Why are women sexy in stockings?

Stockings are an essential part of a sexy wardrobe. Each of the girls will definitely have at least one pair of black sexy stockings. Initially, this garment was worn exclusively by men, but at some point, the stockings passed to women and began to cause ardent delight in both sexes. Why do women's stockings add sexuality and self-confidence, and also make the heart beat faster?

Previously, stockings could only be found on men. So they used them as foot cloths to avoid boots rubbing. In the 14th century, women were also allowed to wear stockings. At first, they were short and held by garters on the knee. After some time, they became longer and began to be decorated with lace and precious stones. 

During the reign of Jeanne-Antoinette Poisson, best known as the Marquis de Pompadour, lace stockings for women came into fashion. Most likely, the sexuality of stockings began in the days when this piece of clothing was mostly hidden from view under the fluffy skirts of medieval fashion. The length of the dresses hid women's legs for several centuries. The situation changed only after the First World War.

The skirts became shorter, and, accordingly, the whole world saw women's stockings. Since then, this wardrobe item has become a kind of fetish. Sexy women’s stockings were made from silk, fildekos, cotton, and viscose. They were of various colors and styles, hand-made and machine-made, plain, with embroidery or ornamentation. The beauty of nylon stockings was that they were transparent, durable, and cheap.

Women's stockings were kept on the leg thanks to ribbon garters or a special belt, to which they were attached with laces or elastic bands with fasteners. Then, in the 1960s, short skirts came into fashion, so the first tights were invented.

Why are women's stockings considered sexy?

Over time, sexy women stockings have become an everyday wardrobe item and a kind of symbol of sexuality. Even though they are not as practical to wear as tights, women from all over the world continue to buy stockings anyway. It is worth noting that this garment has also become a common object of sexual fetishism.

Stockings have quite a few limitations.

  • You can't wear them under tight pants.
  • They suggest wearing dresses or skirts, but even then of a certain length so that the woman does not look too vulgar.
  • The lace set is crucial here by itself. You are unlikely to wear cotton underwear under the stockings. And in such underwear, a woman begins to feel completely different.

It is worth noting that if a girl wears a black sexy stocking at least once, she will most likely wear them again.

Wearing stockings makes a pretty strong impression not only on a woman but also on her partner. For the sake of this change of self-awareness, ladies are ready to change the practicality of jeans and trousers for the inconvenience of skirts and dresses. Even the most elaborate lace tights are not able to withstand the level of sexuality of ordinary stockings.

Psychologists believe that women's stockings reveal the romance of nature because wearing stockings mentally brings the fair sex back to the era of tight corsets and fluffy dresses. These feelings influence the behavior of a woman in society, so a girl feels sexy in stockings. Indeed, in a skirt or dress, she even begins to move differently.

In addition, the more restrictions there are in clothes, the more often women want to wear stockings. For example, this applies to areas of activity in which women have to wear formal business suits. In this case, stockings make the image mysterious and attractive. After all, none of those present knows a strip of naked skin under the skirt. It's this quiet rebellion against public morality that makes stockings so special.

Black sexy stocking also defines the rules of the sexual game. Thanks to them, a woman feels both clothed and undressed at the same time. In addition, this item of clothing contributes to bilateral arousal; the man is aroused because he sees stockings or knows about their presence, and the woman because she wears them. Thanks to the stockings, the genital area remains open, which symbolically suggests a woman's readiness for sex here and now.

Stockings as an attribute of sexuality

Stockings as an attribute of sexuality

The erotic function of clothing is always manifested. Sexy women stockings, unlike pantyhose, create this game. Sheer stockings, like sheer clothing in general, are especially erotic. Nothing outlines the legs so succinctly and at the same time defiantly as sexy women stockings. Therefore, as an element of seduction, this is an almost win-win option for a woman to feel both clothed and undressed at the same time.

Each sex has its characteristics of sensory perception. Black sexy stocking works amazingly on these features, creating mutual excitement. It is known that men love with their eyes; that is, visual stimuli primarily guide them to a lace garter of stockings and a strip of naked skin. Women, on the other hand, are especially sensitive to tactile sensations. Sexy women’s stockings are constantly reminded of their presence on the body, generating slight arousal. black stocking works amazingly on these features, creating mutual excitement.

An indispensable attribute of sex scenes and erotic photos, stockings have found their application in real life. They spice up the sex play.

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