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Showing 1 - 36 of 49 products
Shimmery Rhinestone Tube DressShimmery Rhinestone Tube Dress
Now $24.99 List:$34.99
Shimmery Rhinestone Tube Dress
Twist Halter Lace Mini DressTwist Halter Lace Mini Dress
Now $23.99 List:$32.99
Twist Halter Lace Mini Dress
Opaque Long Sleeve Cut Out Front DressOpaque Long Sleeve Cut Out Front Dress
Now $22.99 List:$31.99
Opaque Long Sleeve Cut Out Front Dress
Long Sleeve Diamond Net DressLong Sleeve Diamond Net Dress
Now $11.99 List:$15.99
Long Sleeve Diamond Net Dress
Fishnet Mini Dress With G-StringFishnet Mini Dress With G-String
Now $11.99 List:$16.99
Fishnet Mini Dress With G-String
Stretch Lace Chemise With Lace NeckbandStretch Lace Chemise With Lace Neckband
Now $18.99 List:$25.99
Stretch Lace Chemise With Lace Neckband
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Short Sleeve Crochet Mini DressShort Sleeve Crochet Mini Dress
Now $15.99 List:$21.99
Short Sleeve Crochet Mini Dress
Exotic Geometry Mini DressExotic Geometry Mini Dress
Now $17.99 List:$24.99
Exotic Geometry Mini Dress
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Two Piece Set Top and SkirtTwo Piece Set Top and Skirt
Now $31.99 List:$44.99
Two Piece Set Top and Skirt
Stretch Leopard Patterned Stretch Lace ChemiseStretch Leopard Patterned Stretch Lace Chemise
Now $18.99 List:$25.99
Stretch Leopard Patterned Stretch Lace Chemise
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Fishnet Garter DressFishnet Garter Dress
Now $27.99 List:$38.99
Fishnet Garter Dress
Lace Garter DressLace Garter Dress
Now $26.99 List:$37.99
Lace Garter Dress
Rainbow Fishnet Halter DressRainbow Fishnet Halter Dress
Now $16.99 List:$23.99
Rainbow Fishnet Halter Dress
Crochet Mini Dress With Cut Out DetailingCrochet Mini Dress With Cut Out Detailing
Now $18.99 List:$25.99
Crochet Mini Dress With Cut Out Detailing
Playful Tube Dress in PinkPlayful Tube Dress in Pink
Now $32.99 List:$45.99
Playful Tube Dress in Pink
Dress With Holes and PipingDress With Holes and Piping
Now $32.99 List:$45.99
Dress With Holes and Piping
Long Sleeve DressLong Sleeve Dress
Now $41.99 List:$61.99
Long Sleeve Dress
Fishnet Halter Dress Queen SizeFishnet Halter Dress Queen Size
Now $26.99 List:$37.99
Fishnet Halter Dress Queen Size
Take Me Fishnet Mini DressTake Me Fishnet Mini Dress
Now $19.99 List:$27.99
Take Me Fishnet Mini Dress
Freya Le Reve NightdressFreya Le Reve Nightdress
Now $59.99 List:$89.99
Freya Le Reve Nightdress
Fishnet Mini Dress With Cut Out DetailFishnet Mini Dress With Cut Out Detail
Now $14.99 List:$19.99
Fishnet Mini Dress With Cut Out Detail
Leopard Dress One ShoulderLeopard Dress One Shoulder
Now $34.99 List:$49.99
Leopard Dress One Shoulder
Lace Ruffle Garter DressLace Ruffle Garter Dress
Now $32.99 List:$46.99
Lace Ruffle Garter Dress
Roxanne DressRoxanne Dress
Now $36.99 List:$52.99
Roxanne Dress
Mini Dress with HoodMini Dress with Hood
Now $20.99 List:$29.99
Mini Dress with Hood
Demure Long Sleeve Mini Dress Black Queen SizeDemure Long Sleeve Mini Dress Black Queen Size
Now $17.99 List:$24.99
Demure Long Sleeve Mini Dress Black Queen Size
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Revealing Dresses Are Here to Stay!

Nothing turns heads more than a sexy, revealing outfit. Revealing dresses and skimpy outfits are a great way to help you feel your sexiest self and give you that boost of confidence.

Revealing dresses have been increasingly popular over the last couple of years. They have been filling magazines and runways to show off the beauty of the female figure. Fashion models and celebrities alike have been following the revealing dresses and skimpy outfits trend — with very low V-neck dresses and long dresses with revealing slits being among some of the popular choices.

What Is a Revealing Dress?

