What are boob tassels?

Many women love the feeling of freedom that comes with not wearing a bra - it's a free, personal, and informed choice. However, the visible shape of the nipple under the tissue can cause discomfort, not to mention rubbing against a particularly sensitive area; to overcome these problems, many women choose to buy nipple tassels. For this reason, there are various types of nipple protectors and boob tassels on the market today.

The word pestis, for many, may seem mysterious, and one can only guess what is hidden under this word. In the world of fashion and accessories, pestis means nipple stickers and nipple tassels. These modern breast accessories have come into fashion for a relatively long time, and many women have fallen in love with them. Back in the 1920s, during the popularity of cabaret clubs, they were used as a fine line between striptease and beautiful erotic art. Nipple tassels for women adorned their breasts were very popular among men.

Over time, pestis found applications in everyday life; it began to be used as a small addition to an erotic image, as protection from the sun, for an even tan on the beach and in solariums. The small silicone nipple covers are easy to attach to and shape from the breast. They are reusable, non-allergenic, and odorless. Under revealing and fine clothes, under a dress with a deep neckline or a transparent blouse, when you can't wear a regular bra, pestis look just great. This accessory will be especially useful for women who, for various reasons, do not like to wear a bra, for example, with high sensitivity of the nipples when excessive touches of the fabric cause certain discomfort.

What are boob tassels and pestis for?

Nipple covers, also known as boob tassels, are used to hide the shape and color of the nipples, giving the breasts a smooth and even line across the clothing.

Nipple covers can be very useful when you want to wear a dress with a deep V-neck both in the front and in the back, not to show annoying bra straps and have a super elegant look.

Many women also use nipple protectors under their swimwear, whether it's just sunbathing or swimming. The nipple cover can also be turned into a sexy or fashion accessory that can be worn in a showy and defiant manner under a sheer shirt, as many stars do in summer.

What are the types of pestis

There are endless types of nipple protectors, but it's essential, especially if you're new to using them, to know the basic ones. The most common are sticky silicone nipple stickers that do not require tape or glue.

Silicone is a material suitable for even the most sensitive skin, and once removed, it can be washed and dried so that it can be reused up to 25 times. The peculiarity is that they are completely invisible due to their neutral color. The nipple covers are often flower or circle-shaped but are also X-shaped. They are usually disposable and ideal for preventing irritation from contact with clothing; however, they are very thin and only slightly cover the shape of the nipple. Another problem concerns nipple tassels with sequins, which are combined with lace and sexy lingerie. These are highly intricate and embroidered reusable nipple pads.

When and where to wear pestis?

 When and where to wear pestis

  • to the beach for an even tan
  • to the solarium
  • under translucent light clothing
  • dresses, blouses
  • nipple tassels as an erotic piquant addition

Boob tassels for the beach. How pleasant it is to soak up the beach, under the rays of the gentle sun, carefree and relaxed to enjoy every moment, get an even tan. Women's nipples are especially sensitive to the sun, so they must be covered. Owners of a beautiful body stand out on the beach against the background of everyone else and often catch envious or simply admiring glances. It is pleasant for women to look at beautiful and pumped-up male torsos, and men are always happy to watch some kind of beauty on the beach. But not only a beautiful and pumped-up body can distinguish you from the crowd of vacationers. Even with a normal physique, you can become an object of close attention in many men.

For lovers of sunbathing, boob tassels are not only a means of protection and a tool for even tanning, but a great way to stand out from the rest, showing your individuality. A similar decoration for the chest and means of protection from the scorching sun is eliminated in various shapes and colors. Pestis is produced in the form of flowers, hearts, crosses, circles, can be of different colors, with patterns and designs.

Boob tassels for solarium. A pestis for a tanning bed is called a stikini. These are small circles in the form of foil or metal-sprayed stickers that reflect and protect the breast areola from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Solarium sticks are no longer an element of decoration but an indispensable tool to protect nipples from harmful diseases and exposure to UV rays. Therefore, doctors recommend using stikini when tanning in a solarium. They are placed on a sticker and, as a rule, come complete with special small stickers for moles. Stickers can also be used on the beach; unlike pestis, they are disposable.

Nipple tassels as an erotic accessory. Many women prefer beautiful erotic lingerie to diversify family life or make an unforgettable gift to their beloved. Such frank and bold outfits are liked by absolutely all men, especially erotic sets with open breasts. In love games and experiences, nipple tassels are also irreplaceable and play a very significant role. Covering a woman's breasts, complimenting her beauty, they kindle a man's passion and desire. For a private dance, a striptease for a loved one, nipple tassels with rhinestones, hearts, roses, fluff, and tassels are used. As a small and very original addition to intimate nipple tassels, it is simply irreplaceable, and at a democratic price, a large assortment makes it affordable for every woman.
Boob tassels

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