Lingerie: overview, trends, fashion models

It is believed that even if a woman is wearing a robe, and underneath is a beautiful, sexy lingerie sheer, she will feel like a queen.

Underwear is not only sexy sets that we demonstrate to our beloved; it is inner confidence, recognition of our beauty, and femininity. Moreover, it is an invisible magnet that attracts a good mood. And the world of lingerie also has its fashion trends. We will tell you about trends and comfortable models of underwear.

Solid lace bras

Fashionable lace bras without foam are back. Once upon a time, they were replaced by push-up technology. It gained enormous popularity because many girls wanted to make their breasts visually larger and more rounded. But despite the fact that push-up bras are still popular, thin lace is back in fashion. However, it has changed somewhat.

A larger pattern has become relevant; the straps have also become lace, though not as a separate element observed in old models, as integral lace, passing from the bodice to the straps.

This version of lingerie sheer looks very gentle and sexy. Put on such underwear and dance a striptease to your man, and he will never forget it.

Models without pits and cups

The completely sleek, incredibly comfortable, invisible underwear bra without cups and underwires has become another trend. Such a bra will not chafe and squeeze if you choose the right size. Besides, if you prefer comfort in everyday life, then you will definitely like this model.



The bustier is an attribute of retro style, and this year’s vintage seductive looks are back in fashion. This trend has not spared underwear either. The bustier looks like a wide bra that covers the back and ribs. Such a bra is perfect for overweight girls to hide figure defects. Besides, when paired with a high panty sheer, a belt, and stockings, it looks sexy. Put on stockings, a belt, and a bustier, and you can seduce any man with your erotic look.

Underwear sets

The most harmonious look is not bras and panties separately but sets made of the same fabric in a single color. Such underwear will always be in trend, and at the same time, it will perfectly emphasize the seductive features of your figure. Lingerie sheer remains one of the most popular options.

Open models in fine lace

Fully lingerie sheer and transparent lace sets or partially decorated with lace is the year’s primary trend. These sets are very delicate and look incredibly sexy. However, it is worth remembering that fully lace underwear does not support the breasts very well; it must be firm and have a good shape. Light, almost invisible underwear will create a little zest and will turn any man very much.

Daily lingerie sets

Daily lingerie sets

Girls no longer have to choose between comfort and beauty. Everyday bras can be either wholly smooth or laced with embellishments. The main thing is based on unique materials that prevent an unpleasant smell, folds underclothes, and any discomfort.

The idea of ​​such underwear is that a girl can put on such underwear in the office and then go on a romantic date and feel sexy. In addition, in such underwear, you can dance an erotic dance for your man and he will never forget you.

The design of the lingerie is sexy and erotic making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Besides, convenience and beauty do not exclude the panty sheer.

Sports underwear sets

There is a unique sports underwear that has been developed for sports. It is indeed comfortable in it. It is also beautiful and very sporty. Some girls who сhanged heels for sneakers wear them every day.

You will find various options for bras without underwire, wide straps, a variety of locks, and their complete absence, but at the same time, a reliable fixation of the breast is preserved in sports collections.

The most popular material is polyester. At the same time, anti-odor technology is used in the sewing of sports underwear, which allows you to exercise effectively without fear of trouble.

Such kits are well washed both in manual and automatic modes, dry quickly, and retain their hygroscopic qualities for a long time.

Moreover, lingerie sheer sets made of lace with elastic bands are also in fashion. Such sets are suitable for sports girls who want to diversify their collection of lingerie.



The bodysuit has become popular this year. And if lace options are exclusively underwear, then closed fabric bodysuits can be worn as an element of the top. It all depends on the fabric, color, patterns, and decorations. But even in such lingerie, you will look great and sexy.

It is very convenient to wear a bodysuit instead of a T-shirt, as it completely covers the stomach and back. Combine this item of clothing with a lush bottom; it looks lovely under a bell skirt.

The bodysuit can be corset type and soft as underwear. Some models have open sides. Perhaps they are the most comfortable since they do not tighten or squeeze the stomach. And, of course, revealing lace and sheer bodysuits lingerie is very sexy. Such a bodysuit is simply created to turn your erotic dance into a spicy striptease to seduce a man.


Peignoirs can be attributed to underwear and sleepwear and pajamas, and sleeping sets in T-shirts and shorts. However, the peignoirs this year have become another fashionable thing in the girls' wardrobe. Performing a sexy dance in a negligee, a man simply cannot take his eyes off you.

The most popular models are made of satin with lace trim and all-over lace. Peignoirs can be used as a sexy robe for the house, as well as a nightgown cape after sleep. Quite often, they come in a set and, accordingly, are sewn from the same fabric in a single color. Sometimes a panty sheer for sleeping is also included with the shirt. This set looks very harmonious and sexy.

Moreover, some peignoirs come with underwired breast support. It is better to use such models as erotic lingerie and choose comfortable cotton set for every day.

Trending fabrics and accessories

Many women want something original and shocking. These options include coarse mesh lingerie, velvet, and opportunities with lurex, sequins, sequins, and sheer fabrics. Such sets look sexy and erotic. In such underwear, you can seduce any man.

Among the accessories, to the revived fashion for belts, stockings with suspenders, garters, and other retro style attributes, one can single out harnesses. Moreover, they are worn both on clothing and under it.

You can choose a leather version; similar models are worn under the skirt on the legs of a dress or a shirt. But on the body, it is better to choose the option from a narrow elastic band. Such an ornament will accentuate the cutout on the chest and complement the look in a quality manner, creating an alluring mystery effect.

We can say that this year pleases with bright novelties, non-standard models, and decorations. She revived many popular traditions in past centuries and introduced new trends and trends into fashion. It remains only to choose your own: to taste, according to your figure, and to your liking.

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