The thong and g string micro bikinis

Many ladies still do not attach due importance to underwear, preferring modest and comfortable ones. But instead of giving up on modern messages, it's better to give yourself some nice underwear one day. When choosing underwear, a woman will have to pay attention to a large selection. Many people are unaware of the differences between strings and  thong, but there are differences.

The two terms "strings" and "thong" are sometimes used interchangeably; however, they technically refer to different garments. Strings and thong are very similar to each other, which is why it is difficult for the fair sex to distinguish between them. These types of underwear have a similar cut and significantly expose the back of the body. If women understand the difference between them, they will no longer be confused.

What is a thong?

A thong is a popular type of underwear that has more areas of fabric. Thongs are used as underwear or as part of a swimsuit. The shape of the thong is reminiscent of a swimsuit, but there is very little fabric on the back, so the thighs are almost completely visible. They are worn only by those girls who can wear this type of underwear, in which only intimate parts of the body are covered. Thongs come in the most types, sizes, colors and each woman can choose the right one for her.

What is a g string?

The amount of g string fabric is even less, because this type of underwear practically does not cover the hips. This type of underwear is worn by women in order to make the lines of the panties practically invisible through the clothes, or in order to emphasize their attractiveness. They can also be worn by men, since this g string is of different types for different sexes and therefore allows everyone to wear them for whom this type of panties is acceptable.

The difference between thong and g string 

The difference between thong and g string

People often confuse thongs and g strings. This is because they look very similar to each other, but instead, they are a different kind of underwear. Since both the thong and the 

g strings have the same cut, they expose the thighs.

Also, a common feature of thongs and g strings is that they are created with the same purpose - to minimize the line of the underwear so that it cannot be seen through the clothes. However, there are also differences between them. The main one is the absence of ties on the straps.

G string belt - made of fine fabric or seductive fabric lace. The front has a V-shape that covers the intimate areas, and a V-shaped piece of fabric is also attached to the back. This makes the panties look like a letter “Y”.

Also, thongs, unlike g strings, minimally cover the intimate parts of the body.

Thongs look much nicer and more comfortable than thongs. However, it is worth taking care that the material from which the straps are made is of high quality and pleasant to the touch. Wearing underwear made of quality material will be much more comfortable.

This shows the main difference between thongs and g strings.

The most important differences

Thongs are only worn by women, and g-string is worn by both genders. A g string is a type of thong, and a thong is panties. G string is most often worn to emphasize their attractiveness, and thongs - as swimming trunks. The thongs partially cover the intimate parts of the body and thighs, while the g string is not.

The g string only slightly covers only the intimate area. Thongs cover the thighs, unlike g strings.

How to choose the right thong

How to choose the right thong

Whatever type of thong a woman prefers, it is worth learning how to choose them correctly.

To choose the right underwear, you should pay attention to some rules:

  • Lace thongs should be done well. The fabric is as thin and soft as a second skin. It may contain synthetic fibers. In this case, the panties will not tear and chafe your skin.
  • The underwear must be of the right size. If there is less of it, then the panties will cut into the skin, which does not look very attractive, and this causes discomfort. In this case, size matters.
  • Quality thongs come with a high price tag. Low cost hides low-quality products. They can even harm women's health.
  • The most comfortable are the Classic series thongs. If you have not previously worn such underwear, start with this line.
  • Women who order a thong for the first time are advised to choose black models. They are considered classic and win-win. Even if you have problems with the figure, the man will not notice them.
  • White, beige, and even more, so red panties are created for girls who are ready for experiments and innovations.
  • Thongs must not be above the waist. Otherwise, you risk getting injured. Lace panties should be hand washed with mild detergents. It is better to wipe pearls with a special antiseptic.
  • Women's thongs should not be worn during sports. They can cause some discomfort.


Is g string the same as thongs?

Despite the fact that many people confuse g string and thongs, these are different clothes, although there are similarities between them. Thongs cover more of the intimate body parts and buttocks and are also used as underwear or swimming trunks. G string practically does not cover the body and are used when panties are needed with practically no fabric, so as not to be enlightened through clothing or for visual appeal.

What does microstring mean?

Micro thongs are small thongs. Thongs are a type of underwear that covers only intimate parts, micro-thongs only partially cover small areas of intimate parts.

Is it bad to wear a thong every day?

According to experts, too tight underwear can cause discomfort or provoke disease, but this has not been scientifically proven. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a thong made of natural material that is breathable.


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