There are a few different ways a dress can be revealing. Most revealing dresses will be very short, not covering much more than your butt, but they don’t have to be short to be revealing. They can also be longer styles, with high slits to reveal your gorgeous legs.

See-through and mesh dresses are also becoming more and more popular, and are perfect if you want to show off your beautiful body. Cut-out dresses are also a very popular option. These dresses reveal bare skin and are a good way to accentuate your curves if the cut-outs are in the right place.

What Are Skimpy Outfits?

Skimpy outfits and revealing dresses are very similar — women wear skimpy outfits and revealing dresses to show off their gorgeous bodies and draw attention to their best features. Skimpy outfits have very little material but will usually cover the intimate parts of the body.

How to Dress More Revealing

A revealing outfit can be the perfect way to grab a man’s attention. Don’t hesitate to show off your amazing body. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Start by choosing the part of your body you want to show off, then find a sexy, revealing dress or skimpy outfit that exposes that area. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to revealing dresses, so you’ll easily find one that highlights and shows off your best features.

How to Style Revealing Dress

One of the best things about revealing dresses is their versatility and how easy they are to style. You can easily dress it up or down depending on what you wear with it.

With thigh-high stockings. You can never go wrong with a sexy pair of thigh-high stockings that will draw attention to your legs and complement your dress.

With high heels. High heels or platform heels are also great accessories to a revealing outfit. Heels elongate your legs and can give you a sexier posture, highlighting your curves in all the right places.

With a g-string. Wearing a g-string with a revealing dress can be extremely sexy. With a mesh or lace dress, a g-string can create a sexy silhouette.

How to Hold Breasts in Place in a Revealing Dress

A common worry when wearing a revealing dress or skimpy outfit is how your boobs will stay in place due to the lack of material, especially if you’ll be moving around a lot when you’re wearing it. You won’t usually be wearing a bra with a revealing dress, as it will either defeat the purpose of it being revealing or it will ruin the look.

Luckily, there are a few different tools you can use to help your breasts stay in place while you’re wearing a revealing dress:

Sticky strapless bra. A sticky, strapless bra could be the solution to your problem. These types of bras simply stick on to your breasts to keep them up and hold them in place. They are generally more suited to smaller breasted women, as women with larger boobs may find these bras don’t provide enough support.

Boob tape. Boob tape could be the perfect option if a sticky strapless bra doesn’t do the trick. Boob tape is a staple for many women and is commonly used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and J-Lo. Using boob tape is simpler than it looks too:

Simply cut off a piece of tape that will be long enough to cover your nipple and go to the back of your shoulder (around 12-13 inches should be enough), then starting at under your nipple, bring the tape all the way up over your shoulder. Just make sure you have your boobs perfectly in place before patting the tape down. Boob tape is a better option if you’ll be wearing the dress for a while, as it’s much sturdier than a strapless bra, and is less likely to peel away if you’re sweating a little. It’s also more likely to not be seen since you can control where exactly the tape goes.

FAQs About Skimpy Outfits and Pushing the Limits

Why Do Girls Wear Skimpy Outfits?

Girls tend to wear skimpy outfits to feel confident about themselves and grab attention. Revealing outfits can show off the best parts of a woman's figure and highlight her most sensual areas.

Why Do Dancers Wear Skimpy Outfits?

Skimpy or revealing outfits are a popular choice for dancers. They’re undoubtedly sexy and grab attention from everyone in the room. On top of that, skimpier outfits are much more comfortable to wear than outfits with more material, especially for dancers — it’s easier to move and you won’t get too hot wearing a skimpier outfit.

Do Women Get Aroused in Skimpy Outfits?

Yes, women do get aroused in skimpy outfits. Sexy clothing isn’t just to arouse the person looking at it, it can also turn on the person wearing it. Wearing skimpy or revealing outfits can make women ooze confidence and feel their sexiest selves.

Can a Dress Be Too Revealing?

You can’t really have too much of a good thing, so it isn’t really possible to reveal too much of your body if your goal is to turn someone on. But if you do want to tease a little, you will probably want to leave something to the imagination. It can be hard to strike the perfect balance with revealing dresses. It’s always a good idea to leave a little bit covered up to really have men drooling over you, desperate to see more.

How Skimpy Can Date Dresses Be?

If you’re wearing skimpy clothes for a dancing performance, there’s no limit to how skimpy your dress can be. However, if you’re wearing a skimpy dress to go on a date, you might not want your dress to be too revealing. On a date, while you might want to reveal certain parts of your body to show it off, you could leave a little bit more to the imagination to have your date wanting to see more.

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