How to wear a bodysuit corset correctly

More recently, the bodysuit corset was considered underwear that could not act as an independent item in the wardrobe. Today, everything has changed; lingerie fashion has come, which does not recognize outdated boundaries. Body must-have for the modern lady. Images with this element of women's wardrobe can be found on high fashion catwalks and the city streets. Lace, knitted, modest or deep neckline, bold and restrained, bodysuits have become an integral part of bows every day. It remains only to figure out how to wear the bodysuit correctly to look stylish and appropriate.

Bodysuit corset is a rather unusual thing, with which you need to choose competent combinations so that the image does not look too provocative. Bodysuits are usually complemented with quieter things.

  • With jeans. A win-win combination of jeans and a women's bodysuit. The skinny bodysuit is an excellent match for modern banana jeans, skinny jeans, and other models. Grab high heels or chunky boots and be irresistible at any event. Another topical solution is a bodysuit, jeans, and a corset in a contrasting shade of a bodysuit.
  • With a skirt. For ladies who want to look feminine and flawless. Such a combination will be beneficial to show the curves of the figure, giving the bow of sex appeal. If you need to look more formal, instead of a cropped or tweed skirt above the knee, wear a pencil skirt just below the knee or midi. You can put on a jacket.
  • With shorts. If you are the owner of a beautiful figure, you can not be afraid to overdo it, and feel free to compliment the bodysuit corset with shorts with an inflated or classic fit. This option is especially relevant for girls with a proportional figure. Shorts will visually lengthen the legs and help showcase the luxurious hips. The suit, denim, leather, straight-cut trousers, safari-style shorts will help create a fresh, edgy bow. You can complete the look with a blouse or shirt made of chiffon or cotton.

Current bodysuit corset models

  • Lace. Delicate lace bodysuit corset does not go out of fashion thanks to its elegance and beauty. Any woman in such vestments becomes much more attractive. Fully laced models should be worn exclusively under jackets or blouses. Translucent models with translucent sleeves and a neckline are also in trend. Such solutions help to look restrained at an important event, but at the same time show the advantages of your figure. In the past, the lace women's bodysuit was worn exclusively as underwear.

But today, designers offer to dress in images with bodysuits for almost any occasion. For example, a beige or black shade of a bodysuit with an asymmetrical or round neckline will look great under a strict office suit. Wine or purple one with an open back is suitable for a romantic evening. If the bodysuit is completely transparent, the right underwear to match will help reduce the degree of such an outfit. The bra should be smooth so that the relief is not noticeable and does not look vulgar.

  • With long sleeves. A worthy alternative to the bygone sweaters and turtlenecks. A well-chosen bodysuit corset fits perfectly to the figure and helps to emphasize feminine forms. No less relevant style of the fine knit bodysuit, appropriate for any season and any event. A long-sleeved bodysuit in classic colors like black, gray, navy, or nude is a versatile wardrobe item that will become the base of hundreds of looks.
  • Body shirt. A good option for warm days. In hot weather, in combination with a strict pencil skirt, it will be a good replacement for T-shirts and crop tops that cannot be worn in the office. And for casual walks, mix a tank top with shorts or a school-style skirt that is hot today.
  • Turtleneck bodysuit. Ideal for every day, for sports, office, walking, and shopping. Perhaps, it is the best option to feel at ease and confident regardless of the circumstances. Another clear advantage of this style of turtleneck body, as a rule, is made of plain materials. Most often, a thin jersey is used when sewing. Therefore, such models are incredibly comfortable and become a good basis for a capsule wardrobe, and are suitable for any outerwear.
  • Combidress. It is famous thanks to the Kardashian family and brought to casual wear, the jumpsuit once served only as shaping underwear. Today, this bodysuit is worn to replace the usual women's bodysuit and cycling shorts and is combined with crop tops and voluminous sports jackets.

How to properly wear a bodysuit corset

As a rule, the bodysuit corset is sewn with a special cotton gusset, so there is no need to wear panties. Another thing is if you feel some inconvenience and feel more comfortable with underwear, you can wear thin seamless panties. If we talk about a bra, then its availability depends on your convenience and the occasion for which the bodysuit is worn. For everyday walks, you can leave nothing under the bodysuit if it is comfortable for you. Of course, if you are creating a business look, wearing a bra under the bodysuit is considered a must. Another question that often arises before the owner of a bodysuit is tights. How to put them on correctly - under the bodysuit or on top? It is worth making a reservation right away that there is no single standard dictating how to do it right. If you are planning on going out in a skirt, both are acceptable. But if you are wearing trousers or jeans with a low rise, tights should be worn under the bodysuit. Pay attention to tights with a gusset, designed to be worn on a naked body.

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