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Corset Skirts

18 products

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products

Showing 1 - 18 of 18 products
Sequin Steel Boned Mini Corset DressSequin Steel Boned Mini Corset Dress
Now From $161.99
Sequin Steel Boned Mini Corset Skirt
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Lace Corset Dress in PurpleLace Corset Dress in Purple
Now From $120.99
Lace Corset Skirt in Purple
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White Lace Corset DressWhite Lace Corset Dress
Now From $120.99
White Lace Corset Skirt
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Lace Corset Dress in RedLace Corset Dress in Red
Now From $120.99
Lace Corset Skirt in Red
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Lace Corset Dress in GreenLace Corset Dress in Green
Now From $120.99
Lace Corset Skirt in Green
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Lace Corset Dress in BlueLace Corset Dress in Blue
Now From $120.99
Lace Corset Skirt in Blue
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Lace Corset Dress in BlackLace Corset Dress in Black
Now From $120.99
Lace Corset Skirt in Black
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Everything You Need to Know About Corset Skirts

Corset skirts are the hot new fashion trend in the world of lingerie, and it’s easy to see why. Corset skirts resemble those Victorian corsets that graced the hourglass figures of fashion-conscious ladies in centuries past, but they’re designed to be worn under your clothing rather than as a substitute for it. 

Whether you’re an S&M enthusiast or just looking to boost your confidence with some sultry underwear, here’s everything you need to know about corset skirts and how they can transform your look from drab to fab in seconds!

What Are Different Styles Of Corset Skirt Outfits?

With corset skirts, you have the perfect opportunity to add oomph to your outfit without having to work hard on your fashion quotient. There are basically two types of corset skirts that you can wear as outerwear. The first one includes a full, waist-cinching underbust corset that looks like it could function as both a top or dress. However, it is not particularly fitted through your torso but rather sculpts your lower half, giving you an elongated look. 

The second type fits more snugly to create a seamless transition from top to bottom. It does so by adding panels up top that connect with the stockings at your knees. This kind of corset skirt gives off a much sexier vibe since it shows just how much skin it covers, while also giving off a real hourglass shape. All thanks to its high empire waistline in front and pencil silhouette in the back.

String Crisscrossing Corset Skirt

Another type of corset skirt that has several strings crisscrossing through its lining at strategic points, this skirt provides strong back support as you wear it under clothing. If that’s not all; its design also provides gentle control around your tummy area when you’re sitting down. Why, you may ask? It is because there is less fabric at that point as opposed to over your hips when you stand up straight. 

This modern take on an old classic can be worn as outerwear or lingerie, depending on your preference. Tie those pesky laces into a bow in front, adjusting for comfort. 

Brownie point: they come in a range of colors as well depending on how risqué you wish to be! 

Lace-Up Corset Skirt

Corset skirts come with varying lacing styles to suit your taste. You can find closed front ones or even those with a slit cut out at each side to show off more skin. For instance, a black lingerie-esque corset skirt with a lace-up front adds some extra oomph to your hips. Just remember to button those babies uptight and say hello to sexy and fancy!

Lace-up corset skirts are usually made from materials such as silk or satin. These can come with strings that wrap around themselves until you’ve reached your desired fit point, or laced up at intervals with lacings that criss-cross over each other. 

If you like to change your waist size frequently and want something easy to take on and off then lace-up is best for you. You might also choose it if you prefer very delicate fabrics because it makes for a smooth look when worn.

How To Lace-Up A Corset Skirt Set?

Lace-up your corset all wrong, you might as well be wearing a tourniquet. Knowing how to lace up your corset properly will help ensure you get your best shape. It’s also important that you understand proper lacing techniques in order to avoid pain or discomfort when wearing a waist training corset. 

There are many different ways to wear a modern corset; some lace-up in front while others lace-up in the back. Corsets with lacing in front have less flexibility than their back-laced counterparts, but they are much easier to get into. If you think you will have a difficult time getting your new purchase onto your body, consider trying one that ties in back instead. 

Regardless of which style you choose, make sure your corsets have adjustable grommets at each side so you can make subtle changes after wearing them for a while.

Should I Buy A High Waisted Corset Skirt?

If you can rock it, why not? Hight waisted corset skirts have started to become mainstream recently because celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Billie Elish, and Nicki Minaj have pulled off stunners in them. Whether you’re looking for a sexy or a modest silhouette, there’s something for everyone. You can glam up and feel like a bombshell on date night, or just want to look great at your next special event, then go for it. 

A high waisted corset skirt can make your waist look dramatically smaller, making them great for hiding any tummy troubles. These will balance out your proportions since they push everything upward; plus, they generally look more sophisticated. Adding both vintage charm and curvy sex appeal!

If your goal is to define a waistline, or tuck in your love handles, then look for a high-waisted corset with a lace-up back. Don’t be afraid to try bold colors! It’s an excellent way to brighten up that all-black ensemble. You can also pair them with shorts, jeans, or anything else that fits your personal style. 

Shopping Tip

Before buying the corset skirt, you must make sure that it fits you well. As they usually come in various sizes, so before purchasing one make sure to measure your size first for that perfect fit. In case you are making the purchase online, it’s advised to read reviews on how people felt after wearing it for a while to know its pros and cons. 

Experimenting with corsets skirts is definitely something fun and sexy, who knows they might just become your favorite go-to item of clothing – either day or night!

And one thing’s sure: With cut out details, flattering laces and stunning silhouettes, corset tops have become wardrobe staples for fashionistas around the world. Corset skirts are hot as hell. 

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