How to wear a sexy short skirt

Undoubtedly, the mini sexy skirt is one of the weapons for attracting and capturing men's attention. It's hard to imagine a modern girl's wardrobe without a mini-skirt. And this is even though recently, sexy short skirts were considered the height of indecency and vulgarity.

However, even today, there are countries with conservative thinking in which miniskirts are considered an unacceptable piece of women's attire. And that's all, because a minimum of material is used for the cut of such skirts, and they cover only the most intimate parts of the female body and nothing more. Despite the wide variety of offerings, the choice of a suitable mini-skirt must be especially careful as the things with which it is worn and the place where it is worn.

Many girls dream of looking not only attractive but also sexy. But even the sexiest outfit needs to be worn correctly and combined with other things to achieve the desired result. And it’s hard to find a better assistant than a lingerie skirt.

The mini sexy skirt is an excellent choice for the warm season. It is not hot in it; it seductively opens its legs and is combined with almost any top type. Of course, after many years of fashion for floor-length dresses and midi skirts, it's difficult for you to immediately switch to the fact that mini length is in trend again. However, it's worth getting used to diversify your wardrobe with playful dresses and pretty short skirts.

The mini sexy skirt can be combined with almost any accessory, shoes, and top, and there are no special requirements for the place where they can and cannot be worn and at the same time look sexy. Despite this, first of all, one should remember about one's style and authority in the eyes of others, whether such an outfit does not sicken the inner world, feeling. After all, such a thing can negatively affect the authority.

It is not recommended to combine bright, sexy lingerie skirt with similar T-shirts and tops; you should give preference to a nude top. And vice versa, if the skirt is calm, without any patterns, draperies, etc., it is better to choose a catchy and bright top and accessories. But at the same time, of course, you should remember color combinations and select all the image components according to them.

Proportions, colors, and materials for the mini sexy skirt

Although the Pantone Color Institute announced 2021 as bright yellow and medium gray at the beginning of the year, the number of trending shades has increased exponentially by spring. Bright colors and bold hue combinations are popular now. For example, a purple miniskirt with a mint shirt or apricot T-shirt looks good. Skirts of turquoise, sky blue, emerald, coral, and fuchsia colors are also in fashion. And you can also choose a short skirt made of eco-leather of yellow, orange, or mustard shades; these sunny colors make the unusual material even brighter. Among the exciting materials of the skirts are eco suede, coarse linen, patent leather, and chunky knitwear.

The importance of proportions. The mini sexy skirt is a rather tricky piece of clothing with an unsuccessfully chosen top; you can shift the proportions and worsen the visual perception of the figure. For example, if you are short and choose a short skirt, it is better to stick with a high-waisted model and tuck the top into it. Otherwise, the waist will visually shift lower, and the legs will appear shortly. Also, if you buy a sexy skirt, narrowed to the bottom and sitting on the hips, you can make the figure square, especially if you have sporty calves. It is better to choose a trapeze skirt, short pleated skirt, mini skirt for a doll, or a flared skirt.

Fashionable combinations of sexy skirt and top

Fashionable combinations of sexy skirt and top

What to wear a mini sexy skirt with to stay on the crest of a fashionable wave? Successful mini-skirt looks include short tops with wide spaghetti straps, crop tops with puffy sleeves, dropped shoulders, and white T-shirts with a large print (they look especially advantageous when tucked into denim miniskirts).

Mini dresses deserve special attention; they are a real hit of the summer style. Unlike a mini-skirt, with a short dress, you don't have to bother with selecting the top; it is enough to choose accessories and shoes. In the 2021 season, take a look at trapeze dresses, mini dresses with combinations of silk or soft, short oversized T-shirts (short length and oversize are also perfectly combined).
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