Women's thongs: When to wear them

Properly selected clothing is the key to success. It involves a combination of an attractive appearance and comfort, which helps a lot in everyday life, whether it is about performing life's duties or spending free time. In addition, underwear is significant for women for whom it is crucial to feeling good and confident regardless of the situation.

Currently, it is possible to purchase one of the many varieties of panties, briefs, or thongs. Especially in this last category of underwear, there is something to fight for because little thongs are constantly growing in popularity among women. When it comes to women's thongs, some time ago, this type of underwear aroused many controversies. Rather unusual ladies wore them and loved them, and in stores, they were challenging to find. Currently, we can find them in many designs and colors, as well as in all lingerie stores. The countless advantages of thongs make them a more and more frequent choice among adolescents and women over 20 and among middle-aged women who care more and more about their bodies and are not afraid to show their charms in intimate situations and also for everyday wear.

Is it worth wearing a thong?

Thongs are sexier than panties. They were created in the 1970s in Brazil. Firmly cut on the bottom, often made of straps and a triangle covering the intimate places, little thongs are considered erotic lingerie, and they beautifully emphasize the female figure.

Thongs have many advantages. Women value them for their extraordinary comfort, unique appearance, and increasing self-esteem. Despite several disadvantages, it is worth wearing them in certain situations for some reasons. 

  • The specific structure of such panties makes them perfect as underwear for special occasions, worn not every day, but when you need to ensure an appropriate comfort level or enrich your erotic sensations.
  • Thongs are a perfect sexy complement to a woman's wardrobe. Thanks to the advanced technology of their production, thongs perfectly fit the figure of slim women and those who have a few extra pounds. Due to plastics in their production, thongs are very stretchy, making them perfect for almost every female figure.
  • Thongs are recommended for hot days. The undersized material and the stripes surrounding only the hips make the thong feel airier.
  • Thongs are also chosen on the beach as the bottom of a swimsuit. Thanks to wearing thongs, you can tan your bottom nicely.

They have the advantage over briefs or other types of panties as they are much less visible. It is especially valid for light-colored trousers or dresses that are see-through. Thus, while wearing little thongs, we do not have to worry that the underwear will be excessively visible, which does not look good.

There are so many designs and colors on the market and models and various finishes that every woman has a chance to choose a model that will be perfect for her and will make her feel comfortable and very feminine.

Thongs and self-confidence

Thongs and self-confidence

Many women who wear thongs find them to increase self-confidence as much as an attractive hairstyle or makeup. That is because thongs have been considered popular, sexy underwear for many years among models and women who pursue careers as a businesswoman. In addition, the awareness that it is exclusive lingerie makes wearing it increase women's self-esteem and increases the ability to cope with stressful situations.

Thongs are, above all, very comfortable underwear. The small amount of material used in their production means that women who wear them practically do not feel that they are wearing underwear; this ensures more significant natural movement and freedom.

The great advantage of thongs is that they perfectly emphasize feminine shapes. Little thongs gently cover the intimate parts of the body, arousing the interest of men. After putting them on, you can be sure that they will be staring at the female body like in a picture. Thongs are worn in the bedroom, enriching erotic life and are, in combination with a lace bra or an airy nightdress, a perfect way to start foreplay. Thongs can surprise men with several different materials, an exciting shape, colors, and interesting accessories. Therefore, every woman who wants to win a man or rekindle desire in a relationship should have at least one pair of thongs in her drawer.

What thongs are safe?

The most important thing is to choose the right size of thongs because those that are too small will be too tight, and those that are too large will be too visible. It is also a guarantee of comfort because such underwear is very light and provides comfort and convenience to the wearer, which is valuable. You should choose thongs to feel great and look fabulous, feminine, and sexy. So when is it better not to wear them?

  • Doctors say you should avoid wearing thongs while exercising. Our body sweats more intensely then, so the bacteria spread more quickly. Rectal bacteria are the most dangerous, entering the genital tract and causing severe and troublesome infections.
  • It would help if you also avoided thongs when you are sick because the immune system is weakened and cannot fight the bacteria that it would usually deal with without any problems.
  • Gynecologists also do not recommend wearing thongs during menstruation, especially those ladies who have problems with recurring infections. During a period, the pH in the vagina increases, so bacteria multiply faster, causing health problems.

When choosing underwear, pay attention primarily to the material. The best thongs are, of course, made of a material that allows the skin to breathe, for example, one made of thin, natural cotton, which will enable the proper functioning of the skin. In contrast, wear lace and silk little thongs only on special occasions.

If you've never dealt with this type of underwear before, it is worth finding out how to choose thongs to look good and make you feel comfortable.

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