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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
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Three Piece Booty Shorts Set
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Cocktails Knee High SocksCocktails Knee High Socks
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Cocktails Knee High Socks
Black Opaque Knee High Stockings - ElegantStripperBlack Opaque Knee High Stockings - ElegantStripper
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Black Opaque Knee High Stockings
White Opaque Knee High StockingsWhite Opaque Knee High Stockings
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White Opaque Knee High Stockings
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Knee High Stocking with Plaid Bows
Leggings Red and Gold
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Crack-Up Your Style-Quotient with Sexy Knee-High Socks

You've seen them in every store, on fashion runways, and on every woman you've ever admired! Knee-high stockings have been popular throughout the ages but only recently these hot little numbers have become an essential part of women’s fashion. Adding some sizzle to your wardrobe and making you strut with confidence!

They reach up to your knees, look stylish, and are extremely versatile. And when you buy the right ones you’ll feel comfortable to wear all day long. From work to your next night out with the girls or even while lounging around the house. All this while protecting your gorge legs from the cold winds as well as unwanted hands and paws! 

So, whether you want to feel sexier and more feminine or simply want some knee-high fun with the girls, these sexy staples are the perfect accessory to add that sultry edge to your look. Here’s everything you need to know about the hottest knee-high socks. 

Why are Knee-High Socks so Sexy?

From Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn, fashion icons have shown us knee-high socks are not only sexy but also extremely fun. They hug your legs perfectly and make you feel like real bombshells. They look hot, they make your legs look longer, and they are super flattering, exuding a sexy vibe infused with sweet innocence one simply cannot resist. 

If you have long legs, wearing knee-high socks will elongate your look and make you appear taller. If you are short, they help make your legs look more toned as well. Giving you that perfect amount of confidence boost you need when going out with friends or on a date night with your husband.

What’s more; their design goes up near your knees exposing more of your skin than some other types of socks would, making for an alluring visual element. So, if you’re looking for an alternative to sexy lingerie, these pairs are a great way to tease. 

Where to Buy Sexy Knee-High Socks?

Whether you're trying to spice up your lingerie drawer or simply feel sexier, today's hottest styles of knee-high stockings are sure to please. But where do you go to easily snag the right pair? 

If you live near a big city or town, finding a hot one can be as easy as you can walk into a local department store or specialty lingerie shop. In case you live out in an area that isn’t known for being fashion-forward, there are still plenty of online options at ElegantStripper for purchasing different styles and brands of stockings.

Some of the e-stores even let you customize your own pair using different colors and styles. The choice is entirely yours and the sky’s your limit. 

How To Look Stylishly Sexy In Sexy Knee High Socks

Well, for starters, these look great with a mini skirt outfit or dress that hits just above your knees and leaves room for your gams (if you know what we mean) to peek out from underneath. 

You can also use knee-high socks as an accessory. They’re perfect to pair with boots that come up past your calves because then it appears as though you are wearing thigh-highs rather than the ones that end at your knees. 

Just like skirts, the pair looks great undershorts. Make sure to wear them with some sexy stripper heels or boots—it will create an incredibly strong visual from head to toe! 

How To Make Sexy Knee High Socks With Your Dress

It seems so simple, but one of the many ways to wear knee-high stockings is under a dress. It really makes it more dressy and gives you a great leg line. In order to keep your legs warm while wearing these sexy socks under your dress, try adding tights on top of them. They will keep you warm while also making you look hot!

By pairing these with your casual as well as formal dresses, you will be able to look absolutely charming and enchanting at any event. They go great with skirts and dresses because they show off your legs while creating a subtle contrast against modest hemlines. 

Whether you want to impress someone special or are just feeling extra flirtatious, sexy knee highs are perfect for giving your look an extra boost of sex appeal. 

How To Choose Sexy Knee High Socks?

When you’re choosing a new pair of sexy socks, keep a couple of things in mind.  Make sure they are made of nylon or another synthetic material, as cotton fabrics are prone to shrinking. Nylon is durable and offers flexibility; it holds up well under regular wear. Spandex hugs your legs comfortably while still allowing free movement and adding pizzazz to your wardrobe. 

Try silk or soft knit ones for an elegant yet still sexy look. For something a little more fun, choose bright colors! Patterns, such as polka dots or stripes, can also be fun additions. Make sure any pattern is small and unassuming; large patterns will distract from your outfit rather than accentuate it. 

If you want a sock that will match a variety of outfits, choose a neutral color like black or white. Or, if you want a fun accessory that stands out from your outfit, choose bright colors!

Sexy knee-high socks are all about expressing your personality, flaunting your assets, or making you feel more confident. They’re also very versatile; there are so many different ways you can wear them!

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