Choosing a festive plus size lingerie: where to start?

Erotic play costumes are perhaps the simplest and most effective method to make the flame of desire flare up with renewed vigor!

Quiet, hypnotizing music, dim lights, and a beloved woman, every man dreams. And you have the opportunity to present your man with a pleasant surprise by making one of the fantasies come true.

But how to choose a plus size sexual costume? Let's figure it out.

Types of sexual costumes

Types of sexual costumes

Let us help you make your festive night brighter!

Erotic festive plus size lingerie suits can be divided into two groups:

  1. The first group includes costumes that look more like sexy lingerie with additional accessories that complement the chosen role. Such kits can consist of a corset and panties or bodysuit. Some costumes also have stockings. This version of erotic clothes can be easily put on at any time and make a surprise for your loved one.
  2. The second group includes costumes that will help you easily transform into a certain role. Usually, these are models in a formal or mini-suit. But there are also sets consisting of a skirt and a bra. If you choose a not too frank option, you can easily apply it for a themed party. One of the popular options for this outfit is the nurse costume. Manufacturers offer various variations of this outfit, which can be quite modest and very lustful. 

The costumes of service personnel, for example, maids or flight attendants, are also quite popular.

In such suits, your forms will look great

In such suits, your forms will look great

First of all, before buying plus size lingerie, you should find out about the hidden fantasies and desires of your partner. Perhaps he has certain preferences or dreams of who he would like to see in his bed. This will make the selection easier and shorten the search list. If you cannot find out about a specific image, you can determine your dominance preferences. For example, if a man wants to obey, then a woman should choose the image of a policeman or a strict teacher. Such heroes will be able to find and punish, and besides, they will feel the power.

If a man wants to take on the main one's role, then the girl can transform into a schoolgirl or a maid who will be completely dependent on her master. Statistically speaking one of the most cherished men's desires is to share a bed of love with a nurse. Such a suit can be played according to the hottest scenario; the partner's dominance will depend on the game's plot. Don't forget to complement the look with accessories and shoes. The combination of stockings and high heels looks great and will not leave any man indifferent. Besides, makeup and hair should not be forgotten. For example, you should choose bright makeup for the image of a devil, queen, or vampire. And for the image of a schoolgirl, it is better to leave calm makeup and complement it with a fancy hairstyle in the form of two braids or ponytails.

Features of choosing plus size lingerie

Features of choosing plus size lingerie

Each figure has its advantages and disadvantages. For an erotic outfit to make you more attractive, you need to think carefully about how to showcase your certain body parts and hide others advantageously. After all, a properly selected outfit will allow your partner to look at you in a new way, and you, in turn, will feel more confident and relaxed. If you have a lush, firm chest, don't forget about the large neckline. The fabric of the costume should be transparent. Such a variation will not leave anyone indifferent but only encourage different ideas and fantasies.

For women with a small tummy, corsets, bodysuits, or high-waisted options are suitable. This will help hide a couple of extra pounds. If you have wide hips, then outfits with wide skirts will suit you, but the length should not be too short. Otherwise, you will only put more emphasis on this part of the body.

Don't forget about the right suit colors:

  1. Plus size girls should give preference to dark shades. Also, don't forget about the material of the costume itself. For example, latex models can cause not only discomfort when wearing but also cause allergies.
  2. Suits with many decorative elements can also cause inconvenience, especially if they are presented in the form of sequins or rhinestones.

Role-playing games will help diversify not only a festive night but also your sex life. A properly selected suit will only add some spice to a relationship. A well-thought-out scenario of the game and additional accessories will help make your evening unforgettable.

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