Thigh-high stockings, how to choose and how to wear?

An essential wardrobe item that every girl should have is thigh highs stocking. Many girls don't understand their benefits. Stockings help create an exciting and stylish look, emphasize your legs’ length, make the outfit sexier and more feminine. Besides, stockings are a must for erotic games. In an erotic set of lingerie and stockings, you will feel like the sexiest girl in the world.

How to choose the right stockings so that they look provocative but not vulgar? How to wear stockings and what to combine them with? The selection of stockings should be approached carefully. Let's talk about this.

Types of stockings

Before you figure out which stockings are best to choose, it is worth considering their main types. It all depends on the material and design. Some will be a great addition to a fluffy warm skirt and warm you in cold weather; sexy thighs will make the image sexier and suitable for spring. Next, we will understand their differences and learn about the types of stockings.

Differences in stocking material

Differences in stocking material

It is always worth considering the composition of the model when buying them. There are many materials that have distinctive features. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Lycra (elastane)
  • Lycra 3D
  • Mercerized cotton
  • Acrylic fibers
  • Microfiber
  • Polyamide
  • Nylon
  • Wool

Each of these materials has its own advantages.

Differences in stockings by design

A wide range of thigh highs stockings allows you to select the most optimal model. 

Silicone stockings are an excellent option for everyday wear, as they are very comfortable. They are fixed on the inside of the lace top. It is worth considering the elastic’s width because the level of comfort depends on it in such models. You should buy only high-quality stockings on silicone; a bad elastic band can subside and not keep the stockings on your feet. Silicone stockings are also perfect for a spicy erotic dance. Wearing such stockings, you can be sure that you look your best.

How to wear a belt for sexy thigh stockings? Stockings under a belt are a model; the main difference is accessories in the form of a belt, fasteners, and suspenders. A properly selected belt sits firmly on the body, does not cause discomfort, and holds the stockings tightly. Girls often choose this model for special occasions. Stockings under a belt with a corset will help to reduce the sides visually. Besides, stockings under a garter belt are suitable for tight clothes.

Seamless thigh highs stocking is an essential and convenient thing that every girl should have. Such stockings are suitable for any clothing, tight-fitting and lush dresses, mini and maxi lengths. But stockings with a seam will not look harmonious in absolutely all images. However, they visually lengthen your legs and make them thinner. They will also make you look sexier and more feminine.

It should be noted that bright and unusual stockings should not be worn with too colorful clothes. Focus on one element. Also, strict classic clothes will look ridiculous with such a bright accessory. Having stockings in your wardrobe, you can dance a striptease for your beloved at any time, and he will never forget it.

How to choose stockings?

How to choose stockings?

The selection of thigh highs stocking should be approached carefully because this element should perfectly fit your figure, hide flaws, and emphasize advantages. Here you should pay attention to the size, density, color, material, and pattern. 

You should follow some rules and recommendations to make the stockings fit perfectly for you. How to choose the right stocking size? You need to know your parameters. Stockings can be adjusted according to leg length and heel size. If you doubt which size suits you best, then choose the larger one. First, they are less likely to break. Secondly, they will not slip, and you will feel more comfortable.

How to choose thigh highs stocking by color?

How to choose thigh highs stocking by color?

There is a classic that is always relevant; these are nude and black stockings. The first option is worn in warm weather. Black shades are suitable for late fall and winter. However, the base colors are different. For example, bodily products come in a wide variety of colors. The color should be chosen depending on the color of the skin. Select the most appropriate shade, creating the effect that you are without stockings at all.

Black sexy thigh stockings also have different shades of grayish, brownish, dark gray, light gray, black, gray smoky, dark chocolate tone. These shades are suitable for warm clothes in dark colors. Shoes should be selected in the same color. You can make a bright accent on individual elements of the shoe. Thick black stockings are worn with casual clothing. A wide range of stockings will help you create an erotic and sexy look.

Bright stockings are in trend. But in this case, it is worth choosing concise clothes in muted tones. You can select accessories or shoes to match the color of the stockings. If you want to highlight your legs, then wear printed stockings. You can pick up lurex stockings for social events.

How to wear a suspender belt?

How to wear a suspender belt?

You should choose a belt under the stockings to make them look even sexier and more feminine. Of course, such an accessory is not suitable for every day, for a walk or an office. However, having figured out how to wear a garter belt correctly, you will happily put it on and feel your best. Besides, having put on stockings with a belt, you can dance an erotic dance for your man, and he will be pleasantly surprised.

The underwear selects the belt. Choose a satin belt of the same color for light satin underwear and a black lace belt in dark shades. You should choose a narrow belt with a high waist, which will reduce the hips and abdomen’s volume and focus on the lush breasts if you want to visually correct your figure. If you do not have problems with being overweight, then select a short, sophisticated accessory. You can turn any striptease and spicy show into an unforgettable and graceful dance, teasing with your sexy body in stockings and a belt. This set is also perfect for shy girls who want to please their man.

How to properly wear a suspender belt with tight-fitting clothing to the office or business meetings? Give preference to laconic models made of smooth materials. The belt and straps should not show through the clothes. It is better to choose the color to match the skin tone.

How to put on a garter belt correctly? This can become another problem for a girl because not everyone knows how to put on a stocking belt not to feel discomfort. There are rules, following which you can easily do this.

  • Put on your stockings and straighten them out.
  • Wrap the belt around your waist with two straps in the front and two in the back.
  • Adjust the length of the straps; they should end at the same level.
  • Fasten your stockings to your belt using the buckles or garters. The clasp should be tight enough.
  • Use a mirror to attach the clasps at the back.

Having memorized these tips, you will not have a question on how to put on a garter belt.

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