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When the day draws to a close, and you can allow yourself to completely relax, letting your hair down and putting on slippers. So you want to remain still feminine and sexy, even without makeup and high heels. Correctly chosen sexy clothes will help you with this. But what if you want something new? Conduct a wardrobe revision, get rid of old pajamas or T-shirts, delighting yourself with beautiful new things in the form of translucent shirts, nighties, and several exciting accessories.

How to choose erotic lingerie and slutty outfit does not have a precise, unambiguous answer. The reason is that everyone puts their meaning in the concept of sexuality. A traditional cotton nightie in a small flower with ribbons drives someone crazy. Someone likes a translucent, lace, petite dress. In general, sexy clothes are a very broad concept, and everyone has their own opinion on this matter. However, it should be made from quality fabrics, and the seams should be neat and even. Then, in such underwear, the body rests, mentally and physically.

Sexy sleepwear is quite diverse:

  1. Nightie. The most traditional sleepwear. Slutty outfits allow you to look feminine without compromising yourself in comfort. A real classic, floor-length nightie. Get it, and you will understand that it is not necessary to be completely naked. Even a body hidden under a light tissue can cause a storm of emotions. However, many believe that sexy women's nighties should be very short. If you do not agree on tastes with your beloved man, do not argue, be wiser. In this case, we recommend buying sexy clothes for a special occasion and leaving more comfortable options for every day.
  2. Corsets. There is something mysterious and passionate about them. It is not for nothing that noble people wore corsets several centuries ago. The erotic outlines of the female body, the perfect waist, high breasts, and seductive lacing drive men crazy. Times are different now, but the effect is the same. Therefore, slutty outfit with erotic corsets can be considered an ideal weapon to win a man's heart.
  3. Sexy accessories will help to complement the image. For example, lace gloves. One of the most striking and defiant accessories was previously a must in the wardrobe of the aristocracy, and now it has acquired a new role. Gloves are nowadays used in conjunction with sexy looks. They are a real decoration for hands. Sexy lacy gloves excite men's imagination and awaken unbearable desire. They can be used in love games. If you come up with the image of a predator, then you should definitely buy erotic gloves. Just imagine your man's reaction when you take them off with your teeth. After such a presentation, the man will be at the peak of his excitement. By the way, there are a lot of options for gloves. Among the styles are mitts without fingers, with a loop for one finger, classic models with closed fingers.

What is the best fabric for lingerie?

fabric for lingerie

Pay attention to the fabrics from which the sexy clothes are made. They must meet some criteria:

  • Absorbs moisture well.
  • Be light in weight.
  • Be soft.
  • Allow air to pass through and let your skin breathe.
  • Easy to wash and iron.
  • Be durable.

And such fabrics exist. They are made from natural fibers with the addition of a small percentage of synthetics. This is necessary to make the fabric more wearable, shiny, easy to clean. From such fabric, spectacular, slutty outfits are obtained. These nighties are usually loose. But it is better to choose an erotic nightie one size larger.

Color is not critical for sexy clothes. The main thing is that you like it. Confident women are encouraged to focus on rich, deep colors. Black and white colors speak of restraint and tradition. Shades of pink indicate a light character. Light powdery and flesh colors are to the liking of calm natures, ready to experiment.

A correctly selected set smooths out flaws and emphasizes the dignity of the figure. It gives inner confidence and easy relaxedness. In comfortable and beautiful underwear, a woman becomes flirtatious, acquiring a special charm. Fitted models of erotic lingerie are suitable for petite women. Puffy ladies should choose plain options without sparkles and deep necklines. Accentuate your breasts with a high-waisted nightgown with a lace top. If nature has not endowed you with a voluminous bust, stop at a nightie with a v-neck and a yoke that resembles a bra.

Each lady should have in her wardrobe a couple of slutty outfit sets and erotic lingerie. They can make a woman feel beautiful and desired, to light a fire in her eyes. And how nice it is for a man, having returned home after a hard day, to find on the body of his beloved a seductive set of sexy clothes. A slutty outfit can make a man's heart beat faster. However, whatever the erotic lingerie, the main thing is its correct presentation.

Surprise your man by choosing erotic lingerie and sexy clothes of an uncharacteristic style for you. For example, get a corset and sexy pearl string panties. However, you need to have certain courage. Sometimes, women buy a set that is too revealing. And then they are embarrassed to put it on. Don't worry about how you will look in erotic lingerie. Treat your new look like a game.

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