Every woman noticed that you could wear almost any underwear under a voluminous sweatshirt, and the first lingerie styles that come across will not work for more sophisticated images. It seems that if you like the model and it fits the size, then it can’t be bad. The beloved lace bodice shows through from under the tight dress, and seamless black panties show through from under the light skirt. What kind of underwear should be worn under different types of clothing so that it does not attract too much attention.

What should you look for when buying different types of lingerie? For such an essential topic as choosing the right bra and panties, pay attention to the main points:

  • The correct size type of lingerie fits securely to the body, does not squeeze anything, and does not hang. Remember, bras or underpants that are not your size will be uncomfortable under loose items. And under a lace dress, in addition to this, they also risk ruining the image.
  • Some girls choose natural fabrics for lingerie styles: cotton, viscose, silk. Others prefer modern synthetic threads, microfiber, polyamide, spandex, from which seamless products are sewn. And still, others vote for both options at once and wear mixed materials.
  • You can easily find different types of lingerie, which will become both a base and suitable for sports, and in the evening you can also please your beloved with it. But it is better to decide on the purpose of the purchase in advance. For example, it is more correct to walk for training, not in a classic underwired bodice but a sports one since it is designed for active movements. But in real life, you should not use it because it squeezes your chest too much, and if you do not constantly run and jump, then there is no need.
  • Not every girl is ready to hand wash panties every day and bras after 3-4 socks. It is best to examine the labels on the label before purchasing. Then things can be easily machine washed.

Choose a comfortable and beautiful type of lingerie. They protect against irritation and create a great silhouette. And most importantly, they show your attitude towards yourself.

What type of lingerie is there?

Women's underwear wardrobe has about ten bras and 20 panties. They differ among themselves not only in color, material but also in styles.

Bra. Some women think that a bra is already a style because almost everyone has cups, straps, and a belt. There are over 30 types of sconces. Here are the main ones:

  • Classic. Every day with a closed cup.
  • Push up. Visually makes the breasts larger.
  • Balconette. Beveled and open cups.
  • Transformer. With multi-functional shoulder straps and drop belts.
  • Plonge. For deep necklines.
  • Bando. No straps.
  • Minimizer. Designed for curvaceous forms.
  • Silicone. Consists of sticky cups only.
  • Sports. The special cut fixes the bust.
  • Bralette. The wired triangle model has become popular with the light hand of Victoria's Secret.

Panties. There are about the same number of types of women's panties as bras, 25. The most popular:

  • Slips. Basic, cover the buttocks.
  • Hipsters. They resemble slips but with low side slits.
  • Thong. The most minimalistic ones.
  • Bikini. They consist of two triangles and are often found in swimsuits.
  • Tanga. Similar to a bikini, but with a wider side belt.
  • Brazilian. V-neckline flatters the buttocks.
  • Shorts. The sporty cut resembles a rectangle.
  • Panties. Popular model with a fit at the waist.
  • Pagenslip. The style with a high rise and knee-length is used in the production of corrective things.

Basic rules for choosing lingerie styles for clothes


If you want no one around you to see what is not intended for their eyes, follow simple rules.

  • Color. If the dress is light, translucent, or lace, choose either a flesh-colored type of lingerie or the color of the outfit.
  • Texture. Many women adore lace, but you need to be especially careful with it. The fact is that it is too textured and easily printed on fabrics. The result can be the effect of bumpy breasts or cellulite on the buttocks.

If, on the contrary, you want to play on contrasts and flaunt the bra, then it should be beautiful and also in harmony with the image.

  • Under smooth clothes. Wear seamless underwear under tight looks. You can laser process the edges on almost any top and bottom style. It may seem to you that any type of lingerie that is smooth and without decor will suit a tight-fitting dress. However, if the fabric is thin, it will print even a smooth outline. Moreover, you can gather in front of the mirror and not notice it, but the unnecessary edge will immediately appear with good lighting and in motion.

Some fatal beauties refuse panties in the summer so that the hem of different types of lingerie is definitely not printed anywhere. This is unhygienic, and it is better not to do this; it is better to take a closer look at the C-string that does not have a belt.

  • Under white clothes. A black bra has long been a symbol of protest, and bright bras were fashionable to wear under a snow-white shirt. But contrasting lingerie styles, shining through from under a white sundress, it never touched. But the white color is insidious because it prints the contours very well, even on dense denim. Therefore, wear seamless panties or thongs under white pants.

An important point, choose a bra, not in a snow-white color but a skin tone. White on white stands out a lot, especially the cups. The nude bra blends into the skin and remains invisible.

  • Tops and sundresses with thin straps. An urgent question, because combination dresses are trendy now. They are sewn from flowing fabric, with an open back or deep cuts in the underarms or décolleté area. Therefore, even a strapless bandeau can look rough here. Modeling patches, on the other hand, can discreetly lift your breasts two inches. The invisible silicone bust will give them a rounded shape and create a sexy hollow that no other bodice can. The problem of visible nipples will be solved by silicone suckers with an adhesive layer. You can also play with the linen trend in layering and choose a lace light bralette to match the combination; a layer of elegant lace can add interesting detail. But only if the size allows.
  • Transparent things. When translucent dresses appeared in the 1930s, they aroused genuine interest in the public. Today, this fabric is used to create evening looks and summer collections. Office translucent blouses are sewn from it, which are proposed to be combined with a dense T-shirt with thin straps. And also, such inserts are found in sports leggings. If you plan to wear a transparent thing on weekdays, you can wear it with a matching T-shirt, a beautiful bralette, or a stylish top. With all of these options, the type of lingerie must fit perfectly because the thin material is almost not involved in forming the silhouette. Something invisible, seamless bandeau, invisible silicone bra, or a flesh-colored combination will look good. Nipple stickers and support patches are also appropriate. The only question is whether you will feel comfortable.

Open back clothing.

Dresses with a neckline on the back became fashionable in the 1920s and are still relevant today. Unfortunately, only universal lingerie styles do not exist for them because cutouts differ in depth and shape.

  • Deep back cut. Many girls are afraid to buy such outfits because they will have to choose between a flawless back and a beautiful bust shape. An invisible bodice with a reusable adhesive layer will give the bust a beautiful shape. Forming patches will lift it and ensure it fits properly. They usually work in tandem with nipple-concealing stickers.
  • Shallow back cutout. The transforming bra can adapt to almost 20 different outfits. The set includes two types of straps, fabric and transparent, a silicone back and a strap that lowers the belt-buckle. You can take the straps around the neck or on one shoulder, fastened criss-cross on the back or front.
  • Without strapless. The ideal option would be the type of lingerie bando. It resembles an ordinary bra, only without straps, and therefore busty beauties can safely wear it. On the inside, there are silicone strips, which are responsible for flawless adhesion to the skin. Some bandos are also designed for an elegant neckline.

Lingerie should never become a blocking factor when buying a sheer dress or a sundress with a neckline. There are different types of lingerie so that you can choose your version of underwear for each outfit. This is exactly what the stars use, appearing on the paths in dresses of varying degrees of openness.

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