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They used to be fashionable, or they were considered too kitschy. Now latex clothes have gained popularity again. It happens because of the Japanese designer Atsuko Kudo, who can sew almost any garment from latex. There are latex pants, dresses, and even underwear. Called the "queen of latex", she creates sexy clothes even for the most popular stars. Her outfits are worn by Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Rihanna. Lady Gaga wore a Kudo gown to meet Queen Elizabeth.

Many people complain of boredom in their sex lives. In this case, it would be worth investing in some exciting instruments to diversify bed games. The choice is vast - you can, for example, invest in some original, sexy latex lingerie or attractive erotic costumes. Dangerous, vulgar, erotic? This is what many people associate latex underwear with, often confused with vinyl or polyester. Latex is a material that is usually black and very tight, so it causes desire in many people almost immediately. There are many types of latex underwear, so it's easy to find the most suitable one that will surely appeal to your partner. Remember to wear it properly, protecting them from damaging factors, and keeping them clean. Erotic lingerie of this type is available on Elegant Stripper. You can make such purchases via the Internet. Our online store offers very affordable prices, as well as attractive promotions.

Latex underwear - types and characteristics

Latex is a solution of natural (rubber tree sap) or synthetic rubber. It covers various types of rubbers, elastomers, and materials known as wetlook. Both natural and artificial latex is widely used in the rubber industry to produce tires, seals, balls, foam mattresses, and erotic clothing.

Sexy latex lingerie includes, among others:

  • fitted panties - they can be thongs, 
  • a push-up bra, which effectively raises the bust, making it look much more impressive,
  • dresses are also made of latex - this garment is highly sexy and will surely appeal to every guy,
  • you can also buy full latex costumes - the body in such clothes looks very slim - especially if the woman chooses black. 

The accessories that will give the entire styling the exemplary character are equally important. The appearance of the new latex items that you buy may be disappointing as they initially lack the characteristic gloss and look quite unsightly. Freshly purchased items will arrive covered with talcum powder, which should be washed off before the first use and polishing. There are many latex care and polishing products. To get the effect on our photos, use any latex shining products (silicone without additives is good).

The fabric for the production of underwear should provide free gas exchange and be breathable. That is why cotton fabrics and combinations of cotton with synthetic fibers are the most popular. Meanwhile, latex is impervious to air. This fact results in most of the consequences of wearing latex clothes. Pants, jackets, overalls, and latex erotic lingerie require specific rules related to personal hygiene and the use of cosmetics. 

Latex: putting on and proper care

latex clothes

Many people love the shiny look and feel of latex clothing and lingerie. Properly cared for latex will retain its appearance for a long time and will last for years.

How to wear latex clothes?

When putting on a latex outfit that should fit tightly and snugly around your body, use talcum powder, silicone, or another donning agent. These preparations will prevent friction between body and material. That can minimize the risk of too much stress on the material and crack. For maximum comfort, lubricate the body and the inside of the suit, then put it on carefully and gently.

Latex should not be stretched with fingers, and the whole hand should be used. Latex clothing should be put on with smooth movements, slowly leveling the fabric. You have to be careful with nails, watches, jewelry, and harsh elements. Remove anything that might damage your clothes. The process of undressing is much easier, but it also requires special care.

How do you take care of latex clothing?

Latex clothing should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. Latex is impermeable to air, which makes the leather wet. Washing will remove sweat and other contaminants from the material. You can use a soft cloth with a bit of liquid soap and warm water, carefully wiping the latex inside and out. Latex lingerie should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. It is enough to shake the outfit a few times to dry it. You should not leave your underwear in the sun. Keep your outfits in the dark place, away from colorful clothes. You should use only plastic hangers to hang latex. You should cover your underwear with a delicate layer of talcum powder to prevent the material from sticking together. Latex is a very fragile material; keep it away from fire, heat, and cigarettes. Do not expose it to the sun or fluorescent light for an extended time. With prolonged contact, metals such as bronze, brass, and copper can leave stains on clothes. Cosmetics, perfumes, makeup, as well as fats, and oils can also damage latex.

If you follow our guidelines, latex outfits will serve you for a long time and will give you a lot of pleasure during use.

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