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Booty Shorts

6 products

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
Ruffle ShortRuffle Short
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Ruffle Short
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Seamless Spandex BoyshortsSeamless Spandex Boyshorts
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Seamless Spandex Boyshorts
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Lace G-String With O RingLace G-String with O Ring
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Lace G-String with O Ring
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Cheeky Back Panty with Stretch Lace Low-Rise in Hot PinkCheeky Back Panty with Stretch Lace Low-Rise in Hot Pink
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Cheeky Back Panty with Stretch Lace Low-Rise in Hot Pink
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Adore High Waist Open Ring PantyAdore High Waist Open Ring Panty
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Adore High Waist Open Ring Panty
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Yellow Belted ShortsYellow Belted Shorts
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Yellow Belted Shorts

Sexy Revealing Booty Shorts Are The Next Big Trend

A pair of cheeky booty shorts are the ultimate weapon to show off your perfect peachy behind. They draw attention to some of the sexiest points of your body and will have any man drooling over you.

Let’s delve into booty shorts a little more. We’ll discuss how to wear them and what to wear them with. We’ll also try to address some questions you may have about booty shorts for women.

What Are Booty Shorts?

Booty shorts are extremely short shorts that aim to highlight a women’s butt. Women often wore them in or around the beach as a beach-to-bar look.

However, booty shorts are now considered acceptable to wear in many situations over recent years.

Very short booty shorts are great for dancing performances, as they are comfortable while being extremely sexy.

How To Wear Booty Shorts

Booty shorts are small garments, which makes them easy to wear and style.

Also, don’t think you can’t wear booty shorts because you’re on the curvy side. One of the great things about short booty shorts is that they look incredible on anyone, no matter their size. They highlight your curves and will make any man go crazy over your butt.

As Dancewear

Sexy booty shorts are perfect for dancers. They are extremely easy to move around in and are comfortable to wear for a long time. Plus, they often come in fun and bold designs that are perfect for drawing attention to yourself while you’re on stage.

As Casualwear

Booty shorts are now acceptable to wear casually. You can wear them on a hot day by themselves or with a pair of pantyhose if it’s cooler. Booty shorts can really liven up an otherwise boring, casual outfit.

As Lingerie

Cheeky booty shorts are also a great accompaniment to a sexy lingerie outfit. You can go for a risqué look with a pair of cut-out booty shorts that will show off some skin or a pair of ruffled or frilly boy shorts for a fun and flirty look.

What To Wear With Booty Shorts

As you’ll know by now, booty shorts are versatile — it all depends on how you style them:

With High Heels or Sexy Boots

There’s something that men can’t resist about a pair of platform high heels and a sexy pair of short booty shorts. Turn heads with this unbelievably sexy look!

With a Sexy Top

A great way to pair sexy booty shorts is with a sexy top. If you want to show some skin, you can opt for a bra or bralette, or you can opt for a crop top if you want to cover up a little more.

With Thigh High or Knee High Stockings

You can add a little more spice to your booty short outfit with a provocative pair of thigh high or knee high stockings. They draw even more attention to your upper thigh and butt, making men pine over you.

How To Make Your Booty Look Bigger in Shorts

Many women will turn to booty shorts to make their butts look irresistible. Since big butts are considered the desired look over recent years, you may be aiming to make your butt look bigger with a pair of sexy booty shorts:

Go high waisted

Drawing attention to your waist has the added effect of your butt looking bigger. It creates the hourglass effect, which will make you look curvier overall.

Avoid flimsy fabrics

Flimsy fabrics tend to drape down your butt, which doesn’t do you any favors when it comes to making your butt look big and peachy. Good quality fabrics will lift up your butt and give the effect of a bigger behind.

The shorter, the better

Shorter styles of booty shorts will make your butt look larger. It also gives the added effect of making your legs look longer and will draw the eye up to your butt, making it look big and curvy.

FAQs - Booty Shorts

What Are Other Names for Booty Shorts?

Booty shorts can also go by other names, like hotpants. Hot pants and booty shorts are pretty much synonymous with each other. You may also see booty shorts referred to as micro shorts, which are generally the same type of garment.

You may also find boy shorts under the category of booty shorts. However, these are generally more often the shape of short boy shorts and will sit at your hip, rather than your waist.

Where Can You Buy Booty Shorts?

Booty shorts have increased in popularity over the years, making them readily available in many stores. However, with that comes the issue of picking out the good quality booty shorts from the cheap ones.

Luckily, with our large collection of high-quality booty shorts, you’ll easily find the perfect pair of booty shorts to complement your sexy look.

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