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Currently, such a dance direction as strip plastic is gaining more and more popularity. With its help, girls gain self-confidence, beauty, even posture, emancipation, and flexibility. Striptease teaches you to dance beautifully and give pleasure to your soulmate.

Shoes with high heels or platforms are considered classics. The heel height ranges from three to seven inches. The height of the platform is about two. Shoes are made from natural or artificial leather, suede, plastic, or vinyl. Then it is varnished or decorated with rhinestones, thorns, sparkles, and feathers. However, such accessories can cause injury. During the dance, thorns and stones can scratch the skin and distract from the performance.

The main characteristics of models for strip plastic:

  • For beginners. High heels with a platform, if handled improperly, can cause sprains and fractures. Therefore, the first training to avoid injuries is best done without shoes or in gym shoes. Good gym shoes will ensure that you do not slip on the floor and reduce the risk of injury. However, the cost of such shoes is not low, but they will last more than one year. Then you can go to ballet flats. As your technique begins to improve, and you feel more confident on the dance floor, you can start gradually increasing the height of your heel.
  • For professionals. If you have experience in this dance style, you can easily move in professional shoes. The main criteria are comfort and combination with the entire dancer's costume. Sandals have a lower price tag than other professional shoes, but you should approach their choice with great care.

What are the types of strip plastic shoes?

  • Strip dance sandals with high heels and platforms. These sandals are well suited for training and performance. There are quite heavy models, with a long performance in which the leg and buttocks become pumped up. You should choose sandals with sufficiently strong ankle attachments. As you dance, the clasp will gradually lose its elasticity, which can lead to injury. Therefore, before each performance and training, it is imperative to check the fastener. If you are shopping for sandals with no clasps, then go for the ones that have a durable silicone upper. Silicone will provide you with a firm hold on your leg, comfort, and prevent stretching. Another advantage is the price.
  • Transparent heels with platform. It is the most expensive and most unsafe shoes. The price is also not the cheapest. Glitter, flowers, colored liquid, and even LEDs can be placed in the platform. There are many design solutions, and everyone can choose a model that suits their imagination. These shoes are made of durable plastic and gum elastic. Besides, the platform itself can be transparent without a fastener, or vice versa; the fasteners are transparent, but the platform itself is not.
  • High heels platform shoes in bright colors. Shoes of any color are available. And depending on your clothes, you can choose the most suitable option. The classics are flesh-colored shoes, red, black, gold, silver, shoes with a transparent base and a colored top, and gold.
  • High stiletto heel or platform. A stiletto heel is a high, thin heel. This model has several disadvantages. It is unstable, and as the length of the heel increases, the instability only increases. To dance in such a model requires experience and a lot of training. You should firmly secure the leg with clasps.

Typical mistakes that arise when buying heels with platform

heels with platform

Where can I buy heels with the platform?

  • You can order it online from the manufacturer or intermediaries. This option is not for everyone. If you do not have peculiarities in the structure of the foot or toes, such as wide toes, wide feet, narrow feet, high insteps, then this is not for you. The convenience of such a purchase is the opportunity to view many models that you will not find in your city. Low cost compared to the store. The downside is delivery; it can take several months. If you do not urgently need it, then this option will do. The chosen model should be carefully considered, clarified the material, size and read reviews. Then, you should go to the store and try on a similar model to evaluate how it sits on your leg.
  • The next option is to buy heels with a platform store. It is worth using trusted stores that provide a wide selection of models. Be sure to try on the chosen shoes and find out the manufacturer and material. Check if there will be repairs in the event of a broken fastener or the need to change heels.
  • The most expensive method of buying heels with the platform is custom-made. There are several advantages here. The model will be made, taking into account all your physiological characteristics of the foot. You can choose the material and come up with the design of the model. It will take a lot of time and money to create striptease shoes, but you will have a wholly individual and exclusive model.

How to choose shoes for a strip dance?

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the clasp. It must firmly fix the leg; otherwise, your leg may slip out, or you will tuck it during training or performance.
  • The next stage is the choice of heels and platform. The heel and platform should be high, but the excessive length may not work for everyone. If you are short, you can use a long heel and platform. With long legs, graceful sandals with a low platform or shoes are suitable.
  • Selecting heels with platform. If the heels with the platform are high, this puts additional stress on the leg, which will cause discomfort. The low platform is also uncomfortable as the foot will be at a steep angle. The optimum height is one inch.
  • Appearance. Shoes are matched to your outfit. You should definitely have classic models that go with any outfit. If something happens to the heels with the platform before the show, you can replace them. Shoes must be clean and free from scratches. There should be new heels, and there should be no worn-out places. Poor shoe conditions will not only create a wrong impression, but it can also be unsafe.
  • The size. In no case, you shouldn’t take shoes one size larger. Shoes are taken one size smaller or your size. Since it will stretch when worn, shoes dangling on foot will lead to injury and discomfort.
  • Lacquered differs from the rest in grace and sophistication. The varnish will shine beautifully and attract attention. But varnish also has several disadvantages. In hot weather, the coating may crack. Moisture and dampness are bad. Therefore, the storage of shoes will have to be taken very seriously. The dancers change their varnished shoes every four months, as the varnish quickly deteriorates and loses its original appearance.

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