Top Features of Sexy Lingerie Sets

Every woman has her secrets to seduction. Sexy underwear is an essential part of those secrets. A man can be submissive and seduced by beautiful design, lace, or light fabrics that emphasize a female body.

Sexy lingerie: a story of reincarnation

Sexy lingerie sets are rooted in the distant past. But not the ancient past, in those days it was not customary to wear underwear at all. 

The real revolution in the world of lingerie took place in the 19th century. 

Pantaloons began to be decorated with ruffles, bows and embroidered with stones. Then people began to wear pantaloons in combination with skirts and shirts, showing them off among themselves. 

The moment when the legendary Coco Chanel presented the world with a short black dress, marked the beginning of the creation of little panties.

What makes sexy lingerie sets different from a regular one

What makes sexy lingerie sets different from a regular one

It's simple - no matter how beautiful and seductive your daily lingerie is, you choose it not only for its design but also for its practicality with convenience. Everyday underwear should be made of breathable material, functional, and match in style and color with the main clothing.

Sexy lingerie is not worn under clothing. It replaces it and serves to seduce and entice a man or woman. It doesn't have to be comfortable, and it should be sexually suggestive and imaginative.


You can take a cue from famous courtesans and wear a lace mini dress with chunky fishnet stockings, or wear super lace lingerie to show off your charms. The main feature of erotic lingerie is the materials. Sheer, lace and smooth fabrics are especially popular. They can be plain or decorated with prints.

The lingerie color will help light the fire - a combination of classic black and red, animal print, purple, and fuchsia are the best choices to make you feel sexy. Heels or high-heeled boots will help complete the erotic look.

Types of sexy lingerie:

Types of sexy lingerie

  1. A bodysuit is an elegant jumpsuit sometimes equipped with a built-in corset or a supportive bra. A bodysuit can be made up of bras and panties, which are connected by openwork jumpers. This erotic lingerie can be worn for casual wear but is great for role-playing games. Garters, corsets and collars are additional elements.
  2. Baby Doll dresses resemble a short slip, decorated with bows, ruffles, and frills. As a rule, they sell sexy panties of the same color and style as the dress.
  3. A corset will help you create the look of a dirty prostitute from a cheap brothel if not paired correctly. It is recommended to combine this item of erotic lingerie with suspenders for stockings, a belt, and garters.
  4. The bustier is not a bra. It is also not a corset that has very few seams or no lacing. It is a combined bodice model with a short top. It supports breasts perfectly, making it ideal for women who wish to emphasize their waist.
  5. A peignoir is a sexy, lightweight, and graceful robe that is worn over underwear. It is made of expensive fabrics - satin, organza, chiffon, velvet, silk. The peignoir can be of different lengths and styles; recently, kimono-style models have become popular.
  6. A Catsuit is a jumpsuit made of underwear mesh. You can buy this erotic outfit in any sex shop. They are decorated with braid, lace, patterns, rhinestones, ribbons, lacing, and other decorative inserts. The catsuit emphasizes the grace of the body and, at the same time, leaves the woman dressed and undressed.
  7. Panties are an essential accessory for daily wear and erotic lingerie. The range of modern panties is very wide, just like the materials of manufacture. Erotic panties are often complemented by a crotch cut to make them look even more chic and sexy.

It's difficult to overestimate how erotic and sensual lingerie can influence intimate life. Sometimes, it even sets the right mood.

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