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A wedding day is an exciting moment in life for every bride. Wanting to look their best, girls resort to a long and careful selection of wedding wardrobe. After all, choosing a dream dress that suits the figure requires a lot of patience and time.

It is not enough to choose just one dress correctly to feel confident and comfortable in a wedding dress. The same care and diligence should be used when choosing a lingerie bride. Firstly, the underwear will emphasize the advantages and hide the flaws of the bride's silhouette. Secondly, sexy wedding lingerie allows the girl to look no less stunning and unique on the first wedding night.

Choosing a bra lingerie bride

Most dresses already have a bodice sewn in, which is enough for support, so you probably won't need a bra.

  • If you want to emphasize the volume, you can add a push-up, it will be sewn to the inside of the bodice, and it will be much more comfortable than putting on a regular bra under a dress. Some dresses will not work on sewing in the cups, and the cups themselves will show through ugly. Here you can do with two options: use a silicone bra or buy nipple stickers. The second option is more likely suitable for girls with a small size, but if you have large breasts and feel comfortable without tangible support, then why not.
  • With a lingerie bride made of silicone, you need to be more careful: firstly, strapless options may not hold well, and secondly, it is banally hot in them. If you bought such a model, try to wear it a couple of times to find an out if suits you. Sometimes the problem is not that you did not take your size, but that the lingerie bride's bra is simply poorly made and does not take the desired shape.
  • For dresses with bare shoulders, a classic balconette bra is suitable. So that it sits correctly, does not protrude, and does not slip anywhere, choose the right girth. Please note that the line with the fastener should be placed strictly horizontally and not move up to the shoulder blades.
  • Under a dress with an open back, you can buy a classic lingerie bride transforming bra, but with a crisscross fastening on the back, in the lumbar region. By adjusting the length of the straps, you can choose the desired location of the straps to put on a dress even with the deepest neckline safely. You can buy a bra with cups of a smaller diameter and a wide clasp for a spectacular neckline. Such models are almost invisible and look impressive.
  • It is not at all necessary to buy underwear with underwires and cups. Cloth and lace bralettes also support the chest well if they have a wide elastic band.

Choosing sexy wedding lingerie

sexy wedding lingerie

The bottom of sexy wedding lingerie can be of almost any color or texture of the fabric; you can only notice it under a very thin and tight dress. You can even wear colored underwear under A-line dresses and models with fluffy skirts.

  • For tight silhouettes, go for a sleek and seamless look. Pay attention that the model fits well without seams. Often, laser-cut lingerie bride panties do not conform well to the body’s shape and may bulge a little. The effect is similar to that of neoprene swimwear. A similar story is sometimes better with a lingerie bride to take a model with seams but from a thinner and more elastic fabric.
  • Choose a silhouette that is more comfortable and familiar to you. If you wear cotton slips in everyday life, you will hardly feel comfortable in a thong made of white synthetic lace. By the way, sometimes thongs are more noticeable if you pay attention to girls in white trousers on the street; you probably saw that the belt of panties and the jumper stand out under the clothes, and much more than if they were tanga, Brazilian, or shorts.

Color and texture lingerie for bride

Under dresses made of dense fabrics, you can wear linen of any shade and texture, and under thin and airy ones, you need flesh or white models. Moreover, bodily ones are often the best solution. The white color itself is quite bright and can stand out ugly under the dress. Moreover, now in stores, you can find your shade of beige, from light milky to sandy. Another important point is the hardware. Very often, the details that adjust the straps, are too bulky and bulge on the back.

  • Contrary to popular tradition, wedding women's intimates do not have to be white. Take a closer look at pastel shades, or choose a bright or dark set if the dress allows. Give up the shaping underwear if it is hot and uncomfortable. If you want to hide your tummy, opt for high-waisted panties. If the problem is in the sides, buy a bustier.
  • The discreet lingerie for brides can be bought in basic lines. You shouldn't go to Victoria's Secret for basic lingerie. The hardest thing to find is plunging bodices.

The sexy wedding lingerie you wear under the dress and the beautiful wedding night outfit doesn’t have to be the same outfit. Choose whatever is comfortable for you, and for playful garters and models made of lace, mesh, bows, and other details, go to your favorite women's intimates store. Take a closer look not only at the wedding line; most often, but the collection for brides is also more expensive than the usual lines in the store. When choosing sexy wedding lingerie, remember that this set should help you surprise and seduce the groom.

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