How to wear sexy garter lingerie?

One of the seductive and, at the same time, practical accessories belonging to lingerie is lingerie with garter belts. Every girl should know how to wear such a product because garter sets can enhance the sexuality of the image and be functional support for stockings that are worn every day in the office or to study.

If you know how to choose a belt for stockings by body type, you can always select the optimal model of the product for a romantic date or other occasions. Correctly chosen spicy lingerie garter set will definitely emphasize all the charms of your shapes, your sense of style, and femininity. It will also guarantee reliable support of any kind of stockings throughout the day.

You will need a beautiful garter belt to avoid the treacherous dropping and rolling of stockings with a silicone top or lace edging. 

How is the product attached? Usually, the fixing devices are pretty simple; they are made of light metal or durable plastic fasteners with a rubber lining. The length of the garter straps on which the clips are attached can be adjusted in the same way as the straps on bras to increase comfort.

How to wear garter sets?

How to wear garter sets

How to put on garter sets? This process is very simple and includes the following stages:

  • The belt is put on the waist, gently straightened. The accessory should fit snugly.
  • Stockings are put on.
  • The garters are straightened and attached to the stockings by the top hem. In this case, the border (lace or regular) should reach the top of the thigh.
  • With the help of adjusters on the garters, the optimal tension is set.

Then you should make sure that both stockings are stretched on both legs at the same level and that the garters are secured firmly and symmetrically. Please note that strong tension can provoke a feeling of discomfort and damage to the integrity of the stockings.

If the straps are not tight enough, they will sag, and the stockings will fall off. Therefore, your task is to adjust the length of the garters on both sides so that they do not press and do not fall off at the same time. When adjusting the rear straps, you can lean forward slightly or place your foot on a raised or bent knee.

How to fasten garter sets? Knowing how to put on lingerie with garter belts correctly, you should clarify how to fasten the accessory. Usually, fasteners differ in material and can be plastic or metal. So how do you fasten the garter belt, namely the clips at the end of the garters? For this, you will need:

  • unfasten the clip.
  • place the rubber part of the fastener with an O-ring under the wrong top of the stocking.
  • on the convex part of the clip that has protruded through the fabric, put on the metal part of the fastener.
  • gently pull the buttoned clip up to fix it in the narrow part.

Note that the clips should be attached perpendicular to the top edge of the stocking. Make sure not to twist the elastic on the belt. If the stockings fall off a little in the process of wearing (throughout the day), this is normal. Just choose the time and pull them up to the required height.

How to attach a lingerie garter set? Having decided how to put on the suspender belt and how to fix it, you can count on the most comfortable wearing of the product, as well as on the reliability of fixing the stockings on your legs. Remember that the fastened belt should not squeeze your waist or hips. Also, the accessory must be correctly put on with the front side. Equally important is the straightening of the garters, the symmetry of their attachment to the upper edge of the stockings.

After the product is secured, move around to make sure that you feel comfortable. Check how well the strap clips hold.

How to choose the right garter set?

You first need to select and buy such an accessory to be able to use garter sets comfortably. Modern manufacturers offer many options in different shapes and sizes, made from leather or vinyl, lace or guipure, nylon and mesh, satin, as well as from high-quality combined fabrics. At the same time, you can decorate belts with ribbons and bows, ruffles, ornaments in the form of beads, embroidery, and more.

Before buying sexy garter lingerie, experts recommend considering the following features:

  • lingerie with garter belts should fit the figure, not squeeze, not cause unpleasant sensations, not slip.
  • for everyday use, it is better to choose a model with a lot of garters. Note 4 garters have belts from European manufacturers, six garters belts from American brands, and as many as eight garters have British-made garters.
  • metal clips are slightly more expensive, but they are more reliable and more durable than plastic fasteners.
  • a wide belt with a high waist is more comfortable to wear.
  • select the style and colors according to the style of the underwear and the stockings themselves. You should perfectly combine the chosen belt with the material, color, density of nylon stockings, bra, and panties.

What else to look for when choosing garter sets? Stylists point out that this delicate and practical accessory can help visual body shape by correctly placing accents. Therefore, consider these tips:

  • you can hide imperfect sides and tummy using a wide-cut belt with a medium or high rise.
  • to make the figure slimmer, visually lengthen the waist and give it relief, a narrow belt for high-rise stockings is the best option. This style is ideal for girls of short stature.
  • slender women with narrow hips are better off buying wide belts at a low waist.

Why do you need sexy garter lingerie?

Why do you need sexy garter lingerie

It may seem to some that garter sets are an outdated accessory. However, it is not. Every true woman knows how easy it is to be transformed by wearing this fantastic thing. In pursuit of comfort, today's women's clothing has lost the special charm that characterized the popular outfits of the past.

Classic stockings do not need holders in nylon stockings, special elastic bands are provided, and most women have replaced these clothes with more comfortable tights. However, only the lingerie garter set can bring extraordinary sexuality and femininity to the image. This is the perfect accessory for a romantic date. The owner of these accessories will feel more confident and attractive when putting them on for any meeting with the opposite sex.

There are several options for wearing lingerie with garter belts. Depending on the chosen model, you can wear it on the hips or at the waist. In the latter case, the belt will be more securely fixed and will not slip.

There are many nuances in choosing and wearing garter sets. Here are some guidelines you might find helpful:

  • silk stockings, which are practical and pleasant to the body, will be ideally combined with the belt.
  • it is advisable to choose underwear in color with a belt or at least in one color scheme.
  • wearing stockings is advised with petite tanga panties, slips, or thongs.
  • if the belt is bought to be worn every day, then it is better to prefer models of simple cut, without lace and ruffles, with a smooth surface.
  • the underwear, along with the suspender belt, should not be visible (unless this is your goal).
  • it is more practical to put on panties over the belt, although many consider it more aesthetic to wear underwear under the belt.
  • one feature that will help the upper part of the stockings should not peek out from under the dress or skirt to avoid vulgarity.
Without a doubt, wearing sexy garter lingerie emphasizes your sexuality, increases self-esteem and self-confidence. And a garter belt, correctly selected and worn, will be a wonderful addition to the set and will never leave your man indifferent.
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