How to choose underwear booty shorts

Booty shorts panties are forever young, youthful, and cheerful, but at the same time not due to excessive exposure, which is a rarity in modern fashion. Not everyone will decide to buy such panties instead of classic slip ones, but they can really look advantageous.

Such underwear booty shorts are as close as possible to men's and completely lacy, delicate, and airy, which only enhances the contrast with a sporty style.

Who are the panties-shorts for? If you have a slender figure, they will definitely suit you. Shorts look great on slender hips; if they have a low waistline, they will not look out from under the same low jeans; generally, there are many advantages.

What if you are not completely satisfied with yourself? You need to choose underwear booty shorts so that the belly does not hang over them. Then they will conceal not the ideality of the figure, not a pretty flat tummy, emphasize the beautiful hips, but not excessively.

In general, this is a very comfortable style that can be advantageously presented on almost any figure if you choose the size, in contrast to, for example, thongs, which still require a fit figure. Choose booty shorts panties if you are a fan of retro, young at heart, and want to feel it all day long. Well, from the point of view of health, shorts are much more useful than thongs.

Basic rules for the selection of linen

You will feel comfortable all day long if you follow some recommendations when buying women's panties:

  • Buy only your size lingerie
  • Everyday models should be made from breathable fabrics
  • Panties should fit your figure, adjust it and highlight your dignity.

Determine your size. Often, women may buy smaller underwear booty shorts, but as a result, it begins to press, cause discomfort, and incorrectly sit on the figure. Tight panties are generally unhealthy as they interfere with blood circulation.

In addition to accurate sizing, it is highly advisable to try on underwear booty shorts before buying; different fabrics and styles fit the figure in different ways. Naturally, you cannot put on underwear in the store on a naked body. When trying on, keep in mind that you already have some panties on.

Preferred materials for underwear. The most comfortable and hygienic option is cotton fabric. It absorbs moisture with high quality, is breathable, and is considered hypoallergenic. Panties made of it perfectly retain their shape even after multiple washes. The addition of elastane to the material increases the strength of the fabric, prevents it from stretching and shrinking. At the moment, polyester has gained popularity, which is characterized by high wear resistance, resistance to fading, absence of shrinkage, and ability to crease. Polyester linen must have a cotton insert. Choosing a panties model does not get too carried away with lace trim; it can sometimes chafe or irritate the skin. It is also necessary to be careful with bright colors; their dyes can be generally unsafe for health and cause allergic reactions.

Selection of panties by body type. If you cannot boast of long legs, you should buy Brazilian panties, light and airy inserts on the sides, boxers. But closed underwear booty shorts are contraindicated in this case.

A big tummy can be hidden by panties with a corset or high models that rise to a bra. The shapes can also be corrected using tightening tights.

The correct selection of panties will allow you to feel much more confident and look much more spectacular. Competently purchased underwear will allow you to wear almost any clothes and, of course, always be in a good mood.

How to choose women’s booty shorts panties?

How to choose women’s booty shorts panties

You should not buy yourself exclusively aesthetically attractive models of underwear booty shorts without considering more serious selection parameters. Beautiful ones are not always comfortable. These two concepts can be equal only if you buy lingerie in a good store and know the basic rules for choosing.

The correct choice will be visible after the first wear. To avoid disappointment the same day you put on your new panties, you need to pay attention to:

  • the material from which they are sewn
  • product model
  • location of internal seams
  • own build
  • the size that is indicated on the tag
  • quality of tailoring.

If you have the necessary information regarding all of the above parameters, it is almost impossible to make a mistake with the choice of underwear booty shorts.

Small or, conversely, large items cause a lot of discomfort and can make the day unbearable. They slip in larger sizes, rub, and do not fulfill their main protective function, which is very unhygienic.

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