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You Are Ready For Teddies Lingerie & Bodysuits!

If you’re hoping to get a man’s heart rate going, you can’t go wrong with a sexy teddy lingerie set or a bodysuit.

Teddies and bodysuits are popular lingerie choices for women, as they’re incredibly sexy, versatile, and will have any man drooling over you.

Keep reading to find out more about teddy lingerie and bodysuits, and how to wear it.

What Is a Teddy Lingerie?

Teddy lingerie refers to teddies that are worn as lingerie. Women have been wearing teddy lingerie for centuries — although it looked a little different to now, as they weren’t intentionally sexy. They were created to be a camisole and underpants in one garment.

Teddies have now developed into a sexier piece of clothing. They can be worn as lingerie, but it’s also common to wear them with casual clothes, as they can really add some spice to an otherwise plain outfit for a date night or a girls’ night out.

Teddies are flattering, figure-hugging, and will make you look sexy as hell. They’re a classic lingerie look, and go-to for many women because of how easy they are to wear and how sexy they make you look.

What Is a Teddy Bodysuit?

A teddy bodysuit is the bodysuit that you will wear as part of a lingerie set.

A regular bodysuit is a one-piece, skin-tight garment that covers the torso and the crotch. As lingerie, a teddy bodysuit may cover less or more than this. Many teddy bodysuits have cut-outs around the breasts, waist, or butt to show some extra skin.

How To Wear Lingerie Bodysuit

Lingerie bodysuits are super easy to wear. They often come with poppers or buttons at the crotch that make them easier to take on and off — simply pull it on over your head and pop in the buttons underneath. If it doesn’t have poppers, put your legs through the leg holes and pull the bodysuit over your torso.

Lingerie bodysuits will also have adjustable bra straps you can tighten up to give your boobs the support they need.

How to Style Lingerie Bodysuit

Many lingerie bodysuits come as an ensemble, with matching pieces to make up a full outfit. Depending on the lingerie bodysuit, it may come with matching thigh-highs, nightgown, garter set, or thong.

However, you can style a lingerie bodysuit with anything you like — you could mix and match and change up the other pieces of the set so you’re not repeating the same outfit, or if you simply want to go for a slightly edgier look.

What To Wear With a Teddy Bodysuit

Teddy bodysuits are a popular choice for women, mostly because they are easy to wear and you can style them in different ways. You can wear almost anything with a teddy bodysuit.

A common partner with a lingerie bodysuit is thigh-high stocking and heels — this will give you a sexy, classic lingerie look. You can also use many other accessories to add some sexiness to your teddy lingerie. You could go with some sexy hosiery, a sheer nightgown, or a garter set.

FAQs - Teddy Lingerie & Bodysuits

What Is the Difference Between a Teddy and a Bodysuit?

Teddies and bodysuits are often intermingled, as they share many of the same qualities. However, there are a couple of differences between the two.

A teddy is usually worn as an undergarment or as lingerie. It is also often a sheer material, like lace or mesh. A teddy will normally cover the torso and crotch, but may cover more or less depending on the style.

A bodysuit covers the same parts of the body — the torso and the crotch, but it is normally a thicker material, and it can be worn as outerwear more easily as it’s not usually as sheer, especially over the breasts.

Where To Buy Sheer Lace Teddy

A sheer lace teddy is a common piece of lingerie and is easy to find, as most lingerie teddies will be lace, mesh, or something similar that shows a hint of what’s underneath. Take a look at our gorgeous range of lingerie teddies to find the perfect sheer lace teddy for you.

Where To Buy Black Lingerie Bodysuit

Black is a common color for lingerie, as it’s easy to style and is usually very flattering. Browse through our full collection of black lingerie bodysuits and you’ll easily find a black lingerie bodysuit that will drive your man crazy.

Where To Buy Lace Teddy Bodysuit

Lace is a popular material for teddy bodysuits. They are sheer enough to show off some skin without showing too much. They leave a little to the imagination that will have men begging to see more. Take a look through our extensive collection of teddy bodysuits to find the perfect lace teddy bodysuit to have men pining over you.

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