How to Choose Women's Lingerie

When we think about underwear, your first thought isn't going towards simple cotton sets that are comfortable to wear under a T-shirt and sweater. Lingerie is supposed to be sexy and exciting, a little tantalizing! 


The world of women's lingerie isn't just the usual everyday panties and bras; it's full of lace, translucent, intricately decorated sets. A thong with rhinestones or a lace bodysuit is comfortable for sure...but it’s definitely not everyday wear; it's for when you're feeling extra special!


Of course, how women's lingerie looks will be an essential factor when choosing your next purchase. Ideally, you're looking for a balance between stunning and seductive yet convenient and practical. The fabric has to be breathable, comfortable, and sexy (of course!) and makes you feel super confident.


How to choose women's lingerie for different body types

How to choose women's underwear for a figure

Although underwear is technically meant to be invisible under clothes and a way to hide from prying eyes, your chosen set does make a difference in your overall look! 


Different types of underwear can make your figure more slender or full, depending on your pick. So when going for lingerie, you should be able to identify styles that make your body look its best!


If you're on the thinner side, you can go for many different styles, which is always a bonus! However, if you're on the taller side, high-rise or mid-waist undies will look best. Worried about wider hips? Low-rise, narrow panties are an excellent option.


For larger thighs, high-waisted panties and boyshorts will look great. It's better to avoid thongs, though, as they may not be as flattering. If you have a tummy and full hips, you'll also find boyshorts and high-waisted panties to be an excellent option for a more slimming effect. If you're trying to fill out the chest and hip area a bit, opt for lace sets with frills, which will add the missing volume to your figure.


For curvier shapes, you'll need something with strong support, such as underwired and foam bras. For bottoms, high-waisted panties are a super flattering option.


Quick tip: Don't have the time to buy special women's lingerie? No problem! Turn your standard lacy sets into something spectacular and erotic. Stockings, garters, elastic bands, and collars can turn an ordinary set into something more tantalizing and way more fun!


Tips for choosing erotic women's lingerie

How to choose women's underwear for a figure

The choice of sexy lingerie is a delicate topic. With some tips and tricks, you're much more likely to find your perfect fit! 


Here are some simple tips to help you find your perfect fit and feel confident wearing it.


A guide to lingerie selection:

  1. Intimate underwear, like ordinary underwear, with the right selection, should be flattering. Go for high-waisted panties when possible because the cut is usually super flattering for almost all body types.
  2. Regardless of breast size, keep underwired bras for everyday wear. Let your special set highlight your breasts' natural shape and form - it looks much more seductive.
  3. Try to choose underwear that allows you to adjust. Everybody's body is different, and the ability to tighten the straps and adjust other elements help create the perfect fit.
  4. If you are embarrassed to put on "naked" underwear - pick up a matching negligee. It will hide figure flaws and add a little mystery, making you feel more confident.
  5. Harnesses and panties made of elastic bands look unusual and impressive. You can wear them both over linen and on a naked body. The main thing is to wear them with confidence.
  6. Try on new underwear at home. Walk around in it, spin in front of the mirror. Once you get used to it and feel relaxed, it will be much easier to show it off to your partner!
  7. Choose well-tailored sets from quality fabrics because cheap fabrics never end up looking good. You only need one or two unique options for special women's lingerie, and they must be pleasant to the body and fit perfectly.


Main selection criteria costumes erotic


Look through the photos in the catalogs of women's lingerie, and you'll see that there are many opinions when it comes to fabric and color.


Usually, intimate underwear is transparent or lace, but monochrome women's lingerie sets also look good. In terms of colors, both black and white classics and eternally vibrant red are great options. Or you can go opt for aggressive animal prints, or unusual colors like neon pink, cherry red, or forest green.


The other option to consider is embellishments! There are erotic sets with a monochromatic color scheme and/or small decorations such as rhinestones or patterns. These unique elements help emphasize sexuality and make you look even better. 


Tip: Do not buy intimate underwear based only on a photo: it will not look the same on you as on the model. As with any other clothing, many factors affect fit. So try on several options, and you will find your perfect pick!

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