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Today, we can hardly imagine a club party or presentations held in nightclubs without go-go dancers, although the beginning of this dance goes back to the distant 60s of the last century. The go-go dance culture is young enough. The main task of the dancers is to entertain nightclub’s and similar establishment’s visitors. By its nature, go-go is not an independent style,  it is rather a combination of several dance styles mixed into one direction. Even though go-go is dancing with erotic content, they have a fundamental difference from striptease. In striptease, dancers take off their clothes, in go-go - no. The area for dancing is usually small - a curbstone, a podium, or a cage, so the movements are quite simple, without jumping, but with maximum expressiveness in the look and body plastic.

It is clear that in such conditions a revealing suit helps to create an appropriate image. Clubwear includes exotic dancer outfits, tight-fitting jumpsuits, erotic lingerie, and dresses that will appeal to fans of club madness or professional dancers. They are ideal as a sexy set for a sensual dance. Even though in online stores such clothes are usually presented in a large assortment, it is not always possible to find what you need.

What do go-go dancers wear and why?

go-go dancers wear

Clothing should be as sexy as possible. It will brighten up your dance and you will be on top.

  • The main purpose of this dance is to entertain the guests, endowing them with sexual energy emanating from the dancers and providing the club atmosphere with some spice and piquancy, which are so necessary for the perfect party. 
  • The main purpose of the clothes is to emphasize the sexuality and clubbing mood of the dancer. Clothes for such dance are as much important as the moves. After all, if you change them and take the high-heeled shoes from dancers, then you get something like jazz-funk or contemporary. This is exactly the case when the value of the costume should not be underestimated.

About the forms of sexy dancewear

Clothes for club dances should emphasize the body shape as much as possible. Especially the cleavage area, buttocks, legs, and belly. Any pole dance costume is generally suitable for a go-go dancer, but not vice versa. Clothing doesn't have to be overly revealing, but rather revealing and tight. 

About the dancewear materials

To make the dancewear more exotic, the designers combine several materials and different types of finishes, even if it is a bodysuit or a bustier&panties set. 

  • Seductive elements. Daring dresses and sexy lingerie will seduce and excite the imagination because many of their elements are made of fine mesh or delicate lace. 
  • Sparkly outfit. Shimmering materials with a touch of lycra and faux leather are also an absolute hit. 
  • Popular clubwear prints. Popular designs include animal motifs, polka dots, and flowers, as well as shiny accessories such as locks or chains. 

About dancewear accessories

dancewear accessories

  • Collar. To turn panties into clothes for clubbing, you’ll need some accessories. The most popular is the collar. The design can be absolutely whatever you like, from velvet with a cat bell-bell to studded leather in the Gothic style. The collar can be replaced with a silk scarf, satin ribbon, or lace bandage around the throat. Such accessories are often complemented with pendants or threads of chains, pearls, beads, and other accessories, so the jewelry becomes more massive.
  • Flirty accents. Gloves or elbow pads, leggings, garters, shoulder straps, epaulets, suspenders, and overhead hangers are often used as sexy accessories too. To give the costume a stage look, epaulets can be made, for example, of feathers or fringes, and suspenders attached directly to the panties. 
  • Accessories with aggressive metal fittings. Rivets, spikes, and other are widely used in such sexy costumes. They are also often decorated with bracelets, bustiers, collars, shoes, belts, and even panties.
  • Hats. The exception rather than the rule for this type of wearing. Girls often use wigs and hairpieces and very rarely feather headbands or something like that.

About shoes for club’s dancers

Shoes for your exotic dancewear look must be necessarily heeled or platformed or both. Pole dance shoes, patent leather stockings, high Greek sandals, sneakers, wedges are most suitable. We recommend choosing models with the greatest amount of glitter or shine, but so that the decorative properties are no worse than functional ones (you still have to dance wearing them).

An outfit should not only be sexy but also provide convenience and comfort. You should be confident in your costume and not worry that the top or other wardrobe item will fly off during the performance. The selection should follow the size and your figure body, which allows you to reveal your erotic energy to one hundred percent. The most common styles of clothing for go-go are naughty bodysuits, panties-shorts, bustiers, leggings, playful short bodices. Find your perfect-fitting suit for creating a flashy look!

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