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No more shoulder pads, boring colors, and deliberate masculinity - the power dressing style does not exclude soft lines, romantic prints, and delicate shades. The most stylish women who are at the forefront of business, politics, social sphere, and fashion prove it.

The main task of power dressing is to stun, instill confidence and of course inspire! Power dressing can be sexy, erotic, sometimes even extreme! It can make you incredibly beautiful while revealing your sexuality! Moreover, power dressing can construct your personality and fill you with energy. Whatever story your clothes tell this season, it will surely be about feminine power.

Still, power dressing can be recognized as sexy clothes and slutty outfits that make an unforgettable impression on others. Formerly, power dressing helped women feel equal with men. And now it is a style that will emphasize femininity and success.

In the modern world, a woman  needs to prove her professionalism with clothes. Therefore, power dressing is now a business classic that can include elements of femininity such as a bow on a blouse, unusual prints and bright colors. 

Namely, power dressing  allows you to declare from the doorway and say I am Alpha!

But, dresses with a cheerful floral print and cute ruffles will not raise your authority. Austere lines, monochrome, stilettos and jackets - that is what demonstrated status and competence.

What is power dressing, and why is it so popular?

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Power dressing – is a style of dressing in which business people wear formal clothes to make them seem powerful.

The word "power", embedded in this term, unequivocally hints that we are talking here about strength, leadership positions, politics, and this is so.

Emerging from the 20s and culminating in the feminist 80s (primary thanks to Giorgio Armani), the power dressing style initially completely crossed out everything feminine, romantic, “frivolous”. To reach the same level as men, women preferred to be like them in everything: in behavior, in the manner of doing business, and even in wearing clothes. 

For the modern generation, the concept of power dressing may not be entirely clear, or even completely unfamiliar. Another thing is those whose youth fell in the 80s. At the mention of power dressing, images of thousands of lively girls will surely appear in their memory, who, intending to destroy the stereotype of female destiny, confidently conquered offices around the world.

Tips to make yourself feel powerful and sexy

  • Invest in a good business suit that can be worn separately. If your entire wardrobe base includes items that can be easily combined, you will be able to create dozens of different sets with minimal effort.
  • You can play the excellent earning clerk (Thom Browne), use red as a symbol of power, like in Alexander McQueen, and don't forget that this power can be sexual or slutty outfit (Versace).
  • Don't be afraid to give in to the flow and dress in stripes or plaids. You should choose the cut of things with an eye on the masculine, but that will not prevent you from completing the outfit with a pair of stylish pumps.
  • Such an eternal companion of women's wardrobe, like a pencil skirt, gets a completely new look this year. Designers offer models from different materials: leather, denim, corduroy, and knitwear. Complementing the outfit with a strict loose-fitting jacket, and a crop top and a voluminous bomber or down jacket will help to make the image modern and stylish.
  • Heels. Even a small heel can significantly benefit your image, give you confidence and elevate you above the rest. Don’t be afraid of colors, prints, and different textures that will make your shoes organic, but at the same time quite an independent part of the image.
  • A suit is a formal thing itself, so your task is to deprive it of any officialdom as much as possible in your case, as it can look like sexy clothes. This can be an oversized fit, cropped trousers, or a T-shirt instead of a dress shirt. 
  • More and more strong and successful women are choosing beautiful and sexy, by no means basic, dresses for the most important conferences and speeches. Mini or midi, shirt dresses or straight silhouettes, bright prints, and unusual details - while it seems to you that this is just for a cocktail, these famous women wear them to work with confidence.
  • Sport chic is convenient and luxurious at the same time. For beginners, stylists are often advised to start with one or two sports items in the image: for example, a T-shirt and a sneaker. And yet, such ensembles run the risk of passing for the uniforms of students and trainees - of course, until you add some polish to the image. 

And most importantly, remember: today, when going to work, women should not think whether the length of the skirt is optimal and whether the shoes are too bright. A person's performance is not related to their appearance. Yes, style can be a powerful tool - but you don't have to wear a jacket with shoulder pads for others to believe in you. Only if you like it yourself.

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