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Let's talk about spicy, interesting, exciting? Edible underwear, yes, this exists and is quite popular with sophisticated lovers, those who are not afraid of experiments and live a diverse sex life. Read a short article on this topic, it will be interesting!

So, cream and strawberries from the naked body are wonderful, but not the only option for erotic play. An excellent choice would be edible underwear that looks spectacular and tastes good. With his help, the foreplay will be unusually intriguing and sweet. This is an exquisite seduction that will bring new colors to sex. Facts to know:

  • Edible underwear is no longer new. Back in 2005, Candypants became the most popular gift in Britain.
  • It was invented, however, back in the 70s by artists David Sanderson and Lee Brady. They say they were inspired by a phrase that Sanderson's brother used to say - "Oh eat my shorts" 
  • Of course, these two had to try pretty hard to get a patent for a little thing that combined the incongruous: confectionery and linen. But then, when the candy panties were patented, they began to be sold literally everywhere: in clothing stores, gift shops, pastry shops, department stores, motorcycle stores, and pastry shops - bringing the creators $150,000 a month.

The history of edible underwear

he history of edible underwear

  • As you already know, David Sanderson was the first inventor of the savory treat. The artist was inspired by his brother, who often repeated the phrase "eat my shorts" (this expression is also loved by Bart from the animated series "The Simpsons"). 
  • The jokingly made linen was displayed in the store as decoration. But one curious student bought this set and shared it about David in a local newspaper in 1972. After three years, the brothers turned around and started producing thousands of sets.
  • So, the joke turned into good business. Initially, underwear was invented for real wear, it acquired a sexual connotation a little later. The first edible panties included lecithin, starch, invert sugar, food colors, mannitol, glycerin, flavoring.
  • The brothers made sure that all products were approved by the FDA. The “fabric” was produced in the form of thin sheets, then the shape of the linen was cut out and sewn with licorice fibers. The products have been released and have potential buyers, but for the implementation of the business, a patent is also needed, here the brothers faced difficulties.
  • A friend who had his own boutique and a bathhouse helped. He agreed to sell products at his points. The establishments were near the university, and curious students quickly spread the news around. The first edible panties tasted like cherry and banana, there was also chocolate in the project, but the color turned out to be ugly, and the taste was unpleasant. Each product was additionally packed in cling film, which was removed immediately before use, otherwise, the panties would dry out.
  • The business was developing well, bringing the brothers a huge income. As the creators of candy underwear themselves say, this is simple human curiosity and people were more likely to buy packaging, not goods. Lingerie was given as a gift, put prizes in games, it turned out that the box was opened by only 15%

What is edible underwear made of?

Edible panties are often made from candy. The look gives off a little childhood and resembles dragée bracelets:

  • Sweets are also used to make men's underpants, as well as nipple covers and suspender belts. All dragées are multi-colored and have their own taste. The tasters note is quite pleasant. How sexy such underwear looks is everyone's business.
  • If you want to diversify your intimate life and make such a kit yourself, then the manufacturing process is complex and uncomplicated. The second version of flaxseed material is gelatin. Many people wonder why it does not melt on the body. It's simple - the composition includes agar-agar, which is quite durable.
  • Edible panties made from gelatin are popular with oral sex lovers. "Tissue" melts only from contact with a wet tongue. That is, you cannot just eat such panties.
  • Sweet panties are not for everyone. Here the main role plays taste. Such underwear will not let you get bored with your loved one. And the prospect of combining the pleasant and the useful is amusing. A great way to add variety to your intimate life. Of course, it's not worth eating clothes every day, but you can indulge in it. 
  • The most popular are cherry, strawberry, orange, and chocolate candy underwear. You should not expect the taste of Alpine chocolate from your underwear, and you should not rush to eat it either. The most delicious, in fact, turned out to be the linen made from dragées.

 Small pills are removed in one bite, the foreplay can be stretched for a long time, enjoying the taste and sight of the beloved body gradually revealing itself. But it should be borne in mind that they, as in childhood, are quite hard, in order to get to the body of the beloved, you will have to crunch notably. 

Edible underwear can be delicious or erotic. A variety of shapes, beautiful tassel bras, or just nipple covers are sold in any color and taste. So there is a delicacy for everyone's taste.

Advantages and variety of models

Advantages and variety of models

Erotic lingerie is always an intriguing delicacy. Among its advantages:

  • The ability to diversify sex. Eatable underwear will be an excellent choice if you need to revitalize sexual relations, make them bright, passionate, and enchanting. This is a great opportunity to innovate and arouse your partner's interest.
  • Delicious underwear is comfortable to wear. Such erotic clothing is pleasant to the skin, beautifully emphasizes the appetizing curvese, while intriguingly covering the most tidbits.
  • The linen set looks beautiful. The models are created in a stylish and fashionable design. The assortment includes a large selection of colors, aromas, and tastes.

We hope you found our edible underwear information useful. Since you have already learned almost everything about it, the choice is yours, whether you want this for yourself or not.


What is the most popular flavor of edible underwear?

Edible lingerie is still sold in sex and novelty stores these days (and on Amazon for shy shoppers), although thankfully they now come in more popular flavors like strawberry and watermelon.

How do you make a candy bra?

Cut a long piece of the thin pink ribbon, long enough for the outline of 1 triangle. Feed a candy through the ribbon and tie in a double knot to secure. Then string on enough of the candy beads to make up the top 2 sides of the first triangle. Tie a knot at the last bead to secure.

What is the purpose of edible underwear?

Edible underwear was used by the defense for Screw magazine in their fight to stay on the newsstands despite their content, and then again by the prosecution to attempt to shut down the late-night public-access television cable TV show Midnight Blue in New York City.

Edible lingerie

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