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Booty Short Sets

8 products

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 products
Three Piece Booty Shorts SetThree Piece Booty Shorts Set
Now $20.99 List:$31.99
Three Piece Booty Shorts Set
Sheer Burnout Cami Top Booty Shorts and Matching StockingsSheer Burnout Cami Top Booty Shorts and Matching Stockings
Two Piece Net Crop Top and Bike ShortsTwo Piece Net Crop Top and Bike Shorts
Now $32.99 List:$48.99
Two Piece Net Crop Top and Bike Shorts
Caprice Playsuit With GartersCaprice Playsuit with Garters
Now $29.99 List:$43.99
Caprice Playsuit with Garters
No Promises Teddy BodystockingNo Promises Teddy Bodystocking
Now $25.99 List:$38.99
No Promises Teddy Bodystocking
Santa's Naughty Helper Three PieceSanta'S Naughty Helper Three Piece
Now $51.99 List:$79.99
Santa'S Naughty Helper Three Piece
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Why You Need a Booty Short Set

Butts are big right now. Both literally and in popularity. So booty shorts are as popular as ever. Booty shorts are flattering on anyone and are a must-have if you want your partner to go crazy over your butt.

What’s even better than a sexy pair of booty shorts? A matching booty short set. You can get a pair of booty shorts with a matching crop top, bra, or bralette.

Sexy Booty Shorts and Crop Top Styles

Booty shorts and crop tops are a classic pairing and have been around for decades. It’s a super sexy and playful look that can be very versatile.

These sets are a great option if you want to feel a little more covered up, rather than going for a bra and panty combination. There’s also more material available, which opens the door for more elaborate and intricate designs. 

One of the most exciting styles is this fun and sexy neon option. This is a mesmerizing set that’ll have men entranced by your every move.

Or you could go for an edgier style with this black caged set, which will have everyone pining over you.

These types of sets offer a lot of support and are certainly one of the most comfortable lingerie options, making them a great option if you’ll be wearing them for a long time.

How to Choose a Bra and Shorts Set

It’s a terrible misconception that only skinny women should wear crop tops or booty shorts—but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Women of all shapes and sizes look great in these. It’s all just about how comfortable you feel in them.

Choose the right style for your body. Choosing the right option for your body type will leave you feeling confident and sexy. You can choose a high-waisted booty short option if you’d prefer to cover your stomach. There are even long-sleeve options if you prefer your arms covered up. However, if you want a set that shows more skin, it would be better to opt for a bra and shorts combination.

Determine your correct size. Like choosing any underwear or lingerie, choosing the correct size is extremely important. Wearing a booty short set that’s too small can be uncomfortable and probably unflattering. Many women end up buying lingerie that’s too small for them—but do always try to avoid this. Size is merely a number and wearing the correct one will make a huge difference. Wearing pieces that are too small will not only will it be uncomfortable, but it can even be unhealthy as it’s bad for your circulation.

Make sure that you always measure up before buying your booty short set.

Pick the right material. The next thing you’ll want to consider is the material of the booty shorts set. If you’re wearing it for a long time, you’ll want to choose a more breathable material. The most comfortable and hygienic option is cotton fabric. This material also keeps its shape very well, even after multiple washes. The elastane in cotton underwear increases the fabric’s strength also prevents it from shrinking or stretching. The underwear you choose should always have a cotton insert so that they are comfortable. Booty shorts that have too much lace can sometimes chafe or irritate your skin. Also, watch out for dyed materials, as these can also irritate some people and can even cause allergic reactions. If you’re prone to this, you may want to avoid overly colorful underwear.

Why Are Booty Short Sets So Sexy?

Booty shorts are the ultimate playful and sexy underwear. High-waisted options can make your waist look tiny and create a curvy silhouette. They also make your booty look perfectly rounded and irresistible.

Wearing booty shorts as part of a set only adds to the seductiveness. Crop tops show a little skin while leaving something to the imagination. If you want to be a little more out there and show more skin it’s a good idea to opt for a bra or a bralette on the top. Your partner won’t be able to resist you when you’re wearing one of these provocative booty shorts sets.

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