Which thong bathing suits will be on-trend in 2021

New beach trends will delight true connoisseurs of fashion. It would seem impossible to surprise with something new in this area, but the designers managed to present fashionable swimwear 2021 in a completely new style. The season’s main trend of the season is elegance and comfort, how exactly these canons are embodied in new collections, it is worthwhile to figure it out.

Are you already thinking about a summer vacation, a warm sea, and gentle sun? So, it's time to look for a stunning swimsuit! Exceptionally fashionable swimsuits thong will reign on the beaches this summer. In 2021, bold and creative design ideas will help to highlight your own beauty.

Thong bikini swimsuits' novelties for 2021 fall into several categories, including trendy colors and prints, cuts, embellishments, and even materials. With the appearance of the first warm sun rays and a light wind, we all want to go to the sea. To have a lot of photos in swimsuits, to have a cocktail on a sun lounger, to have friends nearby... It's time to go to warmer regions or just dream about a summer vacation, which is already very close.

What are thong bathing suits trending in 2021?

What are thong bathing suits trending in 2021

  •  Super thin thong

One of the most revealing and sexy swimwear trends of 2021 is the super-thin tie bikini. Many designs consist of a small piece of fabric to cover the crotch and a long rope that tied it up. One example is Natasha Tonic's white ruffle bikini. Macaed featured even more seductive bikini panties that tie around the belly or chest.

  • Metallic Bikini

Metallic thong bikinis from Nessy Swimwear grabbed everyone's attention, while Nookie Beach showcased a bra-inspired g string bikini set with shiny silver fabric. In the Maheli Heli collection, a golden bottom was combined with bright tops. 

  • Ties on the belly

Ties on the belly are a unique adornment of trending swimsuits thong for summer 2021. We've seen the ties wrap around the naked belly as part of an intricate bikini or one-piece bikini design to add some structure and interest. At Diosa Mar, a ribbon tied at the waist gave the design a romantic touch. In Abruzzo Swim, however, it accentuated the sexy white bikini. Strings tied around the belly were also featured in their Macaed, Monica Hansen Beachwear, and Oh Polly collections.

  • High Rise Briefs

Like high-waisted shorts and jeans, thong bikinis swimwear continues to be a strong trend for the new season. These swimsuits are great for covering up your belly a bit but letting you show off a lot of sexy legs or cleavage. For example, swimsuits from Lelloue have both a high rise and a high cut for the legs, which perfectly lengthens and slims the legs. 

What should you consider when choosing a swimsuit?

What should you consider when choosing a swimsuit

  1. For girls with a good figure, thong bikini swimsuits are just what they need. This is an opportunity to both demonstrate the beauty of the body and get a great, even tan. You can combine a thong with almost any bodice model.
  2. With this choice, it is difficult to limit yourself to one swimsuit. Moreover, a very stylish trend is in fashion this summer: color mixing. Due to the combination of multi-colored but harmoniously combined colors of the top and panties, the result of this combination looks fresh and fashionable.
  3. Spectacular metal rings, buckles, chains successfully replace shoulder straps and ribbons. Designers offer decoration with very large beads or sequins, beautifully shimmering in the sun for those who are not ready for such bold decisions. In order not to go beyond the boundaries of the trend, give preference to finishes to match.
  4. The top and bottom of the swimsuit do not have to be in the same color scheme. Spectacular mixes are in fashion this summer. There is only one condition - that the selected colors are combined with each other. By combining thongs and bras in different ways, you will look new and always fashionable every time.
  5. Do you want something unusual? Pay attention to the thong with metal fittings. Buckles, chains, rings will create the image of a real Amazon. Models with sequins look bright and feminine. Models with trim to match the color of the fabric are especially relevant.


What are thong bikinis called?

The sling bikini is also known as a "suspender bikini", "suspender thong", "slingshot bikini" or just "slingshot". It is a one-piece suit that provides as little, or even less, coverage (or as much exposure) as a traditional bikini.

When did thong bikinis become normal?

They became slightly more well-known in the 1970s when Rudi Gernreich invented the thong bikini. It seemed like a perfect piece for a decade when everyone, not just burlesque performers, was encouraged to be sexy and get in touch with their sexuality.

What are G-string bikinis?

The G-string bikini bottom consists of a triangular front panel “smaller than the tonga” with either hip strings that are spandex/elastic based or strings that tie at the hip, The back is a simple string that rides between the buttocks.

What swimsuits do guys like?

Guys' most favored suit is the basic two-piece bikini. A bit more material — while still showcasing some meant a whopping 93 percent approval rating among men (and several said they look most closely resembled women in bras and panties...).

Are thong bikinis allowed?

If it refers only to the genital being exposed, then thongs are definitely legal from a state perspective (some cities, towns, etc., may have ordinances that outlaw them). ... If there are no limitations included on the wearing of thong swimwear, then the law defaults to that of the state.

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