Choosing stripper shoes_ a complete guide for you

Stripper shoes aren't just any shoes. They are modern, elegant, and absolutely stunning! These high-heeled dance shoes are specially designed for girls who perform striptease.

Now, you might wonder, what kinds of heels do these shoes have? Well, they come only in high heels or stiletto styles. But that's not all! You can find them with thick soles or dazzling with rhinestones, which are huge favorites among dancers.

Guess what? You can pick from a whole array of sizes, styles, colors, and materials. There's a pair out there just for you!

When practicing your striptease routines, it's best to wear the stripper shoes you'll use on stage. Why? Because every little detail matters, especially in dances with poles or fancy acrobatic moves. Things like the heel height, the shoe's weight, and the material can make a big difference.

Some dancers think it's okay to rehearse in socks before switching to stripper heels. But that's a no-no! If you practice in socks and then switch to heels, you might find yourself wobbling and unsure during your turns. Your muscles remember what they practice with! So, when you train in the same heels you perform in, you'll feel confident and steady, no matter the move.

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Stripper Shoes

Tips for choosing stripper shoes

When you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of stripper shoes, here's what you need to know:

  • Start Classic: Your first pair should have a buckle around the ankle. It's a timeless look that works every time!
  • Size Matters: These shoes get a lot of action, so some dancers buy smaller sizes, especially if they have narrow feet. But remember, comfort is key!
  • Fit is Everything: Trying on shoes is crucial. Whether you have flat feet, high arches, or something unique, make sure they fit like a dream. Take advantage of this step!
  • Avoid the Pinch: Watch out for narrow parts on the heel that might dig into your skin. Ouch! That's the last thing you need when you're dancing.
  • The Right Vamp: Look for shoes with two crossed straps over the top. They keep your toes secure and look great, too. If you choose leather, check the gaps to ensure your little toe stays put.
  • Strap Smarts: Straps around your ankles should look good without compromising your dance. Here's a tip: cross the straps while sitting to get them just right, ensuring they're snug but not too tight.
  • Heel Height: If you're just starting, go for a heel between 4 and 6 inches. It's the sweet spot for beginners.
  • Color Choices: Black is versatile and always in style. If you're feeling bold, try silver! It stands out. Gold blends in with your skin, making it trickier to match with your outfits.

Finding the Perfect Stripper Shoes: Comfort Meets Quality

Choose comfortable and good quality stripper shoes

Before you learn how comfortable these shoes are, you can see the anatomy of a pole dance heel.

  1. Pick Your Platform: Platforms come in clear, patterned, or solid colors, matching the shoe's upper part and dreaming of floating on air? Go for clear platforms! They catch the club's lights, creating a magical effect. But remember, if you ever think of redoing them, clear and patterned plastics are challenging to cover up.
  2. Material Matters: Leather is great for extra grip, keeping your legs secure and stylish. Be cautious with patent leather, though. It might look chic, but it can get sticky and wear out fast. 
  3. Silicone Smarts: Some dancers adore silicone uppers for their long-wear comfort. But beware! Silicone might rub your skin the wrong way if you're dancing for hours, especially if you're sweating. Yet many can wear them all night without trouble.
  4. Stability is Key: Your shoes need to hug your feet just right. Too loose, and you might twist an ankle; too tight, and ouch! Ensure they give you the firm support you need to move confidently and gracefully.

Top Tips for Picking Your Perfect Stripper Shoes

Ready to find your dream stripper shoes? Here are our top tips to help you choose the best pair:

  1. Go for an Open Back: Trust us, you'll want to avoid shoes with a closed back. Why? They tend to rub against your heel and can be super uncomfortable because they move around when you're dancing. Open-back shoes are the way to go for comfort and style.
  2. Choose Open-Toed Shoes: Do you love showing off your pedicure? Open-toed shoes are your best bet, especially with a high platform (starting at 4 inches). This way, your toes won't touch the ground, keeping your pedicure pristine through all your moves. 
  3. Look for a Ribbed Heel: Make sure the heel of your shoe has a textured surface, or "prevention," as it's known. This isn't just about style—it's about safety and durability. Shoes with smooth heels can leave marks on the dance floor and are likelier to slip. If you're picking shoes from a place that makes its own, ask if they can add this feature to your chosen pair. It'll save you a trip to the repair shop and keep you steady on your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions: All About Finding the Perfect Pole Dance Shoes!

Q: How do I pick the right pole dance shoes?

A: When choosing your pole dance shoes, simplicity is key! Go for shoes made from ordinary materials – skip the sparkles and decorations like rhinestones and bows. A 5-inch platform is ideal, and neutral colors are your best bet. This way, you'll have versatile shoes that match any outfit and support all your moves.

Q: What makes the best stripper shoes?

A: The best stripper shoes are the ones that feel great on your feet! Comfort is crucial, so focus on how the shoes make your feet feel when dancing. If they feel good, you're on the right track. Remember, no two pairs of feet are the same, so what works for one dancer might not work for another.

Q: Are pole dance shoes comfortable?

A: Yes, they can be! Pole dance shoes are designed with your performance in mind. They often have latex or patent leather straps, offering a secure grip as you climb the pole and shield the tops of your feet. The soles provide traction for smooth pivots and elegant turns. Plus, the platform height is a bonus, giving you extra reach to grab the pole. All these features work together to help you dance your best.

Q: Where can I buy the best stripper shoes?

A: Excited to find your perfect pair? Now that you know what to look for, visit our website and explore our collection! We have all kinds of stripper shoes waiting for you, from classic designs to the latest trends. Find your favorite, and get ready to shine on the dance floor!

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