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Every year, beach fashion presents women with tough choices. Perfect fans of the resorts have to decide which sexy swimwear to buy.

It is unlikely that any of the women will deny that going to the beach and preening, we do it not only for ourselves but also to look attractive and sexy in the eyes of men. You always want your loved one to admire, looking at you and the surrounding guys, to drool at the sight of charming beauty. But, as it turned out, the idea of ​​what kind of swimwear can be called sexy can be radically different for women and men. When choosing a beach outfit, you should be careful not to confuse sexuality with accessibility.

Who is swimsuits one piece suitable for?

Previously, beach clothes were familiar and boring and still relentless in matters of nudity. Now the fashionista herself decides what to wear, how and how openly. Therefore, there is no need to talk about any restrictions, including shaped ones. Women’s sexy swimwear, separate and one-piece, suits everyone. The main thing is to choose a model that suits your figure and appearance.

Within this style of swimsuits one-piece, fashionistas are waiting for such trendy solutions:

  • One shoulder.
  • With large cutouts at the thighs in the style of the 80s.
  • Monokini.
  • Sports.
  • Classic plunge.
  • Tummy slimming bathing suits.
  • With corset lacing.

When choosing a swimsuit for women, focus on accents. High armholes will accentuate slender legs, make them visually even longer. Another such detail will favorably highlight the hips. You will get an appetizing line of curves and, of course, a cool tan after the rest.

You should present beautiful breasts in an intriguing cleavage. The rule of thumb is the smaller the bust, the deeper the neckline can be. If you are a lucky owner of a luxurious size, it is better to bare your back. Pay attention to the straps; they should be wide enough to not cut into the shoulders.

The original cut of the sexy swimwear top will focus on the graceful line of the shoulders. The decorative belt will draw your attention to the chiseled waist. It will emphasize the natural beauty of the silhouette and, plus, will slightly correct it.

Choose women’s sexy swimwear so that you like yourself. But keep in mind that it's important not to overdo it with accents. Better to buy some beach outfits and change your looks.

How to choose separate women’s sexy swimwear?

women’s sexy swimwear

Open women’s bikinis are much more popular due to the wide scope for experimentation. The current models of this year satisfy the most daring needs. Here are the key summer trends:

  • Carelessness. Ties and knots, asymmetrical cut.
  • Retro. Women's swimming trunks with a high waist, a bodice with balconette cups.
  • Sexy. Thongs are the new most popular swimwear for women.
  • Chic. The bodice from the swimsuit, more reminiscent of an elegant blouse with ruffles, flounces, decor, sleeves.

The selection rules are the same. Start from your figure curves. You can emphasize the graceful waistline with a decorative tie. The owners of appetizing thighs will love the seductive Brazilian style sexy swimwear for the beach. Fragile beauties choose the most open beach bikinis. Curvy women of fashion rely on elegant retro styles.

It's always a good idea to experiment with color. The bathing top can be in one shade and the swimming trunks in another in a separate outfit. Do not forget about compatibility with other details of the image.

Which swimsuit to choose for different body types?

There are several types of female figures, like hourglass, rectangle, triangle, and inverted triangle.

  • For an hourglass figure, swimsuits of any kind, closed and open, are ideal. Any model will look great.
  • For the triangle shape type, the halter models of the closed and open types are suitable. 
  • On an inverted triangle, bandeau models and any others with swimming trunks will look greatly.
  • Women of a rectangular figure should give preference to monokini one-piece swimsuits.

Regarding colors, choose those that are right for you and be in harmony with your tan. The print can be absolutely any, but here you should not overdo it. It is better to choose one thing, either a bright print or additional decor, in the form of rhinestones, straps, or stones. Putting it all together can look ridiculous rather than sexy.

Styles of women’s sexy swimwear

sexy swimwear

The favorites among men were and remained classic sexy swimwear, as well as one-piece modest swimwear. So, which model to choose this season, going on a beach vacation?

  • Bikini. Only girls with an ideal figure can afford such a model as a thong bikini. Thongs are not at all a prerequisite to look sexy in the eyes of a man. It turns out that guys are so conservative that they like girls in classic bikini panties even more because there is no awkward situations and the feeling that there is too much on display.
  • One-piece swimsuit is a fashionable classic. Such swimsuits never go out of fashion; this style suits everyone and emphasizes the dignity of any figure. It is not surprising that men like women in one-piece sexy swimwear because they hide the tummy, tighten the hips, and support the chest. Thanks to modern designers who have tried to combine modesty and sensuality in one-piece swimsuits, we have original cutouts, luxurious neckline, and unusual interweaving of ribbons.
  • Monokini is stylish and effective. Perhaps, it is  one of the most successful options for a swimsuit model to attract the attention of a man. Although it seems that more of the body is covered in such a swimsuit, this model looks much sexier than the classic bikinis. Creative monokinis have become a real trend this season and embody femininity and sexuality. Many men note that they like these unusual swimsuits; they are happy to study the extraordinary style, looking at the charms of the female figure on the go.

It turns out that there is no need to be sophisticated and come up with intricate images to please a man. Wear a classic bikini, one-piece swimsuit, or trendy monokini in your favorite color scheme to look sexy and enjoy masculine attention on the beach.

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