How to choose the right push-up bras

A push-up bra is the best friend of many women. It visually enlarges the breasts, lifts them, and rounds them in a sexy way. No wonder the ladies like them so much. As with all bras - it should be chosen well to fulfill its functions.

The sexy push-up bra is stiffened with special inserts made of foam, sponge, or silicone gel. The inserts are placed in a small pocket on the cups. In addition, push-up bras have underwires that support the bust. So not to be disappointed with the result, there are many nuances to consider when choosing lingerie with a push-up effect:

  • For everyday wear, choose products made of natural fabrics. If you are looking for a bra for special occasions - you can buy any underwear, not paying attention to the material it is made from.
  • Do you want to be able to adjust the breast volume? Choose models with front snap fasteners that allow you to move the bra cups in or out.
  • To give the breasts a particularly expressive volume, look for a model with four inserts (the usual options provide for only two).
  • If you want to choose a push-up bra for an open dress, select a model with a silicone back - it will be visible much less than the usual one.

Well-shaped bras collect the breasts from the sides and ideally push them up.

How to fit a push-up bra?

Choosing this type of lingerie can be very problematic. A prerequisite for doing its job well is to select it, just like any bra, in the correct size. We have some tips when buying a push-up bra:

  • Choose the exact size you wear every day. Don't be tempted to choose a smaller size to enhance the magnification effect. The result will be counterproductive. The breasts will be deformed - and the bra, instead of enlarging them, will flatten them.
  • The circumference of the bra must be adjusted so that it fits tightly to the body. Under no circumstances should it pull itself upwards. The rim, not the shoulder straps, is responsible for the proper support of the bust in sexy push-up bras.
  • The straps must not cut into the body, and you should not shorten them too much to emphasize the effect of highlighting the bust. As a result of shortening, the back of the bra will be unsightly to the shoulder blades, which is not the best for your breasts.
  • Ensure that the circuit is tight to the body - but it must not cause pain, pressure, leaving marks on the body, and obstruct breathing.
  • The underwires in the cup must not stick in the breasts at the height of the armpits, and they should freely surround it and end a bit behind the breast, not in its part.
  • The type, shape, and size of the inserts are very different. So it will be good to consider when choosing lingerie with a push-up, whether it is intended for everyday wear or, for example, only for special occasions. Small gel or sponge pads are shaped and positioned so that they do not crush the breasts and may be worn frequently. On the other hand, bras with massive inserts are recommended for wear only occasionally.

The technique of putting on a push-up bra is also essential. Before fastening the hooks, you should gather the breasts with your hand so that the entire breast is in the cup. Thanks to this, the bust will fit well in the bra, and the underwires will not dig into the body.

How do you know when a push-up bra is a good fit?

How do you know when a push-up bra is a good fit

An adequately fitted push-up bra should, like other bras, support the bust well, so the general rules for choosing it are the same as for other cuts. The bra circumference should be fitted tightly to the body and not rising upwards, neither at the back nor at the front.

However, it should not be too tight - in a bra, we should be able to breathe freely. The underwires should cover the entire breast, adjacent to the body on the breastbone, and from the side of the armpits - end behind the breast, not on it, the arch of the underwire lies just under the breasts. The cups do not stick out but also do not cut into the breast. The straps are adjusted to the appropriate length - slightly tightened so that the bust is lifted, supported, and the magnifying inserts fulfill their task. They should not fall off the shoulders, but they also cannot thrust. The breasts in well-chosen sexy push-up bras are gathered and lifted, and the bust line is smooth.

You can immediately see when a woman is wearing a  well-chosen bra. There is no pain on her face because her bra is too small, and she will not experience the shame of unbuttoning her bra all the time. She is not nervous because the bra is sliding off her bust. The woman feels more attractive, her shirts fit better, and she does not care anymore because wearing a bra has become comfortable. Choosing a bra is never too easy, but a woman feels like the proverbial million dollars when she does it properly. So this is probably the best answer on how to choose a push-up bra. And you cannot say push-ups are a bad thing. On the contrary, it is a good thing despite what people say- it is an excellent thing. So it is worth at least testing it, and then you might like it very much.

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