Choosing stripper shoes_ a complete guide for you

Stripper shoes are, first of all, modern, elegant, and very beautiful high-heeled dance shoes for girls dancing striptease.

Striptease shoes are only available as high heels or stiletto heels. However, shoes with thick soles and shoes in rhinestones are very popular among the dancers themselves.

Stripper shoes, in other words, strips, can now be purchased in different sizes, models, colors, and from all kinds of materials.

It is possible to train at a striptease rehearsal in different shoes, but preferably in stripper shoes that you will constantly dance in on stage. In such dances as pole or with complex acrobatic elements and tricks, every little thing is of great importance, for example, the height of the heel, the weight of the striptease shoe, the material from which the strips are made.

It so happens that girls buy stripper heels and rehearse in socks. It is not right! In this case, it is better to take any shoes with high heels to the class. Elementary steps in dance and turns that you will memorize in socks, then you will need to retrain because muscles have a so-called memory, then standing on your heels, you will find that you are standing on your feet uncertainly, and you are swept around the turns! When you are in heels, the feeling is completely different.

Tips for choosing stripper shoes:

Tips for choosing stripper shoes

  • Firstly, at least the first pair of strips should be with a classic buckle around the ankle;
  • Considering that shoes are always worn out, some people prefer to buy strips one size smaller, especially those with narrow feet;
  • Consider when trying on and choosing a model of strips and instep and how narrow or wide your foot is. Of course, everyone who has individual characteristics (flat feet, narrow feet, protruding bones, high instep) generally cannot buy shoes without trying them on;
  • The narrow details on the  stripper heel can painfully dig into the skin and make it uncomfortable to move;
  • A vamp of two crossed pieces is the best option in relation to a vamp of one solid element. In the first case, the fingers do not fall out, and the strips sit tightly on the leg. Please note that since the hem requires more material than the fabric, leather shoes have a larger gap between the crossed parts than fabric strips- so the little toe may fall out. Check when trying on strips;
  • Stripper shoes with straps fastened around the ankles are decorative shoes rather than dance shoes. When performing movements, various muscles of the legs are tense and then relaxed. Therefore, the straps gradually slip and fall. It is impossible to fix them tighter - disrupt the blood supply, to fix them weaker - you will not be able to take a step. I recommend fastening the straps on the strips in a sitting position (at this time the leg muscles are relaxed), tightly crossing them along with the ankles and fastening the fastener in the narrowest part of the leg: with a ring under the knee;
  • The optimal height for your first stripper heel is 4.5-6.5 cm. It's just an experience;
  • If you want universal - take black, the brightest color is silver, gold almost merges with the leg, it is more difficult to choose clothes for them.

Choose comfortable and good quality stripper shoes

Choose comfortable and good quality stripper shoes

Before you learn how comfortable these shoes are, you can see the anatomy of a pole dance heel.

  • The platform is available in transparent, moiré, and opaque plastic, usually in the color of the upper material. If in the future you want to give the strips for re-covering the top and decide to cover the platform as well, the transparent / moire plastic does not lend itself to covering. However, it is the transparent plastic that makes you feel as if you are floating above the floor, and the rays of the club lighting are beautifully refracted in it. This effect is created by stripper shoes only on a transparent platform;
  • The leather material of the upper gives additional grip to the most “unattached” part of the body - the legs. However, the lacquer (patent leather) sometimes sticks excessively and also quickly peels off. Lacquered shoes and clothing are prohibited by the rules of many competitions;
  • The transparent silicone of the upper is convenient for some, especially with continuous long-term wear, as it can wash the instep of the leg into the blood since your sweating skin can stick to the non-breathing silicone. However, this does not happen often - if you spend several hours in strips without taking them off;
  • stripper shoes should be stable and tight around the foot so as not to twist the leg when moving.

Our recommendations for you when choosing stripper shoes:

  • We recommend giving preference to strips with an open back. The closed-back of the strips will most likely constantly rub the leather on your heel, as it will "walk" inside due to the peculiarities of pole dancing;
  • We recommend buying open-toed strips. In the open toe of strips on a high platform (from 4.5 cm), the pedicure remains intact since the fingers do not reach the floor in many movements. The closed-toe of the shoes will rip off very quickly;
  • Check that the stripper heel has a ribbed surface with any pattern (the so-called "prevention") so that you do not additionally give new strips to the workshop later. In some stores that have their own production, you can ask when buying that the selected model has prevention. There are two reasons: shoes without prophylaxis "draw" stripes on the floor and are very slippery.


How do I choose a pole dance shoe?

Choose your shoes for pole dance from ordinary material, without rhinestones and bows, platform - 5 inches, color - neutral.

What are the best stripper shoes?

The best dance strips are those that are comfortable for you. Always rely on your sensations of the feet in the stripper shoes.

How comfortable are pole dance shoes?

Firstly the straps are usually latex or patent leather, which helps you grip when you’re climbing a pole and protects the delicate bones on top of your feet. Secondly, the grip on the bottom of the shoes help you pivot and do pretty turns. And thirdly, the height of the platform helps you grab the pole higher than you usually would be able to.

Where can I buy stripper shoes?

Now you know all the rules when choosing stripper shoes, so visit our site right now and select the pair of shoes you need!

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