original and girls worldwide have already fallen in love with this trend. It gives you the liberty to easily mix and match your preferred bikini bottoms with a variety of tops according to your preference.

Various prints will help you diversify your summer look. Prints like Flowers, abstraction, stripes, polka dots and monochrome swimwear in delicate shades will trend widely on the beaches in summer 2021.

Deep cut

V-neck swimwear is a flattering style that will be trendy this coming season. The depth of the cut can extend to the waist and even hips and you can favorably emphasize your abs in a swimsuit with this neckline.

One-piece swimsuits vary from ruffles to slits, mesh inserts, straps on one shoulder and many more. It's exciting to know that every girl can find one that matches their taste and body. It allows you to choose the perfect look that will highlight your sexuality.


The military-style has made its way to swimwear. The most important attribute of this swimsuit is the khaki color and the silhouette of the swimsuit can be anything. Military women's swimwear looks unusually sexy. Side ties will make the khaki swimsuit laconic and, at the same time, unique.

Now is the best time to choose the perfect swimsuit for this coming summer season. Don't forget to choose a swimsuit based on your parameters and comfort. A bra and panties should complement each other and look harmonious together even if they are in different colors. Dark shades will always look beneficial, regardless of trends.

Choose a swimsuit that can be alternated on vacations for a beautiful and versatile look. Match your swimsuit with a beautiful swimwear cover up to complete your beach look. Once you get there walk with your back straight and your head held high! Nothing makes a woman sexier than self-confidence.

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