How to choose the right bra without trying it on

Beautiful breasts are an undeniable dignity of the female figure. A well-chosen bra is the most optimal way to emphasize the dignity of the breast and correct all kinds of shortcomings. In addition, the wrong bra can damage the breasts. For example, a tight bra provokes blood stagnation in the milk ducts, which makes lymph glands and breast tissue suffer.

So, are you happy with the bras that you have in your wardrobe? The answer to this question is quite simple if the underwear squeezes, slips, and in general, is uncomfortable, this means that it is definitely not for you. The key to a successful purchase of a bodice is an accurate knowledge of your parameters and considering specific nuances that will help you choose the right item of underwear, even without trying it on.

Every woman has her favorite and least favorite bra. And it's not always, and often not at all, how beautiful it is. After all, even the most spectacular and expensive cage bra can be inconvenient. This does not mean that the manufacturer is bad, just this model is not yours, or there was a mistake with the size. It’s hard to believe, but many girls wear bras that are not suitable for their parameters without knowing it. Let's figure out how to choose the perfect cage bra without trying it on.

Choosing a bra by breast shape

When choosing a bra, many modern experts suggest that girls rely on the appearance of their breasts. This is an effective method, the only difficulty of which will be precisely the determination of the shape of the bust.

  • Round chest. Often, such a bust is quite voluminous, providing its owners with the attention of others and the difficulties associated with choosing a bra. The optimal solution is a bodice with a closed cup underwire and wide shoulder straps.
  • Asymmetrical bust. This problem is a quite natural asymmetry inherent in the body of any person. However, the difference can be both almost imperceptible and quite problematic. In both situations, this problem is easily solved without surgery. You should choose a bra for a larger breast since it will not look the best when squeezed into a smaller cup. If the difference in volumes is significant, you need to choose bras with a push-up effect achieved by removable liners (by removing the liner from one cup, you can correct the shape of both cups).
  • Chest set wide. The distance between the breasts plays a significant role in the choice of cage bras; aesthetics and comfort largely depend on this. The perfect cage bra at the front closure. This model is designed so that by bringing the breasts closer to the center, a beautiful hollow is formed. The chest in such underwear will not part to the sides but will be gently fixed in the anatomically correct position.
  • The breasts are looking in different directions. The difficulty in choosing a bra is that rigid products (especially push-ups) for such breasts are very inconvenient since the nipples are not located in the lingerie designers’ place. The best option is a bodice with a front closure and a soft cup or cage bra.
  • Teardrop bust. This form is characterized by volume at the bottom and its disadvantage at the top. In this case, a bra with reinforced fixation is optimal. Wires are also required, and if the chest is impressive in size, wide straps and a belt are needed. Also, in teardrop-shaped breasts, the bodice must lift it; therefore, balconette or oblique cut models are preferable.

The choice of bra in all cases should be based on the back view as well. A good bodice does not wrap or bulge but takes a position parallel to the floor. The wide strap on the back of the cage bra is several times better than the narrow one, as it effectively resists the shift of the bodice base towards the top.

Choosing a cage bra by size

Choosing a cage bra by size

You need to know the size and completeness of the cups to choose the right bra size. For correct measurement, it is essential to carry out manipulations with the hands down, and the centimeter must be unweakened and parallel to the ground. Also, it is essential to take measurements on exhalation.

The most common designations for bras are European, from numbers and letters (the number is the definition of the volume of the circumference under the breast, and the letter is the fullness of the cup).

  • First of all, you should measure the volume under the breast and then the breast itself, along with the protruding points, while not tightening the centimeter to obtain the correct measurements. This method is used for non-stretch bodice models. In the manufacture of modern linen, elastic polyurethane threads are used. Therefore, the result obtained may change downward.

However, knowing bra size is not enough to choose the right one. There are certain selection criteria for both large and small breasts.

  • For owners of large breasts, doctors strongly advise taking the choice of a cage bra seriously, which will emphasize the beauty of the shapes and help relieve the load from the back. A variety of modern models will allow you to combine business with pleasure. In a bra for large breasts, so-called wires (an effective frame for supporting the breast) and wide straps (relieving stress from the back) should be provided. The material of manufacture is elastic, with the addition of lace.
  • Bras for small breasts have their subtleties of choice. On such a breast, cage bras with soft cups, without pits, with an inconspicuous foam lining, look very good. Details such as lace and drapery, as well as push-up models, will help to enlarge the breasts visually.

A properly selected bra helps prevent many health problems and emphasizes a woman's natural beauty, allowing her to enjoy an active life fully. In addition, beautiful and comfortable underwear gives every woman more self-confidence than expensive cosmetics, clothing, and jewelry.

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