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Sexy wedding lingerie is something far from boring everyday life. Do you want to give your man a spicy surprise? Feel desirable, sexy, stunning? Take a fresh look at your body? Then you need to learn about the types of honeymoon lingerie and how to choose the right model.

Beautiful underwear speaks not of licentiousness but of self-love, respect for your body, the desire to conquer and disarm. But it is essential to understand that sexy wedding lingerie and casual lingerie are two different things.

  • Casual lingerie is an integral part of women's wardrobe. It supports the breast, protects, and is responsible for the comfort and hygiene of the intimate areas.
  • A sexy lingerie for bride is a way of expressing yourself. It acts on a man as an aphrodisiac and makes a woman feel more confident and sexier. The main advantage of such linen is its non-triviality. But it will not work for everyday wear. Erotic lingerie is almost always made of synthetics. It means that your bikini area is not protected from either germs or mechanical stress.

Decide how long you plan to wear sexy wedding lingerie. Do you want to be in it all day, and then go to the wedding night with your beloved? Then choose a playful piece with cotton inserts. During the love game, it will not have time to give you discomfort.

Types of honeymoon lingerie

What is erotic lingerie? Some models look so harmless that they can be attributed to everyday women's wardrobe. Among them:

  • Peignoirs. Air robes are a choice of sophisticated natures. Peignoirs can be translucent, lace, with embroidery, feathers, sequins. A classic peignoir is worn over underwear. But a robe thrown over a naked body is a 100% erotic choice.
  • Corsets are timeless classics. A corset can turn any girl into an aristocrat. It will help you shape the wasp waist and support your chest. Depending on the model, the nipples can be hidden or exposed to the gaze of your companion. The fabric also needs to be chosen wisely. A taffeta corset will make your look extremely chaste. And latex will turn you into a gorgeous, hot as hell female vamp.
  • The bustier accentuates the waist and lifts the chest beautifully. When paired with matching panties, belts, and suspenders, the bustier will look stunning and make a great choice for a lingerie bride.
  • Stockings with a belt. There is hardly anything more playful in this world than women's stockings. They are appropriate both in everyday wardrobe and in bed games. Moreover, they will perfectly complement the look of a sexy bride.

How to choose honeymoon lingerie according to your figure?

honeymoon lingerie

Erotic lingerie is not clothing. This is a sensual experiment on the verge of decency. But even the experiment should be your size. Pay attention to the manufacturer; each company has its dimensional grid. Find it and check the parameters. Do you want to visually correct your figure and appear in front of your favorite super sexy beauty? Then here are some tips for you:

  • Slim girls should choose sexy wedding lingerie in bright, rich colors. Don't stop at just white; you can wear lingerie with vibrant colors or decor. The optimal choice is separate sets with a low waist. A lace bralette is not your option. Better to resort to push-ups and silicone tabs. You should refuse tight underwear as it will visually reduce the waist and hips.
  • Plus size brides. Choose lingerie for bride in dark shades or dark beige options. Pay attention to feminine négligées and combinations that will cover problem areas. Discard airy fabrics and tiny split kits. The underwear should be dense, textured, with good support for the chest. Instead of a delicate lace bodysuit, it is better to buy a combo with a solid cup. The high waist is also a great choice.
  • Weak body tone. If your figure is slightly out of shape due to hormonal or age-related changes, your choice is supportive honeymoon lingerie. Wear corsets and bustiers. They will shape the waist, hide problem areas, and, of course, will look amazing with stockings and a belt.
  • Different sizes of top and bottom. No matter how convenient ready-made kits may seem, they are not suitable for every girl. If your parameters in the area of ​​the chest and hips are very different, take a closer look at an elastic body. Another option is panties and bodices in the same style. By combining tops and bottoms in different sizes, you will create your own sexy wedding lingerie set.
  • Lush breasts. To emphasize the beauty of your breasts, use erotic lingerie with a balconette. Another option for a bustier is to use reliable supporting straps.
  • Small breasts. Your choice is a lavishly decorated top like lace bralettes with push-ups, multiple ruffles, and frills. Daring girls can use nipple covers, which look great on small breasts. They will not add size, but they will challenge decency.
  • Full thighs. Avoid tight-fitting bottoms. The best choice is a set with a translucent skirt. The fabric should be thin, flowing, falling to the knees. In this case, you should draw attention to the winning areas of the neck, shoulders, and chest.

Material for sexy wedding lingerie

  • Sexy kitty. For girls who are not ashamed of their desires, you can stop at the mesh. This is the most demanded material for sewing erotic and honeymoon lingerie. It allows you to show more than hide. It is permissible to use sets of guipure, chiffon, and organza.
  • Romantic princess. Transparent kits seem vulgar to you? Then your choice is nude shades and textured materials. A lacy négligée, a taffeta peignoir, a lace-up monochromatic corset, or a bustier will emphasize the figure without vulgarizing the image.
  • Vamp woman. Lingerie made of leather, latex, and vinyl are not an option for everyone. These materials will turn you into a living erotic fantasy. They are suitable for spicy role-playing games and the image of the Lady.

How to choose an erotic lingerie for bride?

erotic lingerie

  • Color. Don't overdo it with brightness. Your job is to look playful and exciting, not tasteless. Choose neutral (black, white) or discreet pastel colors. Delicate turquoise, coffee, peach sets look amazing. No matter how fashionable a leopard is, it is only appropriate in blouses, dresses, and outerwear. Leopard underwear will look flashy and vulgar.
  • Clasps. Honeymoon lingerie with numerous laces, ties, and hooks looks gorgeous but not so easy to remove. Don't make your partner pant and agonize. There is always a risk that his patience will run out, and the lace bodysuit or bodystockings will be torn. Do not risk a thing; better look after a model with easy access to the body. Strategic cuts in the bikini area, open buttocks, and comfortable fasteners will significantly simplify the love game.
  • Expectation VS reality. Don't be fooled by pretty photos. Bodysuits and bras from ribbons won't look the same on you as they do on the model. Her task is to place ribbons on herself beautifully, take a favorable pose and take a picture. And you need to move in this beauty. The tapes can come off. The fact is that the geometry of a woman's breasts can be very different. Not every lingerie model takes this into account.
  • Girlfriends advise. There is nothing worse than buying sexy wedding lingerie on someone's advice. What suits one girl can distort the proportions and cause discomfort to another. Doubt when choosing lingerie? Do not contact your friend, but follow your feelings.
  • Lingerie to avoid. Not all erotic lingerie is equally comfortable. Garters and harnesses are suitable for slender girls. And you will turn the plump ones into a kind of sausage tied with strings. Narrow stocking belts bite painfully into the body. Panties with beads in the intimate area are pleasantly stimulating when walking, but they cause many inconveniences when you have to sit. Lingerie with pleats, ruffles, and folds is challenging to care for. Dry cleaning may even be required. Consider all this before you buy the set you like.

Choose a lingerie for bride that will ignite a flame of passion in you, make you want to try it on right there. Only in this case will the linen please you.

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