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Beautiful underwear, like a college degree, you never know when it will come in handy, but it should be. Recently, bodysuits, bustiers, and corsets have come back into fashion. They are used as underwear, as well as an element of everyday wear. Increasingly, there is a question of those purchasing underwear how to wear a bodysuit. Therefore, it makes sense to tell the main secrets:

  • A beautiful bodysuit can be worn as underwear. This option will be good for cold weather if this is a smooth bodysuit without ornaments and other decorations because it heats up great. If you decide to buy a beautiful lace or mesh bodysuit, this option will create a sexy look. The lace bodysuit looks just mega-sexy.
  • Stylish bow for the office and not only. Bodysuits are very relevant for creating a business look. You can combine it with a skirt, pants or shorts. If you have a beautiful slim figure, you can wear a bodysuit in its pure form. And if the upper part of the body is not worth emphasizing, it is recommended to combine the bodysuit with jackets or boleros.

How to wear bustiers corsets as underwear?

bustiers corsets

Bustiers and corsets look great as a part of everyday wardrobe, as well as underwear. In the first case, it adds piquancy to the image. In the second, a greater attractiveness of the figure. A high-quality corset is capable of:

  • Visually narrow the waist, tighten the belly, make the hips rounder. Even if you didn’t come close to having an hourglass figure, you could easily make the desired shapes thanks to the corset. Just adjust the tightening level to make your figure even more desirable.
  • Tighten the contours of the body. By wearing a corset regularly, you will be able to create the figure of your dreams. Do you want a slender waist, a toned belly? Then you should already think about buying a corset or bustiers.

Returning to the question of what to wear with a corset as underwear, you can get a huge variety of clothing options. It can be any garment with an emphasis on the waist. By the way, keep in mind that when wearing a corset, the thighs, breasts seem more magnificent. So you can safely focus on them and think about how to wear lingerie sets, matching them to a corset.

Which lingerie bustier suits your body type?

lingerie bustier

Depending on your body type, you can choose from different corsets and bustiers.

  • Pear body shape. This figure is characterized by a small chest, thin waist, narrow shoulders, and rounded hips. Here, you should concentrate all your attention on the upper body. Since the lower part is more massive, let's balance the proportions and choose bustiers corsets with accents on the chest. These can be high corsets with push-up cups and a deep neckline and models with voluminous details in the chest area (ruffles, lace, decorative stones, ribbons, metal rivets).
  • Inverted triangle shape type. Distinctive features: large chest, broad shoulders, narrow hips, and no waist. Concentrate here on the lower part of the body from the waist to the hips. That is, accents and accessories should be in the hip area. In this case, bustiers will help make the waist chiseled and slender, visually enlarge the hips, and align with the shoulders. In the case of high corsets, discard any accessories on the top of the model.
  • Rectangle body shape. This type of figure is characterized by the same proportions of the waist, hips, shoulders, and chest; the silhouette resembles a rectangle shape. The owners of this figure shape should first pay attention to clothes such as a corset. With which you can model a figure to your taste. Everything is simple; first of all, the waist is pulled down, and the figure turns into an hourglass, the chest rises and visually increases, the hips become more rounded.
  • Hourglass shape type. You can safely call the owners of this type of figure lucky. The proportions are correct. Large breasts, narrow waist, curvy hips. A lingerie bustier will accentuate your figure. The waist will be slimmer, and the proportions will be even more graceful.

Bustiers corsets benefits. This wardrobe item would not be so popular if it did not have two main advantages:

  • it helps to reduce the waist (up to two sizes) visually.
  • visually enlarges the breast (also up to two sizes).

Of course, you cannot wear them for a long time, and it may not even be very comfortable if the lacing is tightened too much, but they give an amazing effect.

Varieties of lingerie bustier. There are several types of bustiers:

  • For wearing in the bedroom. These are the ones that the designers have worked on. They know exactly how to decorate bustier. Models made from natural fabrics do not correct the figure too much.
  • For tightening. Unadorned, length from chest to hips, they are often worn under clothing.
  • For emphasis. They are put on clothes, can be of any length, and look like the girl likes.

The materials from which bustiers are made. Lingerie bustier is made from different fabrics:

  • the external material does not come into contact with the skin; therefore, it can be anything (it is usually used for decoration).
  • the middle layer is often quite hard and is responsible for body shaping.
  • the inner one is adjacent to the skin and is used to ensure the comfort of use (mostly natural fabrics).

It is also essential to consider the material of the underwires:

  • whalebone is a traditional item that is now used less often than in the old days since whale hunting is prohibited in most places on our planet.
  • made of metal serve for a long time, do not deform, but may seem too hard.
  • plastic quickly brake because they easily change shape.

The material of the bones does not affect the appearance of the product.

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