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You don't have to be modest on the first night of the wedding celebration. However, if you want to make it a stormy and romantic one, then prepare your special underwear. It could be a bride outfit you wear underneath your gown, or sexy lingerie that you put on at night.

Even if you have only been together for one year, your wedding night should be extraordinary, bright and unforgettable. Beautiful underwear will inspire you and give you strength for intimacy after a busy wedding day! You will feel most attractive and sexiest when you put on luxurious lingerie. Your posture, your eyes and your mood will reflect your confidence in yourself.

Types of bridal lingerie

Types of bridal lingerie

There are two sexy wedding lingerie options - a set for a wedding dress and a set for the first wedding night. The first is for an outfit. The second is an outfit in itself. In the second case, the bride is free to experiment, choose styles, and combine underwear at her discretion. Only advice regarding the color scheme - for the wedding night, it is best to choose underwear in gentle and warm shades: white, peach, ivory, light blue, pale pink, coral pink, etc. Avoid saturated, bright, and dark colors. Do not wear black or red underwear on the wedding night. This does not correspond to the philosophy of the holiday and destroys the angelic image of the bride.

Choose sexy wedding lingerie exclusively for the dress. If you buy or rent a wedding dress, you are already familiar with cut and style nuances. You should attend multiple fittings if you're sewing a custom-made dress. Once you have a visual representation of the cut and feel the details, you can move on to the selection of underwear. It is best to select your lingerie once the dress has been completed.

Sexy wedding lingerie and accessories

Sexy wedding lingerie and accessories

For a wedding celebration, the most hassle-free and least expensive option is to choose a bridal set consisting of a bra and panties, a corset and panties, a bustier and panties, or a bodysuit.

Make your bride look beautiful:

  1. Wedding garter. The set is completed with tights or stockings. If the celebration is scheduled for a warm season, we recommend choosing stockings - this is a more romantic, as well as a comfortable and practical option than tights.
  2. Stockings are an important element of a wedding set. For breast correction, push-up bras or silicone bras are helpful. Corsets or bustiers can be used to correct posture, stomach, abdomen and waist. High-waisted slimming panties are great for modeling the sides and abdomen.
  3. Corrective underwear with a compression effect is in trend, which allows you to hide flaws and extra centimeters to make your figure chiseled and slim - this is especially important for magnificent brides. Pay attention to corrective corsets and bustiers, high-waisted panties, modeling belts, and so on. You need to be careful with the choice of shapewear - underwear and its details should not peek out from under the dress.  Corrective underwear should be suitable for dresses made from opaque materials or models that are more closed.
  4. Balconette - supports well and lifts the chest. It comes with or without removable straps.

A strapless corset or bustier, will not only give the bride a beautiful breast shape but also highlight the waist and remove a few centimeters from problem areas.

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