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Lingerie Leggings

4 products

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Two Piece Diamond Net Cami Top SetTwo Piece Diamond Net Cami Top Set
Now $28.99 List:$42.99
Two Piece Diamond Net Cami Top Set
Ls Bralette and LeggingZebra Fishnet Two Piece Bodystocking Set
Now $29.99 List:$44.99
Zebra Fishnet Two Piece Bodystocking Set
Own the Night BodystockingOwn The Night Bodystocking
Now $25.99 List:$38.99
Own The Night Bodystocking
Footless Leopard Lace Crotchless TightsFootless Leopard Lace Crotchless Tights
Now $15.99 List:$23.99
Footless Leopard Lace Crotchless Tights

All You Need to Know About the Lingerie Leggings

Lingerie leggings are the latest in comfortable, sexy, and revealing leggings that will surely make heads turn when you wear them to your next party or event. 

Tight-fitting and figure-hugging, lingerie leggings can look amazing under your clothes or on their own as part of an ensemble that will leave them begging for more. 

If you’re not familiar with the term, you may wonder how exactly lingerie leggings differ from normal leggings—and whether or not they’re worth the money. Keep reading to learn more about this popular style and how to wear them properly.

What are Lingerie Leggings?

Word on the street is that leggings are sexy. But sometimes they're just too thick and well…a lil’ bit tacky.  What if we told you that a pair of black, lacy, and buttery soft leggings can make your legs look even more fantastic? Something that works just as well for lounging around the house as it does layering alongside a captivating stripper dress

Voila, that’s where lingerie leggings come in. This seductive apparel is designed in an array of styles and levels of coverage. Some have lace trim around a panty or at the top, while others are completely sheer and made from see-through fabric. 

While they’re commonly worn as an outer layer, they can also be worn as underwear with a long shirt or tunic over them for work or school. The key here is comfort – you want something that feels good against your skin.

Unlike their workout or yoga pants counterparts, lingerie leggings are designed for showing off your legs and they’re mostly preferred in one solid color. So make sure that you’re wearing them with a top that won’t block their best features. 

Solid colors are usually preferable because they don’t compete with your outfit, but it is also possible to wear prints on top of them if they match perfectly and are cut in such a way that they aren’t likely to peek out from under your shirt.

P.P.S Isn’t there something sexy about having a pair of leggings in one distinct hue? 

What Leggings To Wear With Lingerie Straps?

If you choose leggings with lingerie straps, know that they might not be as high-waisted as a typical pair of leggings. This is because most lingerie straps connect at mid-thigh or around knee level, which will generally mean less coverage above than on average.

Most straps that come with intimate apparel tend to be rather thick, which can leave unsightly bulges under your clothes if paired with lingerie leggings. For example, if you try to wear stockings over your straps it can create very unflattering bulges so it would be much better if you donned plain white cotton ones instead.

Also, when pairing lingerie leggings with other lingerie pieces, you want to make sure they’re not too prominent. Otherwise, they’ll distract from what you really want your viewers to be focused on – your outfit. If you’re wearing a deep-plunge bra and skirt, don’t wear leggings that go up to your thighs; instead, opt for knee-high boots or thigh-high fishnets.

How to Wear Crotchless Leggings?

If you’re not sure how to wear crotchless leggings, don’t worry: they’re not just for wearing in bed! With all that soft fabric and stretch, they can be worn all day as part of your outfit. Looking for a romantic date night outfit? Add a pair of black or red lingerie leggings under a flowy dress, and then layer over a bra top or bandeau.

Casual Friday at work? Throw on some statement jewelry, a lacy bra underneath, some high-heeled booties...and you have an instant makeover! Basically, these leggings are an easy way to add interest and sex appeal to any ensemble—you just need to know how to style them right.

That’s not all! Unlike regular leggings, these erotic leggings allow you (or your partner) easy access to all that you hold dear. And let’s face it: any time you can add more spice to your sex life is well worth it. These are typically a bit more expensive than regular pairs of leggings, but they’re one of those things that will last for years and years if taken care of properly

Lingerie leggings are an erotic way to add sexy, flattering style to any outfit. A wide range of colors and patterns means they are easy to pair with any top, while an equally diverse palette of fabrics like lace, shaper jersey, and microfiber add flair and comfort to every look.

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