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Lingerie is a real weapon for a woman, her assistant in body shaping. You can never save on it because it is something that constantly touches the body. Any lady's wardrobe should have at least a few sets of sexy lingerie that would adorn her at special moments. Choose your sexy lingerie carefully. Many do not know how to determine the shades, while others do not know their shape of cups and panties. It is essential to be familiar with new trends and selection rules to get the perfect one.

Underwear sets the mood of a woman. Luxurious lingerie set, trimmed with expensive lace, remains invisible to the eyes of others but becomes a source of self-confidence, a kind of zest hidden under clothes, which gives a woman a mystery and sexuality. When choosing women's intimates, plans for the day or evening, mood, features of a dress or trousers play an essential role, and fashion trends that change from year to year.

This season, trendy models are sewn from wide lace, satin, silk. In addition to the emergence of new trends, some of last year's ones, for example, sports-style underwear and bodysuits, have been preserved.

Trendy sexy lingerie models

The main task is to form an attractive bust by supporting, but not squeezing, the breasts. Push-Up technology remains quite popular this season, but naturalness is gaining an increasingly confident position. In everyday wear, convenience and laconic design are appreciated in bras for special occasions, transparency, lightness.

  1. Weightless and tempting lace. The main trend of this season is wide lace bras, which are sewn without foam. In fashionable models, wide lace straps become a kind of continuation of the bodice, but they can also be thin, giving the linen sophistication. Large patterns are preferred in lingerie sets. The lace bra gives the image lightness, tenderness, and sexuality. Such models are suitable for girls with small breasts.
  2. Sexy lingerie models without underwire. Everyday bras should be discreet and comfortable for a woman during a long working day. Smooth models without pits and foam cups are becoming fashionable. Correctly selected in size, they do not cause discomfort, do not chafe the skin, and do not squeeze the chest, so they are great for long-term use.
  3. Chic bustiers in retro style. The return of vintage style is a common trend in the fashion world, which has also affected lingerie sets. An important attribute of fashionistas of the last century is a bustier, which is again reaching the peak of popularity. It is a wide bra that covers the back and under the breasts. The advantage of this model is the masking of figure flaws. The bustier helps:
  • Hide excess folds and fat deposits on the sides.
  • Flatten the upper abdomen.
  • Improve your posture.

You can get a spectacular vintage look by composing such a model with high panties and a suspender belt.

Fashion lingerie sets

lingerie sets

Unlike different panties and bras, matched lingerie sets look harmonious and complete, like bodysuits. For everyday and erotic models, this season has its trends.

  • Thin lace, transparent linen. Leading fashion trend is a transparent sexy lingerie. Sets made of sheer fabrics and embellished with lace remain this season's favorites. They look weightless and sexy but do not support the breasts enough, so they are suitable for girls with a good elastic bust. It is better to choose models with underwire, sewn from denser materials to model the neckline.
  • Versatile everyday sets. Sets are sewn from special materials and can be trimmed with lace. The main motto of the women's intimates developers is comfortable and beautiful. These are versatile kits suitable for going to work, the gym, on a date, or at a party.
  • Trendy sportswear. Sporty lingerie maintains its strong position in the fashion world. It is comfortable, has wide straps and secure locks. Sportswear fixes the chest and does not provoke an unpleasant odor.
  • Body. This is a seduction classic that persists in the fashion world from year to year. The bodysuit is a combination of a T-shirt and panties, sewn together. In this case, the upper part can have wide or narrow straps, and the bottom can be of any shape, from shorts to thongs. Fashionable materials delicate lace, satin, or silk. There are velvet options. The most striking option from the new collections is the bodysuit with slits between the legs.
  • Kits-grace. It is a combination of a bodysuit and a bustier with an underwire. May have a corset but no laces. Grace allows you to tighten the figure and outline the waist, which is why it has such a name. The decor can be different frills, embroidery, transparent inserts.
  • Moon-half bras. Such underwear has halved cups, in which the breast is only half-hidden. The open part is decorated with laces. It looks very sexy. In this sexy lingerie, you can seduce any man.
  • Corsets. For many, a corset is a real instrument of torture from past centuries. Modern corsets have not been equipped with whalebone for tightening for a long time. Now they are created from delicate, pleasant fabrics that do not cause discomfort. At the same time, the corset perfectly pulls in the tummy and corrects posture. It is decorated with frills, lace, embroidery, satin inserts, and so on.
  • Sets with peignoirs. Sexy lingerie with a robe included is a real hit. Peignoir is sewn from transparent fabrics, decorated with lace and embroidery. By the way, you can also wear it on a naked body.

Modern stylists recommend paying attention to elegant models. Sports kits are a thing of the past. It is also worth giving preference to restrained colors. It is especially true for lace models. Black or white classics, cherry, peach, and gray will do. Pale pink and sky blue also look great.

Many creators of lingerie sets turn to retro motives. High-waisted cotton lace panties and bodysuits with ruffles and laces are back in fashion. Trending materials are cotton, satin, silk, satin. Lurex is gradually disappearing from the fashion collections of women's intimates.

When buying underwear, it is worth considering not only fashion trends but also personal preferences. First, it should provide comfort, both physical and psychological. Fashion trends are diverse enough for every woman to find something for herself in them, complementing her individuality with a new zest.

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