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Sexy Bustier Lingerie

10 products

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products
Three Piece Laced Lingerie Set and Cover-Up Slip in BlueThree Piece Laced Lingerie Set and Cover-Up Slip in Blue
Open Cup Bustier with Underwire and G-StringOpen Cup Bustier with Underwire and G-String
Now $39.99 List:$60.99
Open Cup Bustier with Underwire and G-String
Three Piece Lace Up Garter Corset With Thong and StockingThree Piece Lace Up Garter Corset with Thong and Stocking
Four Piece Chantilly Lace Corset With Front OpeningFour Piece Chantilly Lace Corset with Front Opening
Now $41.99 List:$64.99
Four Piece Chantilly Lace Corset with Front Opening
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Rosa Bella Two Piece Long Line SetRosa Bella Two Piece Long Line Set
Now $41.99
Rosa Bella Two Piece Long Line Set
Choose options
Fantasy Two Piece Bustier SetFantasy Two Piece Bustier Set
Now From $49.99
Fantasy Two Piece Bustier Set
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How Bustier Lingerie Will Get You In The Mood

If you’re looking for a sexy, sultry, yet sophisticated look then it’s time to set all hearts ablaze with your hot spicy style. And sexy bustier lingerie is an outstanding choice for achieving that flattering and seductive silhouette. Bringing out both your sensuality and sex appeal!

It’s perfect if you’re looking to show off some serious skin while simultaneously accentuating your curves and making them look just right. It’s sure to have your man drooling over your slender and curvaceous figure, as well as have all the other ladies lusting after you with envy!

A sexy bustier lingerie set comes with all the right elements to channel the best and most sexy version of yourself. Let’s take a look at how you can use a bustier lingerie set to add some pizzazz to your love life and social life.

What is Bustier Lingerie?

Bustier lingerie is a type of women’s clothing that features a fitted upper garment that covers to above her waist, similar to a corset but without steel boning or internal structure. Some bustier lingerie sets cover your breasts while leaving your midriff bare. The bustiers often have integrated brassiere cups that may be padded or unpadded with underwire to support your assets. Usually sexy or revealing in style, some bustiers are backless, others have shoulder straps.

Moreover, a body-hugging bustier typically has garters attached so you can easily attach stockings without having to unhook them every time you want to put them on. Additionally, bustiers are often chosen for their ornamental value; they may feature intricate designs like beads and sequins. While they come in all shapes and sizes, they usually lace-up or hook in front or on each side. 

If you’re going to go all out with your lingerie, you might as well go all out. And a bustier offers one of the most elegant ways to get noticed in all that lace and silk. The bustier bra is designed to lift and support your breasts, making them look perkier, plumper, and more curvaceous. If you like things snug but don’t want an uncomfortable squeeze or boning digging into your flesh, then bustier lingerie is just what you need.

What Does A Bustier Do?

A form-fitting bustier helps enhance your curves, giving you more of an hourglass figure and helps lift and support your breasts, so you look fantastic in low-cut tops. They’re also designed to complement your natural curves, making you look thinner and taller. 

Many women even find that their posture improves when they wear a bustier because it holds their chest up and pushes their shoulders back! Best of all, most bustiers come with removable straps or built-in bra cups, so there’s no need to worry about supporting your weight.

Even better news: they can be worn with virtually any outfit and can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe, which means you’ll get plenty of use out of them! Also, don’t forget about adult lingerie sets—these come complete with matching panties or shorts (or both!) so you don’t have to worry about what else to wear. Many of them are even sleepwear sets perfect for lounging around in bed on lazy Sunday mornings.

Are Bustiers Comfortable?

The big question is, of course, are bustiers comfortable? The answer is a resounding yes! Because they’re so figure-flattering, you can expect to wear your bustier all day long and it will feel just as great at midnight as it did when you first slipped into it. 

The key is to make sure you pick a set of bustiers made from a material that makes it as easy as possible to wear all day long. Some of the best pieces are designed specifically for comfort; soft fabrics, like lace and satin, will feel smoother on your skin than stiff ones like plastic.

You also want to pay attention to details like cut—frayed edges and poorly finished seams that can irritate your skin—and size. You want something that fits correctly without being tight enough to cause discomfort.

And if you want the busteir to look amazing and fit great, consider opting for one with additional features like adjustable straps. They may cost more upfront, but they usually save money in the long run by making it easier to take care of them and improving your ability to get custom fit.

Where to Buy Bustier Lingerie?

You can shop with us right here on our website ElegantStripper. You can buy sexy bustier lingerie sets in just about any color imaginable: black, red, white, purple—you name it! So you don’t have to look too far and wide to find a bustier lingerie set that will make you feel like a super sexy babe. 

ElegantStripper has both detailed sizing charts and friendly customer service, so you can buy with confidence if you’re unsure of what size to order. Regardless of whether you are curvaceous or petite, you will get the right size of bustier lingerie for your figure.

What’s more; if you find that you're not happy with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund as long as the item is still in new condition.

When shopping for your perfect piece, keep in mind that there are two main types: underwire and non-underwire. Underwire usually provides more support than non-underwire pieces but maybe more uncomfortable against your skin.

A sexy bustier lingerie set is a great way to top off your already sexy look and show that extra flare. Consider it your secret weapon that’s guaranteed to spice up any evening. You’ll certainly be turning heads especially if you pair it with a matching garter belt or fishnet stockings to give yourself an extra hint of sex appeal. These pieces are perfect for an exciting night out or for livening up an ordinary evening with your partner at home. Who says you can’t be fashionable AND fun?

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