Finding the perfect swimsuit is as difficult as choosing the right dress. Quite often, those options that seem beautiful to us can be completely impractical. It is not worth making a choice only on the basis of a beautiful picture, as well as looking for only standard inconspicuous, but functional options. It is also extremely important to remember your body type, so your swimsuit could fit you really well! 

Of course, you need to choose a swimsuit depending on your needs. Many women buy a sexy swimsuit on vacation to spend time on the beach and sunbathe. Others need it exclusively for swimming. But basically, they choose compromise models that allow them to do both.

It is difficult to find a universal option for both cases on sale. Then you should pay attention to the multifunctional options. Certain elements and sophisticated details such as slits, zippers, deep cuts, curly armholes, custom cut, or unusual color scheme - all this makes the swimsuit not only functional but also sexy. Even one such detail is enough to make your man feel a little dizzy when he looks at you! We will help you choose the swimsuit that you can confidently call sexy, and in which you will feel like the queen of any beach!

How to choose a swimsuit by body type?

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There are five body types - pear, hourglass, inverted triangle, rectangle, and apple. Here we will discuss each of them and show you how to choose the right suit model for each of them.


Narrow shoulders and a small chest characterize the silhouette of a pear or triangle. But it has rather wide hips and prominent buttocks. A woman with such a type of body can choose both one-piece and separate sexy swimwear. The pear swimsuit must have a cut that allows you to emphasize small breasts, so we focus primarily on those with a balconette bra inspired by those worn and made famous by Brigitte Bardot in the 1950s. In order not to hide your beautiful thighs, choose a swimsuit with a thong.

Remember that to give the silhouette harmonious proportions, choose a model that will optically widen the shoulders. Such a swimsuit can be with small sleeves and a mesh in the middle of the top.


This silhouette is considered the perfect one. The hips are the same width as the shoulders, and the narrow waist is eye-catching. Such a woman is the easiest to dress, and most bikinis will be ideal for her, so the choice of any special type of swimsuit will be dictated mainly by the size of the bust. Women with small breasts can choose a push-up bra, and women, generously endowed by nature, can use light models with cups without filler, or an underwire bra, supporting the bust.

Ladies with an hourglass figure can also choose an extremely fashionable one-piece swimsuit with cutouts at the waist (monokini) or an open back - such women’s bikinis perfectly emphasize the shapes, making the proportions appetizing.

Inverted triangle

The inverted triangle shape is also known as carrots. The shoulders are broad, well-defined and the hips are narrow. Ladies of this type often have a larger bust than average, which makes the silhouette less harmonious. You need to optically narrow your shoulders and possibly widen your hips a bit to give it the right proportions. Fortunately, we can also find such sexy swimsuit models without much effort.

Choose a bra with a tie around the neck, or cups in the shape of a triangle to optically minimize the upper body. This is a simple trick to make your arms appear narrower than they really are. What about panties? How to get your hips wider? In this case, it is better to choose two-tone panties, but the hips should be lighter in color.

Women with an inverted triangle body shape can safely wear a one-piece swimsuit. However, to create the desired proportions, choose a suit not with classic straps, but tied at the back of the head. It is also worth buying a swimsuit with geometric patterns. They will beautifully emphasize the bust, slightly distracting from figure flaws.


The characteristic features of the circle (or apple) silhouette are curves. It gives the impression of a plump, large bust, bulging belly. And this is probably a cause for concern for many women, the right bathing suit allows you to disguise the unsatisfactory uncertainty of the figure. So what is the best fit for women with apple body shape?

High-waisted women’s sexy swimwear will be especially fashionable this season. Who is it for? Well, only for ladies with slightly fuller curves. The panties, reaching well above average, perfectly cover and mask the protruding belly, while simultaneously bending the waist.

Tankinis and one-piece swimsuits are also great choices. This swimwear is very comfortable and at the same time very feminine and cute. The bottom of such suit can be brazilian panties, which are quite open. There are many color options! For example, a rather restrained, but at the same time bright - black model with sparkles.

Rectangular body shape

The shoulders and hips are hourglass-wide, with the difference that there is no clear waistline. For such a physique, a swimsuit is needed to accentuate the waist and visually fill the hips. So you can choose the monokini model. However, if you prefer two-piece suits, choose a bra for breast enlargement, such as a push-up. The panties with horizontal stripes and drawstrings tied at the sides round off the thighs beautifully.

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